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The Best Real Slots at Online Casinos in 2023

The Best Real Slots at Online Casinos in 2023
A strong desire to spend evenings in a different way than they used to be. The Internet provides lots of opportunities for this purpose. One of them is to play the best online slot games for real money at online casinos. Very few people know where to do it. Lots of online casinos offer different games to entertain their clients. You mustn’t click the first link you see. First of all, visit the official website, look at all the slot machines. Real cash slots usually have a lot of people online. It speaks that they pay.

Since ancient times and to date, gambling has been widely known as the most exciting way to get money. Those who have enough guts try their hand at card games, craps, roulette, lottery, and, of course, the slot gambling machine. This area of the entertainment industry continues to develop at a rapid pace: the prospect of quickly getting rich tempts many citizens.

With the development of computer technology and the growing number of Internet users, online gambling has become extremely popular - and for a reason. First, it is very convenient: you can stay at home, all you are in need of is a computer (or another device) and the Internet connection. Secondly, tens or even hundreds of thousands of gamblers can simultaneously play in one online casino, as opposed to traditional ones where the count of visitors is defined by the number of seats at gaming tables and slots, not to mention the area of rooms. Lastly, initial investments and operating costs for Internet casinos are much lower than those required by land-based gambling establishments.

Thanks to numerous software solutions, online casinos are used not only for leisure but also as a high-yield business. One of the highest-ranked games in this field is slot gambling online machines. Let's figure out what is so special about those slots and which ones are the most distinguished currently.

How Real Slot Games Work

So, the most prominent game in Internet casinos at the moment is slots. Over time, its functionality has constantly been changing, but the pleasure that gamblers receive from playing the machine remains the same.

The First Slot Money Machine

Real slots appeared in San Francisco over 100 years ago. It had mechanical control, 3 reels, and only 1 pay line. Players easily learned how to calculate a jackpot and adjust the force of the jerk to win. Obviously, it did not appeal to the owners of slots: they were supposed to make a profit rather than bear losses. The technology of cash slots games was gradually improved, with the mechanical versions being replaced by electronic ones.

How to choose slots wisely?

Gamblers come to online casinos that have live slots real money for bright emotions and big wins. Both depend on the right choice of gambling. Of course, there are no video slots that all players will like without exception. However, factors are pointing to slot machines that give a win at the casino.

The first thing to pay attention to is the payout table. It specifies the coefficients by which the linear bet will be multiplied if the player collects a combination of given characters. The higher the coefficients, the greater the winnings in online slots for money. By choosing a slot with high coefficients, the gambler gets a chance to win.

The figure of x5000 is considered large. It is found in many machines. But there are also slots with a higher payment rate.

But it is worth considering that some video slots use dynamic pay tables. Then the page indicates the amount of payment, not the factor. You can find out the size of the latter if you set a linear rate of 1 credit. It may also be difficult to determine the coefficient if the slot games that win real money do not use pay lines, and the ways to win are - 243, 720, 1024, etc.

All slot games for money have an RTP (return to player percentage). This characteristic demonstrates the average level of return of money to the player in a long gaming session. Therefore, the higher the RTP, the more money the gambler can win when the slot is started. The most giving slot machines have an RTP of 99%. The return at 97-98 per cent is considered to be high. If the slot gives less than 95-96%, it is rather small.

The logical question arises - how to learn the RTP online slot? In almost all modern real money cash out slots from leading providers, the player return rate is specified in the official help or on the rules page.

When choosing not to rely only on RTP, there is another factor – bonus games and free spins. With free spins, money is not taken from the player's account - the casino pays for it, which means that there is a chance to get more without additional investments.

In most online slots that pay real money, the maximum win is determined by coefficients and additional multipliers, but in some machines, there are no such restrictions. These are progressive jackpot games. The prize fund in them is formed from contributions from player bets around the world and can grow indefinitely.

So, what slots that pay real money are winning? The answer lies on the surface - everything. But experienced gamblers are selective about the video slots, given the coefficients in the payout table, RTP, bonus features and paid features. The combination of these factors allows the gamer to win.

The Principle of Modern Real Slot Games

Each money slot machine has a random number generator (RNG), which works inconsistently. That is to say, the player can never predict what they get with a next spin. The user only has to press (or tap) the "spin" and wait for the result.

Online cash slots have manifold new features that weren't supported by their mechanical counterparts:

  • "Wild" symbols
    They replace other symbols when a combo is formed, bringing good payouts even without other pictures.
  • "Scatter" symbols
    They have two main purposes: to pay the total bet in any position or run free spins.
  • Bonus rounds
    These provide various bonuses, which are different in each machine.
  • Free spins
    The name speaks for itself.

It is noteworthy that online machines offer the demo mode—you can use them for free to get familiar with a new game and develop a specific strategy.

What to pay attention to?

If you don’t have the slightest idea where to start playing, some tips make the process easier. Let’s have a look at them:

  • 1. License. All the real casinos that pay cash have licensed game slots. They are provided by best companies specializes in this sphere of entertainment;
  • 2. Functions of the official website. All real cash online slots have convenient platforms. Best online casinos have a friendly interface. It won’t take much time to get from one section into another. You don’t usually have problems with navigation on the website;
  • 3. Original slot machines. Best online slots to win real money have famous providers. It means that they have fair RTP. It is about 95% - 96%. It means that clients have real chances to win cash;
  • 4. The terms of deposit and payouts. Professional gamers test casinos at the very beginning. They look at payment systems. They also test the ability to win back bonuses. Then they look at the ways of withdrawal.
  • All the described above you will find at Fastpay casino

If you pay attention to these features, you will find slots that suit you better. But the choice of them is instantly increasing and offer different game modes.

  • The rules of the game

Before a new game, it is necessary to enrol money on the account. Most casinos offer various opportunities to do it. The ways to deposit are various. The most widespread are mobile payments, e-wallets, and credit cards. When the money is on the account, you can start the process of gaming slots online with real money.

The gamer can choose any game machine he likes. The bet is usually set in one line. A minimal bet can be different. Prize reels are usually regulated by the buttons plus and minus. Sometimes it can reach the amount of 1024 reels. The more reels a gamer chooses, the more chances to win he has in slot games for real money. The system of payment is rather simple. If you bet $10 for 5 reels, the winning will be $50. The more reels you have, the more money a gamer can win. But all the gamers must be reasonable and take care of the process.

It will be better to find another game, and perhaps you will get ahead in it. Classic slots have 5 reels and 9 lines. Some companies provide slot machines with different numbers of reels and lines. The number of reels is usually 5, but the number of lines can reach 20. Most of the slot machines to win real money are thematic. The main themes are fruits or animals with some standard symbols, letters or numbers. Certain conditions offer a gamer, the so-called “a risk game”. The gamer is offered to choose two cards. If he guesses, the bonus will enlarge the winning sum twice. If not, the gamer will lose all the money.

There are lots of bonus games in the modern slot machines that pay real money. They are activated when a wild mode is activated or scatter symbols are gathered. The first can add symbols to prize combinations. The second, if they are 3 or more, can open bonus games or give free spins. The more spins you do, the more chances you have to win. If the bet is maximum, there is a chance to win a jackpot. But be careful, the casino will never become a stable source of income.

  • How to register in an online casino?

Modern online casinos offer thousands of online slot machine games real money. Most of them give their clients the opportunities to play for free in demo modes. But if the gamers want to play for real money they need to be registered. A personal account becomes a personal financial account of the gamer. Gamer can deposit money on it and get payouts.

Registration includes inserting personal data for using them to log in the system and identification of the gamer. This procedure is important, as it is impossible to imagine to play online slot machines for real money without it. Moreover, registered users become full members of the casino and they can get some bonuses and additional opportunities. They can get greeting bonuses, joining to the program of loyalty, participating in tournaments and promo, playing any game they like in casino.

Registration usually doesn’t take much time. The average time is about 4-5 minutes to complete it. The developers do this process easier. It is done not to frighten the beginners. The usual actions require the gamer to complete the fields with personal data, entering login and password, choice of gaming currency, account confirmation. The last point is tying the profile of the gamer to phone number, e-mail or a page in social networks. It allows the administration of the website to delete the doubled accounts, and the clients will be able to restore the password if they forgot it or lost.

E-mail registration

It is the most common way to confirm your account to play slots online for real money. The convenience is that after entering the data, the user receives a letter with a login and a link to enter the online casino. Profile activation takes place when clicking on the link, after which all services of the casino and gambling are available to the client.

While creating a profile, the player has the right to make up his mind if he wants to receive letters from the administration of the institution. On the one hand, such subscription allows to track the appearance of new bonuses and promotions and not to miss interesting offers. On the other hand, many users are annoyed by spam. In that case, it is better to refuse the mailing.

Phone number registration

After all, fields are filled in, the user receives a message on the mobile phone with the password to be used for the first login to the site to play slots online for money. During the first authorization, it is recommended to change the password in your account.

The advantage of this method is that there is no spam to e-mail because the client does not specify e-mail.

Social networks profiles

It is the easiest way to register in an online casino and play slot machines free for real money. The user does not need to fill in fields with personal data, this information is pulled from his profile in social networks. It would also be interesting to see that such opportunities are given by VK, Facebook, Twitter, Google and others. The page must contain reliable data about the person - his name and surname, date of birth, place of residence, otherwise, later there may be problems with verification of the account.

Typical mistakes at registration

Some misconceptions stop users from registering at the casino. Without gaming experience, gamblers mistakenly think that after creating a profile in a casino, they lose the right to play slots and win real money without investing. However, registration only expands this possibility.

Without authorization, the player only has access to free slot machines. They remain available after the account is created. Additionally, the customer receives welcome bonuses. The incentive package allows you to play slots for money without using your own money. These can be free spins for registration, cash encouragement for making a deposit or cashback on a bonus account.

It is important to add that typical errors in creating a profile are to fill in fields with personal data. Players are mistakenly or deliberately use a different last name when filling out the registration form, trying to maintain anonymity to keep safe. This is categorically unacceptable because the winnings will require verification. The casino will request from the client scanned copies of documents that confirm his name, age and place of residence. If this information does not match your profile, your account will be locked.

You shouldn’t 't be afraid of a data breach in the network. Reliable casinos are careful about protecting personal data. Modern encryption methods are used for this purpose in slot machine games for money. Under the terms of the agreement, customer information cannot be transferred to third parties.

The responsibility for maintaining confidentiality falls partly on the player himself. He must take care of the use of a secure password. For example, the password cannot be stored on a computer or smartphone and transferred to even the closest people.

Creating multiple accounts in one online casino is another frequent user error. If during the verification process the administration of the casino understands that the player has already registered on the site, all bonuses are cancelled and accounts are blocked and you will lose the ability to play online slot machines for real money.

Registering with an online casino on the site is not that difficult. The main thing is to observe the instructions and rules offered by the platform.

Registration bonuses

Gaming companies attract clients through pleasant bonuses if they register for the first time. A classical offer is 100% bonuses from the sum of the first deposit. Bonuses are mainly available for 24 hours since the registration. They can be used in slot machine games real money or blackjack.

The second way to attract gamers is free deposits (no deposit bonuses). The gamer is usually asked to confirm his phone number and subscribe to the distribution form the casino. The sum can be different. It all depends upon the casino.

Some casinos give out promo codes. They are spreading among partners and thematic sites. If the gamer wants to activate it, he needs to register on the official casino website. Another popular trend is to give free spins to clients. As a final point, sometimes even cashback available after the registration.

Fair casinos, how to find them?

There is a great number of casinos that are not going to increase their reputation. They don’t value it. The most widespread reasons why gamers leave them are: long enrollment and paying out, loss of money during the payout, ignoring from the support.

Fair casinos with free slot games that pay real money must place the scanned license on the official website. A usual fair website must have the following sections, like “About…”, “Contacts”, “Policy and Terms”, “Reviews”. They can vary a little, and have different namings, but they must contain the information about all the terms and game conditions. They must also provide the true information about the casino. There must be working phone numbers, e-mail, and support that is available 24/7.

A good casino with online slot games that pay real money usually offers more than 5 ways of enrollment and paying out money. One more important fact for slots that pay real cash is the presence of mobile versions in the Market or on the official website. The gamer can easily download them on the mobile phone or the tablet. Contact information must be the same as on the official website.

You can also read a review on the casino on the Internet. Pay attention to the number of licensed games on the website. A good company usually adds something new. It is a current process for a fair casino with real slot games real money. The purchase and setting new game machines is a difficult process. It usually requires several days to complete the operation. Scammers won’t do it.

A fair casino usually has demo modes. All the users can play free online slots that pay real money before testing the real game. Casinos usually offer slots, games with interesting plots, poker and roulette. Several characteristics speak about the unfair casino:

  • 1. Rather small or rather big deposits;
  • 2. Regular advertisement messages;
  • 3. Very few slots and game machines;
  • 4. No reviews at all;
  • 5. A strange interface of the sites;
  • 6. No license.

It is rather easy to come across scammers. Before a new game on the website, it is vitally important to keep in mind all these tips. It would be unfair not to mention the fact that in a good casino, the game will bring only pleasure.

A few words about license…

The main feature of every casino that has real cash payout slots is a license. The certificate that proves the ability to give such services is given to most casinos from all over the world. If the authorities approve the casino, they usually give the license to it. It is registered in a special list, and everybody who has a desire can have a look at it.

It is worth mentioning that such an opportunity is not for free. It usually requires much money. Most scammers can’t just pay for it. Looking at the certificate is the first step on how to choose a casino. It also introduces the casino.

Any casino having slot games that pay real money needs this license because it opens the gates to contracts with famous game machines developers. And it means that all the slots will be official. Most providers don’t work with scammers. Online casino is trying to use brands to enhance their reputation. The list of top online-casino includes only licensed clubs. So, you see that having a license is important.

Online casino support chat

It is rather typical nowadays, that support service in casino is available 24/7. It is OK. Gamers can come from all over the world, and it means that time can be very different. At the same time, if the gamer asks for assistance, he must get it at once. The questions usually asked are quite different and sometimes require an instant decision.

The key factor is the politeness of the managers who answer the clients on the phone, in online chats or by the e-mails. Such details build a strong foundation for every company that spreads slot games for money. It increases its reputation. It is important to note that rudeness from managers and admins are almost impossible in serious casinos. Online chat must work properly. The gamer can get the answer within several minutes, a usual e-mail must be answered within a couple of hours, and the phone must be always available and free. So, these are the key points of successful casinos to play slot machines for real money.

Top Cash Online Slots in 2023

Before proceeding to the list of our best slots, it is appropriate to pick the top casino where clients can play online real slots, win, and withdraw your money as quickly as possible. Instant winning withdrawal is very important for modern players; in this regard, the front-runner is definitely Fastpay Casino, which offers, as its name suggests, the fast payouts and quick response to players' requests. The casino has an enormous number of real slots among which you are sure to pick the ones to impress you most.

All cash slots games have their own peculiarities, payout rates, graphics, design. Let's consider the very best to play real online slots with maximum pleasure!

  • Gonzo's Quest (NetEnt)

Gonzo's Quest represents a high-end slot money machine where the gamblers help the protagonist find his way to Eldorado. The slot features five reels and twenty pay lines along with multipliers raising the original bet five-fold.

The bet begins with just €0.20 and can reach as much as €50, making the slot attractive to both novices and sophisticated gamblers. However, the most prominent feature of this game is the ability to make a winning combo multiple times with a single spin thanks to the "explosion" of the symbols when you get such a combination, which allows other pictures to take their places.

The game has a 96% payout percentage with low and average dispersion; it has a free-spin feature that increases the bet by up to fifteen times. But that's not all! Gonzo's Quest has a giant jackpot: the lucky winner can get his bet increased by 1850 times. The jackpot can be activated in the bonus or free-spin rounds.

With its endless range of features and capabilities, Gonzo's Quest has been keeping players happy for almost ten years and is unlikely to give up its position in the top real slot machine games in the near future.

  • Starburst (NetEnt)

If there exists a slot that is included in virtually all Internet casinos, it is the wonderful Starburst. The gameplay in the indispensable machine is immensely simple, and that can be regarded as a reason why there appear more and more fans of this slot. Starburst has 5 reels and 10 pay lines, along with Wild symbols meant to replace other pictures on the slot reels. To open the bonus round, Wild symbols need to emerge on the second, third, and fourth reels. When it happens, the rest two reels can be spun three more times, which may result in large winnings!

Since its launch in 2013, Starburst has been gaining popularity in the industry of cash slots online and is still appreciated by many players for its colourful graphics and a pleasant soundtrack. Starburst can be considered the most successful release by NetEnt, though it does not have a 7-digit jackpot. Dive into space with Starburst and win cash online slots with the most exciting emotions!

  • Mega Moolah (Microgaming)

Mega Moolah is notable for making gamblers millionaires since as far back as 2006. It has earned the title of "millionaire-maker" thanks to regular jackpot payments. The African-themed slot has 3 jackpots, with the largest ever registered winning of around €18 million.

Microgaming designed Mega Moolah for attracting gamblers with various budgets, so they could spin reels with bets ranging from €0.01 to €6.25. The slot has five reels and twenty-five pay lines. There are both a free spin function and random bonus activation, during which the gambler uses the Wheel of Fortune to activate a small, large, or mega jackpot.

The function of free spins is available when there appear 3 monkeys on reels. More free spins are available if monkeys continue to appear, potentially leading to still larger winnings. Mega Moolah is a treasure for those who want to try their luck and win cash online slots with large amounts. Don't be afraid to try and go for the tremendous jackpot of Mega Moolah right now!

  • Laser Fruit (Red Tiger)

A fresh incarnation of the classical slot. The new Laser Fruit quickly gained recognition by having combined a bright palette of colours and the innovations of video slots with the original features. The game has a significant dispersion, its payout percentage amounting to 92.1%. It might seem that the gambler would not win as often as if they played a slot with lower dispersion, but owing to the presence of more than sixty million pay lines, the chances to succeed are extremely high.

Such an enormous number of lines is something completely new. It is this feature that makes Laser Fruit stand out among other online gambling slot machines. Another advantage is the Expanding Reels function enabling you to increase five reels and three lines to six and ten respectively. Additionally, the slot under consideration possesses such game functions of new video machines as special Wild symbols and spins for free. That's why the latest version of Laser Fruit is among our top cash slots games. What can be better than a classical slot enabling you to win your betting amount increased by 10,000 times?

  • Holmes and the Stolen Stones (Yggdrasil)

Online cash slots with the function of the progressive type of jackpot represent a special level of risk, excitement, and undoubtedly winnings. However, such slots are usually not that impressive in terms of graphics and creativity. Progressive jackpot slots normally have three reels; the only visually appealing detail is the classical character of the jackpot theme—the Joker. Yet, as far as this slot is concerned, the developer decided to change the established tradition and open a new innovative direction for jackpot slots. When creating this real slot machine, they drastically altered the method of playing such slots. In addition, here you will meet the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes, which will definitely be appreciated by his fans.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones features five reels and three lines along with a meticulously designed interface. When gamblers, gamblers are able to collect special crystals. Gathering all the five allows the gambler to take their chances of getting the jackpot. This new game style, entirely different from the original one, makes the slot really unique. The game has high dispersion, adding a thrill and a good return of your gaming investment. The total payout is 96.8%, with the maximum winnings being 24,000 credits. Not only is this real slot machine visually stunning, but it also allows the user to make a truly large profit. The game is a treasure for gamblers and fans of Sherlock Holmes. Likewise, if you're looking for a jackpot slot that will not bore you in the short term, this great machine is bound to be one of your favourites. Elementary!


Gambling requires shrewdness and responsibility. It goes without saying that the first thing you should do to succeed is to acquire a clear awareness of how things work and what the odds are. Cash slots online enable you to get a real excitement coupled with quite real money! Now that we've considered the subtleties of cash slots games, decided on the best casino, and picked the most prominent online cash slots, it's safe to say you can try your luck without being afraid of a failure caused by a lack of information. Don't hesitate to take your chances and win big money by playing online gambling slot machines!

To conclude, the gaming process can become a real pleasure if you take it reasonably. Just remember that casino that has free slots that pay cash is just entertainment. Don’t invest all the money you have in it. Be careful if you lose. It is a high risk to become poor. Of course, you can win. If it happens, it is better to stop not to lose the money on the following bets.

Where to play?

  • Do not hesitate to play at our best online casino - Fastpay, 100% trust! You will be pleased with the excellent customer care and super-fast withdrawals (1-5 minutes)

List of the Top online casinos 2023

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