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Best Online Casinos with Kahnawake License in Europe

Best Online Casinos with Kahnawake License in Europe
Kahnawake is one of the institutions that regulate the gambling industry. It is not so popular as other regulatory authorities. If you are an experienced gambler, you will probably hear about it. When you learn something about it, you will look at the gambling industry from another point of view.

It appeared more than 20 years ago. Since that time it has become one of the most favourable institutions for gaming. At the same time, it was one of the first gambling regulators. Now it has a strong influence on the gaming industry in Europe. Kahnawake has become an important member of the market. It has a strong voice in online gambling. Kahnawake Gambling Commission is located in Quebec. Despite this fact, it spread its influence on many European countries and casinos. Currently, more than 40 online casinos have a license with Kahnawake. Casinos with this license went through a deep check. There are several parameters that are important to observe. It means that all the casinos on the list have a good reputation. 

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Top Casinos Referred to Kahnawake

All the casinos go through a serious check before making a rate. If you have an interest in casinos, you can read detailed information about them. Before choosing any of them, read the description of the pros and all the terms and conditions. Big gambling industries couldn’t get the license of Kahnawake. It doesn’t mean that there are few casinos to play at. All the top casinos with this license provide good opportunities for gamblers. No matter how much experience you have, you will find something attractive. 

Kahnawake focuses on different aspects of casinos before putting them on the list. It observes casinos of different kinds. It includes online casinos and even mobile versions. If you are interested in one of them, you can read a complete description of the best casinos. 

New Names with Kahnawake

Most casinos with this license are on the market for a long time. It doesn’t mean that new names don’t appear. Old and reputable gambling houses are well-known. Sometimes gamblers want to make experiments and test something new. In this section, there are new Kahnawake casinos that worthwhile observing. At the same time, the number of them is not so big. 

New gambling houses appear here and there. But when we are speaking about this jurisdiction, we offer you to pay attention to the best variants. No one knows what expects you in new casinos. They must be tested before putting in the top list. All new casinos must get a good reputation among gamblers. They must also go through the audition procedure. They must prove their legality and fairness. Sometimes new gaming houses don’t have enough money to contact good providers. Licensed soft costs quite enough money. Any casino must invest some money to gain a good reputation. It is better not to tempt fate with unknown names.

A Focus on Gaming Law

The Gaming Commission appeared in 1996. Three years later the regulations about online gambling appeared. It happened in the summer of 1999. Due to the laws, all the activities are considered to be legal. They are never argued or doubted. Kahnawake gaming law is connected with world gambling companies.

Nowadays the Commission is tied with more than 50 online gambling operators. It comprises more than 250 websites with online gaming. All these facts prove that this institution is one of the biggest in the world. Besides licensing online gaming houses, Kahnawake handles some land-based poker-rooms. There are three of them situated in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake.

Kahnawake Scandal – What Went Wrong?

Kahnawake gaming commission scandal and criminal activity is one of the darkest pages. It is even fair for all gambling industry. For more than 10 years, the company didn’t attract much attention. It remained almost unnoticed and unknown. One fact changed everything for the worse. In 2009 a great scandal occurred. There was a cheating scandal connected with the Ultimate Bet. As a result of the investigation, the Gaming Commission suffered from sanctions.

For the Ultimate Bet, it was a great strike. The owner had to return an immense sum to the gamblers. The site’s parent company also had a fine. The sum was about 1,5 million. It was an unpleasant outcome for gambling activity. Besides, it had to change the activity to avoid such incidents in the future. It spoiled the reputation of the company for a long time. 

Gaming License – Some Steps to Get It

Kahnawake gaming license can be got for different activities devoted to gambling. It is not limited only by the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake. It spreads even further to different parts of the world. The main term is to put the gambling servers on the hosting of Kahnawake. There can be four types of licenses:

  • Interactive Gaming License. It is given to any approved hosting facility on the territory. Only one license can be given to the owner at any given time. 
  • Client Provider Authorization. It is for those who want to provide gambling services from this jurisdiction.
  • Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization. It is for companies who had a license from another jurisdiction. At the same time, they can place some of the equipment on Kahnawake territory.
  • Key Personal License. This is given to one person. He must be a manager of the company having a CPA license.

No matter what type of licensee you are going to get, you must go through some preparations. You need to prepare documents to apply for a license. Besides, the operators can ask for permission for other games and lotteries. It can include online-poker and games. As for the fees, they are not so big as in other jurisdictions. 

The first fee is about €35k and there is another payment for every extra license. It is spread on any Key Person. It has become more expensive than it was some years before. Other jurisdictions have even higher prices for licensing. If you have problems with licensing criteria, the sum will be returned to the owner. 

The casinos with Kahnawake online gambling licenses must provide some mechanisms for gamblers. They can use it for protesting if necessary. It is a positive solution for all gamers in comparison with other jurisdictions. The gambler has the right to limit the time and money for the gaming process. All the gamblers must also have an opportunity to connect with the support team. With this option, they can cope with the problems appearing in the gaming process. It is connected with another key point – complaint to the organization.

How to Complaint to Kahnawake Gaming Commission?

Like any other casinos, Kahnawake handles solving gamblers’ problems. First of all, users can connect with gaming operators. If the problem is not solved, they can apply to the Kahnawake Commission. It must take responsibility for solving any case. Here is the number of steps on how to submit a complaint:

  • Visit the official page;
  • Choose the form of sending a complaint;
  • Fill in all the necessary fields;
  • Submit a complaint.
  • After that, the managers will study the problem and send you a response.

At the same time, one should be aware that the official website has some problems with stable access. The form of sending a complaint isn’t accessible. Due to this fact, the process of complaining is difficult. The only way for gamblers is to connect managers via e-mail.

Kahnawake Contacts

As the form of submitting a complaint isn’t working, it is necessary to find alternatives. The only way to contact the Commission is via the e-mail or the physical mail address. You can send an e-mail to Another way of communication is a physical mail address. It is stated on the official website of the company. 

Casino Games Providers That Kahnawake Accepts

The company has rather strict rules for every online casino. At the same time, best providers are in contact with Kahnawake. Play’N GO, Microgaming and others present their slots and games. Such a big choice means that gamblers can find something to their taste. It has classic slots, table games, games with live dealers. Any gambler will be pleased with the number of offers. No matter what game you like to play, you will get a positive experience with Kahnawake gambling.

How does the Company Put Up with Other Regulatory Bodies?

As it has become one of the leaders of the market, it implies cooperation. The Commission is interested in supporting good relations with other regulatory bodies. It even has the section with the rules, devoted to games. It explains how the process must work. 

Recent years have become important in the development of the company. It has signed documents with licensing bodies. It includes such institutions as Financial Services Regulatory Commissions and others. It also works with independent gambling companies to test casinos. It cooperates with eCorga, iTech Labs and some others.

The Prospects of the Kahnawake Commission

The company has quite enough power to influence any gaming house. It can close it if the terms are not performed. Special rules and conditions helped to occupy the leading position among other regulators. At the same time, it has some problems. It is connected with the scandal that occurred in 2009. It spoiled the reputation of the company. Though the consequences were not so serious for such a big company, the problems appeared. They are connected with the appearance of new casinos. The number of them has reduced. Despite this fact, it still occupies one of the leading places among such companies.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When we speak about advantages we can say that they prevail disadvantages. The company is observed as secure and trustworthy. It also has good tax legislation. It attracts casinos. It cooperates with leading software providers. It guarantees a fair gambling process. At the same time, it is one of the oldest companies devoted to gaming regulations.

As for the disadvantages, they are not so serious. New casinos rarely appear on the list. All the old casinos have a good reputation, and it almost kills the disadvantage. The number of gambling websites is not so big either.

Short Summary

The main detail about Kahnawake gambling is safety. You can be sure that you are under strong protection. No matter what game or slot you are using. Even Kahnawake sports betting is protected by the Commission. It guarantees absolute security to gamblers. The best casinos are regularly testing. It means that you have little chance to face cheating. It values its reputation and tries to provide only the best terms and conditions. You will enjoy the process without any difficulties.

If you see a casino with a Kahnawake license, don’t be afraid. It means that the gaming house has passed a long procedure of testing. The experts are working to test all the functions. It proves that all the slots and games are working correctly. Regular auditions only give extra protection for gamblers.

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? Can I trust with Kahnawake?
The Commission is not a well-known all over the world. You must know that it can protect its customers in any case. When something concerns the gamblers’ rights, Kahnawake occupies a firm position. It protects gamblers. Even a scandal in 2009 didn’t spoil reputation greatly. It has been working for more than 20 years. You can trust it without any doubts.
? Are there any bonuses?
It has been working as any other website devoted to gambling. It means that casinos are ready to provide gamblers with bonuses. If you are a regular player, you can see it with your own eyes. You can choose the bonus before the game, or even get a welcome offer.
? Are there any hidden payments?
In general, everything is clear and easy to realize. If you are playing just for entertainment, you won’t need to pay taxes from it. It is like in any other casino. Don’t concentrate on the gambling process like the way of a stable income.

Where to play?

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