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Online casinos in Spain

Online casinos in Spain
Soon in the gambling industry in Spain, will be applied severe changes aimed at legalising and sequencing the functioning of the sphere of gambling. As a result of the reforms, the new applicants planning to start online, before they open the "doors" to visitors, will have to acquire the relevant licenses. Thus, very soon, the activity of the online casino in Spain will be licensed and regulated by the state.

The General Administration, which is responsible for regulating gambling, declared that at the moment, the issuance of licenses is intended for operators whose business is focused on the online casinos.

The casino licensing will be introduced in Spain

  • In addition to encouraging the growth of the gambling market, such changes will have a beneficial effect on the Spanish economy, which is not in the best condition. It was the latter factor that played a primary role in the opening of this direction for licensing. 
  • It is easy to assume that such a chance to receive a license in Spain will necessarily take advantage of the massive online casinos that have already proven themselves in this market segment. By the way, it is stipulated that the operators already operating in Spain can also apply for participation in the new licensing stage.
  • The analysts said that this decision was made on time because the revenue from gambling fell by more than 8% if we compare the indicators of the current year and last year.
  • It is planned that the activity of at least 10-12 new online casinos in Spain will be legalised. Many citizens are favourable to their emergence. Since, according to the statistical data, a large percentage of Spanish citizens spend their time playing on the websites who did not receive a license. The primary objectives of this innovation are to increase receipts to the state treasury and reduce the leakage of funds in the casino houses that do not have the licenses.

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