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5 Best Mobile Friendly Slot Games at Online Casinos

5 Best Mobile Friendly Slot Games at Online Casinos 2024
You won’t be surprised if I say that mobile phones are one of the modern adages anyone can have access to without any difficulties on the way. It is not only convenient but also a business for those who create them, so a variety, high-quality, graphics are all warranted for you to explore the world of games at your convenience. Playing on a device is so convenient and of perfect small measurements that you can easily put it into a pocket. A mobile phone gives you a chance to not only communicate freely but also connect, watch interesting videos, listen to music, play video games. So, you can do whatever you want and whenever you want. 

Nowadays, you can play games by downloading them to your device. You can even enjoy playing such games as FIFA or Call of Duty. However, one of the most famous directions of games has always been an online casino, which includes everything starting from blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and many others. 

Maybe you remember that long time ago you only could play slot machines at such websites as MiniClip. However, now you can enjoy a slot game from any device if a game was designed for it. What you will really enjoy is graphics, nice soundtracks, and astounding video quality, which altogether add some acuity during playing the game. It certainly does not look like the one you enjoyed on a slot machine somewhere in the past. Anyways, slots on a mobile game are not going to stop at its development because more and more research is done on how to enhance the possibilities of slots machines on our pocket devices. 

Brief History of Mobile Slots

Nowadays, mobile slots games are something taken for granted, whereas their history looks fairly short. The creation of mechanical slot machines dates to 1981. The machines did not include any electronics until the 1960s. Now you can see the extent to which it has changed, so you can just get a phone out of your pocket to immerse in the world of gaming. So, let us introduce you to a shot history behind mobile slot games. A long time before mobile slot games used to be a mechanical device that was spanning because of incorporated machinery inside. You had to pull a lever by your hand to stop the slots. The odds of winning various prizes depended on the symbols reflected on the slots and how infrequent they were. Anyway, it changed with the introduction of mobile slots which was created by Walt Fraley. However, this did not go well because there were many sceptics who thought this technology to be unreliable. So, the IGT company introduced coinless slots which required machines to be fed by coins. People could access them with tickets which had to be out of it and out of the machine. This, in turn, helped to clear the way to multiple betting, as well as various pay levels. 

Types of Mobile Slots

There are three main types of mobile slots games you can choose from to play on your mobile: 

  • Classic (Retro) Slots

This is a type of slot with three reels that you can spin while playing it. It is also called a fruit slot machine with such symbols as Lucky7s, bells, and poker royals. They are very well-liked by most game-enthusiasts because they have a similar feature with those slots played before in a bar or pubs.

  • Video Slots

Unlike Classic Slots, video slots have five reels to play with. Besides that, there are various pay lines, tempting bonuses for players like free spins and multipliers. There are also a variety of themes played with graphics and sounds which make the process of playing full of joy. 

  • Progressive Slots

This is also referred to as jackpots that continue growing until you gamble or bet something to win in return a piece of luck. They have the potential to reach a million dollars, though you should be lucky enough since it’s harder to win. There is also the potential to lose as in most games but it’s up to circumstances and lack of luck. 

Slot Games from Mobile Browsers (Safari & Google Chrome)

Slot games without download is a great way to have instant access to the gambling world with almost no time wasted on services that install them. So, a hassle-free experience is guaranteed. 

  • Google Chrome Mobile

It has a noteworthy feature called “Pin Tab” which makes the experience of gameplay more comfortable. Pin tab implies that you can lock a tab and you can’t exit until you press on the “unpin tab”. 

  • Safari Mobile

Using Safari allows you to switch from one device to another without losing your access to the game you were playing on condition that you have an iPhone desktop or laptop. Having the Apple iCloud keychain is another advantageous feature that allows you to play on your PC and then transfer everything to your mobile. 

Apps for IOS and Android

IOS and Android do not have the same way of accessing mobile slots. To put it shortly, IOS has a huge advantage over its rival in terms of accessing a casino just from AppStore, which is easy and convenient. Surely, Android users can also download their preferred casino apps, but it won’t be possible to find them on Google. Also, Google Store does not feature casinos, which would pay real money. So, it might be disappointing for those players who use this operating system. Anyways, don’t be sad because there are other possible ways to gain the best free slot apps for Android users. The thing is that they only need to follow a few more steps to get an app on their device. So, to get it you just need to go straightforwardly to the casino’s main website and download it from exactly there. However, you will be required to authorize a download from any unspecified sources because the app stems from a website and not from an App Store. 

Downloadable Slot Games

Different options can be confusing for you when you want to decide in terms of which mobile slot game to play. 

There are online slots that you can easily access by just logging in and a game will be played at the browser you’re using. However, some of the casinos have a requirement which means you must download a mobile slot on either your computer or a mobile device. It also means that you can download them and of course play for free but there is one snag about it, which means you cannot play with real money, so keep it in mind. Surely, you can try playing them by monetizing the games but it’s not like you are playing with real money, hoping for a reward. Anyway, you can find such games more often in either App Store from the iPhone or Google Play Market from Android.

So, having in mind some specialities of downloadable slot games, be sure to make the right decision. Of course, it’s a way faster to play non-downloadable slots but there are also a couple of more advantages to downloadable slots even though you can’t earn from them.

So, the first advantage to it is that it’s faster. It’s one of the most important requirements from players because nothing is going to irritate you or anything that would create lagging problems because of Internet connection. 

Our Top 5

  • Divine Fortune (NetEnt)

Divine Fortune is played with 5 reels and 20 pay line progressive jackpot slots supported by Net Entertainment. Feel free to immerse yourself into classical Greek characters such as Medusa, Minotaur, and Phoenix. It does not resemble other NetEnt jackpot slots because it is a progressive jackpot slot without reference to a worldwide jackpot slot. The jackpot in Divine Fortune grows only when the players play at a particular online casino. Anyway, hold your expectations low since million is not guaranteed at even every casino. There is a positive side, which is about a low competition of triggering a million jackpot. Also, there are 2 static jackpots that you can activate in “the pick gold coins” game, which are 20 times and 100 times your bet, so it’s not easy to get it at all. However, it’s surely easier than any of the other progressive jackpot slots. 

  • PlayBoy (Microgaming)

PlayBoy is supported by Microgaming with 5 spins feature, in other words, playboy game feature. You are also given 243 ways to win. The slot game is based on the popular American men magazine created in the 1950s. Nowadays, it is a recognized brand all over the world. You can start playing from 30p a spin for as much as 15 euros. The brand’s symbol is a playboy bunny that is displayed in the slot. You can trigger free spins by getting 3 or more magazine symbols. It also had 4 free spins and a ceaseless memory, so don’t worry about the time because there is more than enough of it. As soon as you activate the feature 5 times, there will be a new level unlocked for you. 

  • StarBurst (NetEnt)

Starburst is another 5-reel slot with 10 pay lines. You can start playing with at least a 10p spin on any devices. It is one of the most popular NetEnt and online slots ever created. It is fascinating and well-recognized amongst players and it’s also based on Starburst Wilds. The wilds usually appear on 3 reels and can expand to 3 re-spins with wild reels to bestow you with incredible wins. You can gain winning combinations by having 3, 4, 5 matching symbols on adjoining reels starting from 1 reel to 5 reels. 

  • 40 Super Hot (EGT)

40 Super Hot is a conventional fruit slot with 5 reels and 40 pay lines. The interface of the game looks simple without any complications at all. However, the graphics do not differ much but, in general, is good. The graphics of the game is going to give you a full-fledged gaming experience. The payback from the slot seems to be good, which is about average for an online slot. So, if you put 100 euros to play, your likely payout is about 95 euros. The highest payout may reach up to 500x spin. There are various themes such as Classic, Fruits, Retro, and many others. 

  • Immortal Romance slot (Microgaming)

Immortal Romance is one of the recognized and best one of all Microgaming slots. It means the music, glowing rays, remarkably painted symbols, story videos. So, it’s not an average one you will find online because each detail of the slot is painstakingly worked out. What are you going to get as a player? Well, first and foremost is 243 ways of winning your prize. You also get a special wild symbol. There is a good thing about this symbol is that it doubles all triumphs you are getting your way. 

The Advantages of Playing Free Slots Games on Mobile

There are several benefits to playing slots on mobile that will not pass you by. So, playing on mobile can bestow you with such a benefit as exclusive bonuses that are not available at desktop. There is a variety of them like free spin bonuses, reload bonuses depending on the promos each casino offers to gamers. The benefit of faster speed of downloads is another improvement thanks to technology gamers are experiencing so far. So, no need to wait for hours when a game is downloaded because today’s smartphones are smart whenever it comes to speed, they will do their best at a faster time! All well-reputed gambling sites offer only safe mobile games. So you can be sure about your private information and the money you put into it. Moreover, convenience Is another important advantage because mobile slots games are played on any tablet or smartphone which is great since you can access from anywhere and whenever you’re available. Lastly, it is not difficult at all, so the language of mobile games is available to any player. It won’t take long to install a game; you just need at your disposal about 15 minutes or so to start your life experience with the gaming world. 

The Disadvantages of Mobile Slots Games

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, so mobile slots are not exceptions for such a type of criticism. Poor quality of mobile slot games is one of the reasons why mobile slots are less fascinating. By lower quality, it is also meant that graphics are worse than on standard games, which are played online. There is a good thing that it’s under control of the hard work of software developers who work on it. Also, mobile slots are not provided at every casino, which limits the choices for those who enjoy playing mobile slots everywhere.


? Do I Need to Install an App to Play Mobile Slots?
It’s not so necessary because you can use a website of a casino without downloading an app. You can play directly there if it’s convenient for you to do so. Also, no matter which device you're using now, you can easily play at any time.
? Which devices are supported?
The majority of online slots backup the following systems: IOS, Android, IPad, Blackberry, and Windows devices as well. No worries about that because these days almost every smartphone is designed in a way to get the most out of it so you can play mobile slots without a doubt!
? Is the Tablet Mobile Slots Experience the same as on a Smartphone?
Well, it only differs in the size of the screen and the quality a screen has, so yes, in this case, it slightly differs. However, some casinos cannot be available on a tablet, so it may happen. It’s better to read the description part of an app before you download it.
? Can I Access the same Slots Game on my Mobile Device that I Do on my Desktop?
Yes, you absolutely can. The slots game that you play on a PC can easily be ported to the mobile play.
? Can I Win Real Money Playing Mobile Slots?
Surely yes. If you play on your mobile, it does not mean play something different from what is on desktop. In fact, it’s the same, so you can win real cash there as well.

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