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Crypt of the vampires slot

You should rather go down into the dungeon, where the bloodsuckers live since Red Rake Gaming company has devoted Crypt of the vampires slot to them. If you are brave enough, you can trigger this online slot, in which it will be possible to earn the decent winning. The slot has 5 reels and a playing field of the 4x3x3x3x4 row. Also, there are 432 ways to create pay lines. You are being waited for 4 free spins modes, the "Vampire Attack" feature, the "Bloody Wild" function and the bonus game. Each player will collect the maximum of coins, thanks to a large number of the additional features.

By the way, the highest paid symbol combination brings 500 000 coins when playing at the maximum stake. The RTP (return to player percentage) is equal to 95.48% at the slot. We recommend that you learn more about the rules, which operate in the game, before making the first bet. Discover the Vampires´ Underworld. Do not allow your fear to prevent you from entering the exciting universe of vampires where you can get a big choice of rewards. If you like stories about the vampires` life and you love to watch how the bloodsuckers fulfil their secret plans, then you should launch the machine and start an entertaining adventure.

The special features

  • Crypt of the vampires video slot
    Attack of Vampires. If all 4 cells of the first reel are filled with Vampire symbol, then the symbols on the other reels will turn into wild ones, and the additional pay lines will form.
  • The Bloody wild symbols. This function can be trigger randomly in any spin. Additional wild symbols will appear on all the reels except for the first one. You can get from 1 to 8 wilds. By the way, the wild symbol is represented in the form of a bloody inscription.
  • The free spins feature. Candle symbol is responsible for triggering of free spins. This symbol accumulates during the game. You will see candles at the bottom of the playing field. When all 30 candles burn, the bonus will be triggered. Candle appears on 2, 3 and 4 reels. This symbol also accumulates in free spins. However, it does not provide the additional spins but gives a cumulative jackpot. You need to choose 1 of 4 coffins before launching the bonus game. It will identify which mode will be in effect: Gabriel will start 18 spins, Elizabeth will give 16 spins, Oliver will offer only 14 spins and Sophie will give 12 spins. Vampire symbol falls out more often.
  • The Roulettes in the crypt. If Wheel symbol with Bonus inscription appears on 1, 3 and 5 reels, the mini-game will be launched. Wheel, in which sectors are placed the various winnings: coins, the additional wheel spins, level increase and the skull will appear on the screen. You will receive from 2 to 8 spins for the wheel. The wheel has 5 levels, and it will enhance with each increase and the size of the rewards. By the way, the skull symbol will finish the game, but it will give the additional winning.

Symbols and winning

If the user plays at the highest stake of 200 coins, then he can get these rewards:

  • Vampire with long hair will give out 50 000, 150 000, 300 000 or 500 000 coins.
  • Woman vampire will pay out 50 000, 125 000, 250 000 and 400 000 coins.
  • Vampire on a violet background and Blonde Vampire will bring you 100 000, 200 000 and 300 000 coins.
  • Cross and Aspen stake will offer to take 75 000, 150 000 and 250 000 coins.
  • Crypt with the cross and Bat will give 50 000, 100 000 and 200 000 coins.
  • Cup and Garlic will deposit the account by 25 000, 75 000 and 150 000 coins.


  • The pay lines are 432 ways.
  • The range of the available stakes is from 0.80 to 200 coins.
  • The maximum winning is 500 000 coins.
  • Free spins - yes (up to 18 free spins).
  • Bonus games - yes (the "Roulettes in the crypt" game).
  • The bonus features - yes (several).
  • The RTP (return to player percentage) is equal to 95.48%.

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