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Novoline slots demo play

Play free Greentube Novoline Slots
If there is a possibility to try something and not pay a penny, you need to take this advantage. We offer you to play for free Greentube Novoline slots without registration and get familiar with the solutions of these two gambling software developers. On this page, our guests can select the slots for free play and explore their RTP. Take a look at a table on the right part of this page. There you can find a list of slot machines for demo play and their RTP.

Play for free at licensed Greentube slot machines by Novoline

Here you may find free original (licensed) Greentube slot machines. You may use this page to navigate and do a quick search of the Greentube slot machines you want, each of them having their RTP listed. The lists of GreenTube (yet another name of Novoline licensed games) demo slots, and their RTP may be found in the table on your right.

(Play in the demo)
2 Commissario
2 Commissario 95.14% high
4 Reel Kings
4 Reel Kings 94% low
5 Line Multiplay
5 Line Multiplay 95% average
Action Joker
Action Joker 95.12% average
African Simba
African Simba 95.2% average
Alchemists Secret
Alchemists Secret - very high
Almighty Reels Garden of Persephone
Almighty Reels Garden of Persephone 95.08% from low to average
Almighty Reels Power of Zeus
Almighty Reels – Power of Zeus 95.11% from low to average
Always Hot
Always Hot 95.36% from low to average
Always Hot Deluxe
Always Hot Deluxe 95.36% from low to average
Always Hot Cubes
Always Hot Cubes 95.36% average
Amazing Fruits
Amazing Fruits 93.99% from low to average
Amazons Diamonds
Amazon’s Diamonds 95.05% average
American Gangster
American Gangster 95.04% average
Ancient Goddess
Ancient Goddess 95.02% from average to high
Anubix 95.04% average
Apollo God of the Sun
Apollo God of the Sun 96.02% from low to average
Arctic Empress
Arctic Empress 95.12% average
Arctic Race
Arctic Race 95% average
Arriva Arriva
Arriva Arriva 95% average
Asian Attraction
Asian Attraction 95.05% from average to high
  Asian Diamonds 95.04% average
Autodromo 95% from low to average
Autumn Queen
Autumn Queen 95.04% high
Aztec Power
Aztec Power 95.25% average
Bank or Prank
Bank or Prank 95.78% from low to average
Bank Raid
Bank Raid 95% average
Bar 7s
Bar 7's 95.02% average
Bars and Sevens
Bars and Sevens - average
Bat Stax
Bat Stax 95.2% average
Beetle Mania Deluxe
Beetle Mania deluxe 94.19% average
Big Five
Big Five 95% low
Big Runner
Big Runner 95% average
Blazing Riches
Blazing Riches 94% average
Book of Maya
Book of Maya 95.18% high
Book of Ra Classic
Book of Ra Classic 92.13% average
Book of Ra Deluxe
Book of Ra Deluxe 95.1% average
Book Of Ra Deluxe 6
Book Of Ra Deluxe 6 95.03% average
Book of Ra Deluxe 10
Book of Ra Deluxe 10 95.02% -
Book of Stars
Book of stars 95.16% from average to high
Bubbles 96.15% average
BugsN Bees
BugsN Bees 96.99% from low to average
Bull Rush
Bull Rush 95.11% average
Bullion Bars
Bullion Bars 94% average
Burning Hot Sevens
Burning Hot Sevens 95.06% average
Captain Venture
Captain Venture 94.01% high
Captain Venture Treasures of the Sea
Captain Venture Treasures of the Sea 95.07% high
Caribbean Holidays
Caribbean Holidays 93.01% from average to high
Cash 300
Cash 300 95% low
Cash Connection Charming Lady
Cash Connection Charming Lady 95.01% very high
Cash Farm
Cash Farm 95% high
Cash Runner
Cash Runner 95% average
Changing Fate 40
Changing Fate 40 95.04% high
Chicago 95.03% from average to high
Chili Heat
Chili Heat 94% average
Cleopatras Choice
Cleopatras Choice 95.13% average
Cleopatra Last of the Pharaohs
Cleopatra – Last of the Pharaohs 95.17% high
Clockwork Oranges
Clockwork Oranges 95.07% low
Club 2000
Club 2000 95.59% average
Columbus Deluxe
Columbus Deluxe 95.02% average
Cops N Robbers
Cops N Robbers 95.02% average
Cops N Robbers Millionaires Row
Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row 95% from low to average
Costa del Cash
Costa del Cash 95.01% high
Crazy Birds
Crazy Birds - average
Crazy Slots
Crazy Slots 94.7% average
Dancing Dragon
Dancing Dragon 95.1% average
Dazzling Diamonds
Dazzling Diamonds 95.42% average
Devils 95.57% average
Diamond Link Mighty Sevens
Diamond Link Mighty Sevens 95% average
Diamonds of Fortune
Diamonds of Fortune 96.45% very high
Dice Winner
Dice Winner 94.7% average
Dolphins Pearl Deluxe
Dolphins Pearl Deluxe 95.13% from average to high
Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior - average
Dragons Deep
Dragons Deep 95.06% average
Dragon Pays 2nd Chance Respin
Dragon Pays 2nd Chance Respin 95.21% -
Dragons Pearl
Dragons Pearl 95.26% average
Dutch Fortune
Dutch Fortune 95.06% average
Dynasty of Ra
Dynasty of Ra 95.01% average
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! 95% average
Elven Princess
Elven Princess 94% high
Empire V
Empire V 95.96% average
Epic Adventure
Epic Adventure 93.99% average
Extreme 96.59% average
Extreme Riches
Extreme Riches - very high
Fabulous Fruits
Fabulous Fruits 95% average
Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen 95.09% from average to high
Faust 95.1% average
Feather Frenzy
Feather Frenzy 95.14% from average to high
Firestarter 95.16% average
Flame Dancer
Flame Dancer 95.29% high
Frogs Fairy Tale
Frogs Fairy Tale 94.45% average
From Dusk Till Dawn 10
From Dusk Till Dawn 10 95.02% from low to average
Fruit Cocktail
Fruit Cocktail 94.39% high
Fruit Drops
Fruit Drops 95.08% average
Fruit Fall
Fruit Fall 93.97% average
Fruit Farm
Fruit Farm 95.13% average
Fruit Fest
Fruit Fest 95% average
Fruit Fortune
Fruit Fortune 94% average
Fruit Sensation
Fruit Sensation 94.98% average
Fruit Tumbling
Fruit Tumbling - very high
Fruitilicious 95% very high
Fruits n Royals
Fruits n Royals 95.66% high
Fruits Gone Wild
Fruits Gone Wild 95.35% average
Gangster Paradise
Gangster Paradise 97.26% average
Ghostly Towers
Ghostly Towers 95.15% average
Gold Star Fruits
Gold Star Fruits 95% high
Golden 7s
Golden 7s 94% average
Golden Ark
Golden Ark 95.1% average
Golden Cobras Deluxe
Golden Cobras Deluxe 95.41% high
Golden Sevens Deluxe
Golden Sevens Deluxe 94% from average to high
Golden X Casino
Golden X Casino 95% average
Gorgeous Goddess
Gorgeous Goddess - average
Gorilla 95.09% average
Grand Jester
Grand Jester 94% from average to high
Happy Fruits
Happy Fruits 95% average
Haul of Hades Super Spinner
Haul of Hades Super Spinner 95.05% from low to average
Heart of Egypt
Heart of Egypt 95.82% -
Helena 95.12% average
Hoffmeister 95.09% from average to high
Hold It Casino
Hold It Casino 95% average
Hot Chance
Hot Chance 95.17% average
Hypno Hippo
Hypno-Hippo 95% -
Indian Spirit
Indian Spirit 95.34% from average to high
Indian Spirit Deluxe
Indian Spirit Deluxe 95.15% high
Inferno 95% very high
Irish Coins
Irish Coins - average
Island Heat
Island Heat 95.04% average
Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box 95% from low to average
Jackpot Crown
Jackpot Crown 94.09% average
Jackpot Diamonds
Jackpot Diamonds 97.07% very high
Jesters Crown
Jesters Crown 94% high
Jesters Luck
Jester’s Luck 95.01% -
Jewel Action
Jewel Action 94% average
Jewels of the Sea
Jewels of the Sea 95.02% average
John Doe
John Doe 95.97% average
Joker 2000
Joker 2000 96.38% from low to average
Joker 5000 Wild
Joker 5000 Wild 96.38% average
Jokers Casino
Jokers Casino 95% average
Jolly Fruits
Jolly Fruits 93.94% average
Jolly Reels
Jolly Reels 94% average
Jumping Jokers
Jumping Jokers 95% -
Jungle Explorer
Jungle Explorer 95% high
Jungle Queen
Jungle Queen 95.09% from average to high
Just Jewels Deluxe
Just Jewels Deluxe 95.42% low
Katana 95.02% from average to high
King Bam Bam
King Bam Bam 95.82% from low to average
King of Cards
King of Cards 95% from average to high
Kingdom of Legends
Kingdom of Legends 94% high
Kings Jester
Kings Jester 94% high
Kings Treasure
Kings Treasure 95.85% average
Knights Quest
Knights Quest 95.29% average
Lava Loot
Lava Loot 95.03% average
Leonardos Code
Leonardo’s Code 95% high
Lightning Wild
Lightning Wild 95.1% average
Little Dragons
Little Dragons - high
Lord of the Ocean
Lord of the Ocean 95.1% average
Lord of The Ocean Magic
Lord of The Ocean Magic 95.2% high
Lots o Luck
Lots o Luck - average
Lovely Mermaid
Lovely Mermaid 94% very high
Lucky Jolly
Lucky Jolly 94% average
Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe
Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe 95.13% from average to high
Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe 6
Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 6 95.06% high
Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe 10
Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 96.02% from low to average
Magic 27
Magic 27 95.08% low
Magic 81
Magic 81 95.06% from average to high
Magic Jester
Magic Jester 95.07% average
Magic Princess
Magic Princess 94% very high
Mayan Moons
Mayan Moons 95.16% average
Mega Chance
Mega Chance 93.99% average
Mega Joker
Mega Joker 95% average
Mermaids Tale
Mermaid’s Tale - from low to average
Mermaids Pearl
Mermaids Pearl 95.21% high
Midnight Rush
Midnight Rush 96.63% average
Mighty Trident
Mighty Trident 95.5% from average to high
Monkeys Millions
Monkeys Millions 95% average
Multi Dice
Multi Dice 94.91% average
Music Island
Music Island 96.04% average
Mystery Star
Mystery Star 95.10% high
Mystic Secrets
Mystic Secrets 93.06% from average to high
Myth of Medusa Gold
Myth of Medusa Gold 95% from low to average
Ninjas Path
Ninjas Path - low
Oasis Riches Diamond Link
Oasis Riches Diamond Link 95.01% -
Outback Downunder
Outback Downunder - high
Party Games Slotto
Party Games Slotto 94.06% average
Pharaohs Night
Pharaohs Night 93.92% average
Pharaohs Ring
Pharaohs Ring 95.16% high
Pharaohs Tomb
Pharaohs Tomb 95.08% average
Plenty of Fruit 20
Plenty of Fruit 20 95.18% high
Plenty of Fruit 20 Hot
Plenty of Fruit 20 Hot 95.24% low
Plenty of Fruit 40
Plenty of Fruit 40 95.10% low
Plenty of Jewels 20 Hot
Plenty of Jewels 20 Hot 95.24% average
Plenty on Twenty
Plenty on Twenty 95.61% from average to high
Power Joker
Power Joker 92% average
Prize of The Nile
Prize of The Nile 95% -
Pumpkin Power
Pumpkin Power 95.19% average
Pure Jewels
Pure Jewels 95.05% low
Queen Cleopatra
Queen Cleopatra 96.12% high
Quest for Gold
Quest for Gold 94.4% average
Power Stars
Power Stars 95.54% from average to high
Rainbow King
Rainbow King 95% average
Rainbow Reels
Rainbow Reels 95% average
Ramses 2
Ramses 2 93.51% high
Random Runner 15
Random Runner 15 95.31% average
Random Runner VIP
Random Runner VIP 95.15% average
Red Hot Burning
Red Hot Burning 95% from low to average
Red Hot Fruits
Red Hot Fruits 95% high
Red Hot Repeater
Red Hot Repeater 95.67% average
Red Lady
Red Lady 95.1% high
Redline Racer
Redline Racer 95.08% from average to high
Reel Attraction
Reel Attraction 95.11% average
Reel Catch
Reel Catch 95.09% average
Reel King
Reel King 94% low
Reel King Free Spin Frenzy
Reel King Free Spin Frenzy 95.31% average
Reel King Potty
Reel King Potty 95% average
Really Wild
Really Wild 95% average
Rex 95% from average to high
Rising Treasures
Rising Treasures 95.02% from average to high
River Queen
River Queen 96.26% average
Roaring Forties
Roaring Forties 95.48% from average to high
Roaring Wilds
Roaring Wilds 96.2% average
Romeo and Juliet Sealed With a Kiss
Romeo and Juliet – Sealed With a Kiss - average
Royal Dynasty
Royal Dynasty 94% high
Royal Lotus
Royal Lotus - high
Rumpel Wildspins
Rumpel Wildspins 95.1% from low to average
Santas Riches
Santa’s Riches 95.26% average
Savannah Storm
Savannah Storm 95.03% high
Sea Beauty
Sea Beauty 95.04% high
Sea Sirens
Sea Sirens 95.13% average
Secret Elixir
Secret Elixir 95.05% from average to high
Secret of the Sand
Secret of the Sand 95.10% average
Secret Treasure
Secret Treasure 95.19% average
Serengeti Heat
Serengeti Heat 95.01% high
Seven Seas Jackpots
Seven Seas Jackpots 95.19% average
Sevens Staxx
Sevens Staxx 95.16% average
Sharky 95.53% average
Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars 96.10% average
ShowGirls 94.93% average
Simply Wild
Simply Wild 98% average
Sirenas 95.02% high
Sizzling 6
Sizzling 6 95.09% from average to high
Sizzling Gems
Sizzling Gems 95.65% average
Sizzling Hot 6 Extra Gold
Sizzling Hot 6 Extra Gold 95.09% average
Sizzling Hot deluxe
Sizzling Hot Deluxe 95.66% average
Sizzling Hot Quattro
Sizzling Hot Quattro 95.36% low
Sorceress 95.11% high
Sparkling Gems
Sparkling Gems 94% average
Spectrum 96.61% average
Spinderella 95.17% high
Spinning Fruits
Spinning Fruits 94.01% average
Spinning Stars
Spinning Stars 95.11% high
Spring Queen
Spring Queen 95.05% average
Spooky House
Spooky House 95.18% -
Sphinx Mysteries
Sphinx Mysteries 95.09% -
Star Nova
Star Nova 95% -
Stories of Infinity
Stories of Infinity 95.06% average
Summer Queen
Summer Queen 95.11% low
Super 5
Super 5 95% average
Super Dice
Super Dice 94.98% low
Super Hot 7s
Super Hot 7s 95.31% average
Supra Hot
Supra Hot 95.20% average
Sweet Sins
Sweet Sins 95.12% high
Sweet Spins
Sweet Spins 95.01% average
Tales of Darkness Break of Dawn
Tales of Darkness Break of Dawn 95% high
Tales of Darkness Full Moon
Tales of Darkness Full Moon 95.08% from average to high
Tales of Darkness Lunar Eclipse
Tales of Darkness Lunar Eclipse 95.01% high
The Alchemist
The Alchemist 93.98% from average to high
The Book
The Book 96.7% high
The Great Gambinis Night Magic
The Great Gambini’s Night Magic 95.02% average
The Kings Crown
The Kings Crown 95.04% average
The Real King Aloha Hawaii
The Real King Aloha Hawaii 95.13% from average to high
The Royals
The Royals 94% average
Tidal Riches
Tidal Riches - average
Top O the Money
Top O’ the Money 96.05% from low to average
Treasure Gate
Treasure Gate 94.89% from average to high
Tres Amigos
Tres Amigos 95.03% average
Twin Winner
Twin Winner 95% -
Two Sevens
Two Sevens 94% very high
Ultra Fruits
Ultra Fruits 94% high
Ultra Hot Deluxe
Ultra Hot Deluxe 95.17% low
Ultra Sevens
Ultra Sevens 94% average
Vampire Fortunes
Vampire Fortunes 95% very high
Viking Dragon
Viking & Dragon - very high
Viva Cabaret Xtra Choice
Viva Cabaret Xtra Choice 95.21% high
Volcanic Cash
Volcanic Cash 95.03% average
Wild at Heart
Wild at Heart - high
Wild Country
Wild Country - average
Wild Horses
Wild Horses 95% high
Wild Thing
Wild Thing 95.02% average
Wild West
Wild West 97% average
Wild Works
Wild Works 95.03% from low to average
Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star 95.18% average
Wizard 95% average
Wizard of Odds
Wizard of Odds 93.30% average
Wolf Money Xtra Choice
Wolf Money Xtra Choice 95.19% from average to high
Wonder World
Wonder World 94.9% high
Xtra Hot
Xtra Hot 95.66% high

How do Greentube demo licensed slots work?

Once the slot machine you like the most is chosen, click on it and you will be moved to the review page. You may play for free and without registration by using the block at the top of the page. It takes 7-15 seconds to load. Once the module is loaded, you may select any of the machines from the lobby. The standard game follows. During the free game, the following rules apply:

  • Demo versions of slots are loaded into the shell of the casino lobby. The player needs to select the appropriate slot machine after the module is loaded.
  • You can play for free and without registration or any other restrictions at Novoline license slot machines.
  • By loading any of the Greentube demo slots, the gambler gets €500 for free.
  • The player`s balance will be maintained until the page reloads.
  • If you lost the money from your balance or want to start a new game – refresh the page, and the balance will be returned to the mark of €500.
  • On the review page, you can find the technical specifications of the slot, its setting constants and payout percentage.
  • On each page, you will get a how-to win section. Here you can read the review of the tester.

What makes the Greentube slot machines different

A very long cycle and a huge dispersion of winnings – that is the difference of all licensed Greentube slot machines. The most significant winnings can be broken during bonus games with several retriggers or in a bonus game with several sub-levels. The basic principles of the game (it is strongly recommended to test them playing for free):

  • Play at small bet. You may get х1000-х3000 winnings quite often. But successful bonus games fall out infrequently. It is strongly recommended to play 1/500 of your account balance.
  • If you lost a lot – lower the bet and continue the game. The Greentube license slots are set to return the amount of money lost, rather than the number of stakes lost. You will rather get 4000 bets, €1 each, than 1000 bets, €4 each. But this event will happen much earlier at a low rate. Use this feature.
  • Choose the GreenTube slots with a maximum percentage of payments (RTP). Novoline slot machines RTP ranges from 85 to 97%. At a distance, you will lose more in the first ones than in the second.
  • At an appropriate bonus policy of the casino, you may get a positive mathematical expectation at GreenTube slot machines.
  • You may find the Greentube licensed slot machines in the following casino: Quasar casino, Casumo casino.

The Company with the title

Novomatic is one of the few old-timer gambling software development companies respected and well-known in the gambling world. Initially, the company founded by Johann Graf in 1980 had a proud name Admiral. In the last century, Novoline slots were already attracting numerous players with multi-functionality, excellent quality and reliability. The Austrian manufacturer has managed to obtain popularity not only in the homeland but also far beyond its borders.

Therefore, today you can also play free Novoline slots without registration. All popular games are available for demo play. Modern Novoline company is the concern of three holding companies at once. Greentube games representatives operate in all European countries, as well as in the territory of some African countries and Asia. In addition to gambling software and hardware development, the company provides services in the organisation of gaming halls and casinos under the Admiral trademark.

Play for free demo Greentube slots

Book of Ra by Novomatic
It is exciting to play free Novoline slots because every slot is like a new story. Sacrament of the Egyptian pyramids, the most interesting safaris, diving to the seabed, ancient Greek gods and Roman soldiers are waiting for you. Having tried to play free slots, you will feel the most exciting atmosphere, where the scenery replaces one another, and heroes become real.

Why these slots gained such popularity? Indeed, their simplicity played a great role. There are no complicated schemes or some pitfalls. Everything is very simple. For example, when 3 Scatters fall out bonus game is started, where you randomly get a symbol which becomes your additional Wild for the period of free spins. Do not waste time and try them out in demo play mode right now.

RTP (the payout percentage)

RTP (return to player percentage) of Novoline slot machines is different. Here you can find as low RTP as 94.24% (Book of Ra) and high numbers up to 97.1% (Lucky Ladies Charm deluxe).

The visiting card of 90% Greentube slots is extremely high dispersion of winnings and a very long cycle of winnings. Be sure to have 300-500 total rates on your balance for comfortable gambling. All big wins are during bonus free spins with several retrigger features. A lot of players prefer to bet smaller rates to get more bonuses.

Famous slots

  • You can play Greentube slots for free on our website without registration, click on the link near the image with the game below. The demo play section contains slots for everyone, and of course with a wide choice of thematic areas.
  • Probably the most famous slot from the company is Book of Ra. How many people dreamt of receiving cherished books and that the symbol in bonus game was the best. Please note that Book of Ra has very low RTP.
  • Also, we advise paying attention to Dolphins Pearl Deluxe Slot - a real gem from Novoline collection. In this case, each time three Scatters fall you will receive 15 free spins multiplied by 3. However, if, during free spins 3 Scatters will fall again, you will get another 15 spins, and they will be added to the total amount of spins. Retriggers fall very often, so you can hit a huge win.
  • The most important thing is that you can play free slots without registration! If you want to travel, then Marco Polo, Columbus and the Riches of India slot machines are waiting for you. Bananas go Bahamas, and Banana Splash slots will invite you to a sunny beach, and emulators Attila and Katana will tell about historical events of the past.
  • Here you will find everything! Even the famous birds and green pigs in Angry Birds slot machine! Do not waste time and start playing free Greentube slots without registration and any restrictions!

List of slot machines for demo play

Please choose the Novoline slot for free play clicking on the image below of from the table on the right. If you lose all funds during demo play, refresh the page and balance will be restored. Demo games do not have any restrictions.

Always Hot demo play
Banana Splash
Bananas go Bahamas
Beetle mania
Book of Ra
Dolphins Pearl Deluxe
Heart of Gold
Hot Cherry
Hot Target
Lucky Ladys Charm
Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe
Marco Polo
Money Game
Pharaohs Gold 2
Unicorn Magic
Queen of Hearts
Secret Forest
Sizzling Hot
Star Attraction


The main difference between Novoline Gaminator slots from Netent, Nyx, PlayN Go and Microgaming is its huge dispersion and a very long cycle of winnings. We suggest making small rates following the rule of 500 rates on the account balance.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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