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Play for free Netent video slotsThis section contains a complete description of all currently available games released by Net Entertainment and focused on free slot machines and video slots. Games reviews and descriptions include screen-shots and game process videos, as well as built-in functions, bonuses and free games overview, detailed description of all symbols and pay lines. On description pages, you can find blocks to start free game and play free Netent video slots. To know the percentage of winning (RTP) of chosen game, just find it in the right column on this page.

You can check one or other game play strategy efficiency in a free mode. Our recommendations on the selection of the generous Netent slot machine are based on the ability to place the scripts of free Net Entertainment video slots. If you need help in some particular game produced by NetEnt or start this game in the free mode, then you are in the right section.

On our site, not only the opportunity to play free at Netent slot machines is realized, but also specific recommendations for each of the video slots are given. You should go through the following link to learn the hidden parameters of the slot machines and get acquainted with the feedback and recommendations of the tester:

Choose the slot machine for demo play

You can get quick access to video slots by clicking on the game title in the right column of any page in this section. Also quick view of return bet rate embedded in this game, software is available. It is specified in brackets after the name. Names of the Net Entertainment video slots for free game are sorted by the Latin alphabet:

(Play in demo)
Bonus wagering rating
(10 is max)
Probability of the bonus featureWinnings during main / bonusVolatility
(20 is max)
How to win
Aloha Aloha 96.42% 6.01 0.49% 79/21 4.53 How to win
Archangels Salvation Archangels Salvation           How to win
Attraction Attraction 96.7% 6.24 10.69% 21/79 5.39 How to win
Beach Beach 96.8% 6.28 0.61% 88/12 4.04 How to win
Big bang Big Bang 96% 4.99   100 5.32 How to win
Blood suckers Blood Suckers 98% 6.40 0.52% 84/16 4.16 How to win
Boom brothers Boom Brothers 96.4% 6.68 1.50% 82/18 3.28 How to win
Copy Cats Copy Cats 96.76% 5.92 0.88% 67/33 5.04 How to win
Creature from the black lagoon Creature Black Lagoon 96.5% 3.96 0.72% 72/28 7.86 How to win
Crime scene Crime Scene 96.7% 4.80 0.46% 88/12 4.94 How to win
Dazzle me Dazzle Me 96.9% 6.33 0.54% 90/10 3.96 How to win
Demolition squad Demolition Squad 97.1% 6.22 0.61% 75/25 4.65 How to win
Dead or alive Dead or Alive 96.8% 0.81 0.65% 69/31 16.26 How to win
Diamond Dogs Diamond Dogs 96.1% 3.85 0.91% 86/14 7.71 How to win
Devils delight Devils Delight 97.6% 5.63 8.31% 92/8 4.92 How to win
Disco spins Disco Spins 96.4% 6.50 0.47% 85/15 3.66 How to win
Dracula Dracula 96.58% 6.08 0.62% 79/21 5.3 How to win
Dragon island Dragon Island 96.7% 4.74 0.88% 75/25 8.38 How to win
Drive Drive Multiplier Mayhem 96.7% 5.30 0.52% 77/33 6.01 How to win
Eggomatic Eggomatic 96.5% 5.02 0.50% 67/33 5.98 How to win
Egyptian Heroes Egyptian Heroes 96.7% 3.55 0.85% 68/32 7.64 How to win
Elements Elements 96% 5.89 0.86% 64/36 6.18 How to win
Evolution Evolution 96.1% 6.06 0.79% 55/45 7.28 How to win
Excalibur Excalibur 95.1% 3.80 0.57%  88/12 6.63 How to win
Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood 96.33% 5.74 0.38% 83/17 4.85 How to win
Fisticuffs Fisticuffs 96.7% 6.39 6.15% 17/83 6.09 How to win
Flowers Flowers 96.3% 5.87 0.71% 60/40 6.89 How to win
Frankenstein Frankenstein 96.7% 5.70 0.61% 78/22 5.14 How to win
Fruit case Fruit Case 96.4% 6.07 0.54% 80/20 5.52 How to win
Fruit shop Fruit shop 96.7% 6.51 11.97% 17/83 4.76 How to win
Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Fruit Shop Christmas Edition 96.7% 6.19 11.50% 24/76 5.29 How to win
Football Champions cup Football Champions Cup 96.82% 3.65 1.26% 59/41 11.56 How to win
Funky seventies Funky Seventies 96.5% 8 0.22% 98/2 2.71 How to win
Ghost pirates Ghost Pirates 96.9% 3.78 0.72% 50/50 11.69 How to win
Glow Glow 96.7% 6.94 14.47% 13/87 4.35 How to win
Go Bananas Go Bananas 96.9% 5.13   100 5.46 How to win
Golden Shamrock Golden Shamrock 96.4% 6.20 1.05%  88/12 4.62 How to win
Gonzos quest Gonzos Quest 96% 5.15 0.66% 68/32 7.07 How to win
Groovy sixties Groovy Sixties 96.5% 8   100 4.82 How to win
Hall of gods Hall of Gods 95.5% 5.91 0.60% 87/13 4.27 How to win
Hooks Heroes Hooks Heroes 96.82% 6.40 0.84%  69/31 3.91 How to win
Jack and the beanstalk Jack and Beanstalk 96.3% 5.02 0.60% 77/23 7.44 How to win
Jack hammer Jack Hammer 97% 6.09 0.55% 80/20  4.6 How to win
Jack hammer 2 Jack Hammer 2 97.1% 5.90 0.79% 79/21 4.93 How to win
Joker Pro Joker Pro 96.8% 5.05 3.59% 37/63 7.31 How to win
Jungle games Jungle Games 96.6% 8 1.77% 58/42 3.46 How to win
Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild 96.47% 3.25 0.60% 69/31 10.16 How to win
King of Slots King of Slots 97% 6.46 0.59% 89/11 3.76 How to win
Kings of Chicago Kings of Chicago 97.8% 3.50 0.99% 71/29 8.64 How to win
Koi princess Koi Princess 96.23% 5.95 1.80%  54/46 5.51 How to win
Lights Lights 96.1% 4.56 0.65%  64/36 7.41 How to win
Lost Island Lost Island 96.5% 5.04 0.55% 65/35  6.15 How to win
Lucky angler Lucky Angler 96.4% 6.33 0.51% 83/17 3.68 How to win
Magic portals Magic Portals 96.6% 5.68 0.83% 66/34 5.61 How to win
Master of Mystery Master of Mystery 96.6% 3.41   100 8.36 How to win
Muse Muse 97% 6.31 0.63%  66/34 4.67 How to win
Mythic maiden Mythic Maiden 96.6% 6.49 0.65% 54/46  4.44 How to win
Neon Staxx Neon Staxx 96.7% 4.91 0.68% 76/24  6.24 How to win
Nrvna Nrvna the Nxt Xperience 96.6% 6.18 0.71% 76/24 5.14 How to win
Piggy Riches Piggy Riches 96.1% 5.44 0.55% 74/26 5.58 How to win
Planet of the Apes Planet of the Apes 96.33% 5.73 0.63% 73/27 5.56 How to win
Reel rush Reel Rush 97% 5.71 1.25% 45/55 6.06 How to win
Reel steal Reel Steal 95.9% 2.81 0.77%  76/24 10.37 How to win
Scruffy Duck Scruffy Duck 96.38% 4.70 0.69% 67/33 6.97 How to win
Secret code Secret code 96.3% 4.89 2.09% 73/27 5.95 How to win
Secrets of Atlantis Secrets of Atlantis 97.1% 5.95 3.10% 64/36 4.94 How to win
Secrets of Christmas Secrets of Christmas 96.7% 5.46 0.79%  59/41  6.6 How to win
Secrets of the Stones Secret of the Stones 96.7% 2.64 0.75% 61/49 9.42 How to win
Silent run Silent Run 96.1% 5.92 0.88% 78/22 5.19 How to win
Simsalabim SimSalabim 97.5% 6.61 0.27% 93/7  4.1 How to win
Sparks Sparks 96.56% 8   100 2.19 How to win
Spellcast Spellcast 96.8% 8 0.87% 78/22 4.41 How to win
Spinata Grande Spinata Grande 96.84% 5.88 0.91% 62/38  5.18 How to win
Starburst Starburst 96.1% 5.97   100 4.24 How to win
Steam tower Steam Tower 97% 5.92 1.30% 51/49 5.95 How to win
Stickers Stickers 96.69% 6.38 9.98% 26/74 5.06 How to win
Subtopia Subtopia 96.1% 3.60 0.73%  77/23 7.66 How to win
Super Eighties Super Eighties 96.6% 8 0.21% 97/3 5.06 How to win
The invisible man The Invisible Man 96.8% 5.47 1.02% 49/51 7.58 How to win
Theme park Theme Park Tickets of Fortune 96.52% 5.87 1.86% 56/44 5.93 How to win
The Phantom of The Opera The Phantom of The Opera 96.57% 4.82 0.71% 71/29 6.47 How to win
Thief Thief 96.7% 5.15 0.81%   65/35 6.94 How to win
Thunderfist Thunderfist 96.7% 5.40 0.81% 65/35 6.06 How to win
Tornado Farm Escape Tornado: Farm Escape 96.5% 6.05 1.40% 69/31 4.26 How to win
Twin Spin Twin Spin 96.6% 3.64   100 7.13 How to win
Victorious Victorious 96.9% 5.56 0.69% 67/33 6.71 How to win
Warlords Crystals of Power Warlords: Crystals of Power 96.89% 5.76 0.66% 70/30 5.99 How to win
Wild rockets Wild Rockets 96.7% 3.78 0.70% 58/42 11.2 How to win
Wild turkey Wild Turkey 96.6% 3.88 1.03%  51/49 9.43 How to win
Wild water Wild Water 96.4% 5.52 0.62% 75/25 5.08 How to win
Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist Wild Wild West The Great Train Heist 96.7% 6.07 0.65%  68/32 5.31 How to win
Wish master Wish Master 96.6% 2.08   100 8.87 How to win
Wonky wabbits Wonky Wabbits 96.5% 4.09   100 6.59 How to win
Zombies Zombies 97.2% 5.97 0.94% 90/10 4.92 How to win

Demo play Netent video slots without sign up:

Video slotsIn this section, we would like to discuss the video slots. The video slots by it mechanics and game process are usual slot machines. The video slots differ from old slot machines in using the monitor instead of a transparent window through which spinning reels could be seen. Using our site, you can play free NetEnt video slots without signing up.

Invisible, but the important difference is the full control of game process, coefficients of payouts, spin speed, visual and sound effects, microprocessor of the computer with built-in random number and strings generator instead of probability theory at the old video slots models. These two factors are fundamental, but are not the only differences of video slots from old devices. Let`s take clothes look on each of them.

Bonus games:

FrankensteinFirst of all, it is necessary to note various bonus games. Modern slot machines, which are present in all self-respecting casinos, nowadays offer gamblers a variety of additional bonuses, built-in mini-games and extra functions. They include: the doubling of the prize, accumulative bonuses, free spins, bonus rounds with two or even three actions as a result of which the player can choose additional multipliers or increase the basic amount of the win.

Multilevel bonus games:

As an example, typical for multilevel bonus round will be free Crime Scene video slot, where during the bonus game you can choose various symbols additionally increasing the sum won in the bonus. There are widespread symbols which allow the gambler to get the prize, and it is not necessary to collect them in the pay-line. Such symbols are called Scatters and usually start series of free games on video slots with additional multiplier for all winnings in the process of their start.

Due to the fact that electronic and computer technology have much more capabilities than the mechanical components of the old slot machines; video slots have significantly more pay combinations and possibilities. On average, they have from five to fifty pay lines. Currently, there are about 250 free video slots with number of pay lines from 1 to 243 at Net Entertainment partner casinos. This type of Net Entertainment video slots is also available to play free on our website.

A variety of functions and bonus games has led video slots developers to the idea that slot machines will look much better in the casino`s interior with second additional screen. This screen is often used for bonus game, or to display stored bonuses and current jackpot. Carrying out various game missions with the relevant plot and excellent animation in bonus games, a gambler can win a large sum. At times, these sums are not with a possible prize in usual game mode and certainly not comparable with the maximum prizes of old slot machines. A large number of winning pay-lines brings our review to the second qualitative difference. Try video slot free, without registration, and you can play the bonus games without spending your own money.

Return to player percentage (RPT)

Bonus game at Sim SalabimThe difference of new video slots from old slot machines is that payouts at video slots, in comparison with other slot machines, have considerably larger size in money terms. Of course, this statement is truthful, providing that the gambler play correctly. Emulators of slot machines allow you to practice and develop your own strategy - aggressive or passive. While choosing a free video slot from Netent, we recommend that you consider the following variables:

  • Cycles and the cyclicality of winnings at Netent video slots.
  • Dispersion of winnings at the video slots.
  • RTP ( percentage of payout) of slot machines from Netent.
  • The list of highly dispersive slot machines from Net Entertainment.

Slot machine emulators give the player a chance to win small sums of money with minimal risk, or vice verse, risking seriously, and the gambler can win a large sum. The choice depends only on him. Gambler can choose the game style and its speed.

Modern Net Entertainment video slots allow varying bets from 1 cent to 100 Euros per pay-line, to play on any number of lines and change the bet at any time (between spins). Also, since recently, compulsory reels stop feature addition on repeated pressing Spin button became widespread.

Many video slots feature of prize doubling is embedded in the form of mini card games. But this rule is true for retro slot machines used in some gambling clubs. The dealer opens the card, and the gambler can choose one of four cards, if he thinks that the selected card will be more high-order than the dealer`s one, or take his prize without opening the card. Taking into account that the minimum card is two, and at a choice of equal cards player remains "on his own", i.e., does not lose the prize, this rule gives us some extra percentage in expectation of winning from playing this video slot.


Victorious video slot by NetentThe first and the most important negative side of video slots is only game process emulation. If the old slot machine, which complied with the laws of mechanics in terms of game process, and the probability theory in terms of benefits, theoretically it could be possible to beat out maximum combination several times. But video slot only simulates spin of the reels, and if it will give out the maximum prize several times, it is probably faulty. Micro-chip keeps statistics and balance of the winnings and losses. It exactly will not give out anything more. Large number of pay lines in modern games (as we told in previous paragraph) often plays against the gambler. After all, if there are more lines you should make more bets. Meanwhile there often few pay lines, a prolonged series of "empty" spins will lead to a much greater loss than at retro slot machine.

It is not necessary to play the maximum number of lines:

Scatter free games at Frankenstein slotIt is mistakenly considered, that it is profitable to make bets on as much as possible number of lines. Many people think that it hurts when pay combination falls on the inactive line. Do not be upset, if you made the bet on that line, these symbols would never appear. After all, computer chip controls the game process, and it operates with numbers. If it needs to pay a certain sum, which was formed as a result of your game, or somebody`s else game, the slot machine will find a way to pay you, independently of the bet line quantity. Here you should only continue the game. More often, "Demonstrative performance" method on the not playing lines is a direct indication to end the game and change the video slots.

How to win

Jackpot 6000Especially for you we have developed some advice, recommendations and strategies for successful playing at Net Entertainment video slots. Why exactly this provider of slot machines? The reason is that there are the same algorithms used at free video slots for FUN money game, and for real money game. However, let`s deal it one after another:

We have recently slightly upgraded winning strategy because the results giving out algorithms, depending on the place for test in free game mode, still differ. Please read carefully. In fact, it is the only way you can "feel" the game at Net Entertainment video slot:

  • How to choose the generous Netent video slot for gambling. TTesting strategy, while playing for free NetEnt video slots underlies in definition of slot machine "mood" before starting the game for real money. It is important to understand that your chances of winning depend on your skills of choosing generous slot machines. You can also adopt a strategy of resetting the spin cycle, by starting the game or with Spin or Maxbet button. However, we are not fully confident with the performance of this system, more test spins number is needed:
  • The strategy of winning at the video slots by changing give out payment cycles. "To top it off" I suggest you to read the information on possibility to receive a positive mathematical expectation of your playing Netent video slots:
  • How to beat the casino getting the positive mathematical expectation of winning?Mathematical calculations presented in this article, allow players to win throughout a long time. Constant reload bonuses will give you the opportunity to get bonus money for each of their deposits. Combining the Netent casino video slots testing strategy in the free game mode and increasing you chances by using bonuses, will significantly improve your chances of a large prize.

Which casino is preferable?

If you have already played enough NetEnt video slots in the free mode and think that you are ready to play for money, you need to register in any casino presented on the site. For this purpose, we recommend to see summary comparative section "NetEnt casinos". It will help you to choose the place to play for money on the basis of many factors.

You can play free all NetEnt video slots on our website without signing up. To do this, please select desired slot machine from the list on the right. The specified percentages after the name of video slot mean how generous the slot machine is. For example, the value 95% means that on the average video slot will return to gamblers (as winnings) 95% of bets made on it.

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