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House of fun video slot

This night, two guys will immerse into the world of adventure. They will decide to explore an abandoned castle, where they will wait for many dangers. Because, the profit that you can get at House of fun video slot, is much cooler than the evil owners of this house. That's why a fascinating plot of the game and a large choice of the bonus features will allow you to earn the maximum number of coins.

So, here you are being waited for the free spins with wild reel, the “Escape” bonus game and the “Mad” feature. By the way, the RTP (return to player percentage) reaches up to 94.96% at this online slot. We promise you that the game process will be bewitching and breath-taking, moreover, it will lure you to try on your skin the eerie night adventures in the dark ancient castle which is filled with spirits and ghosts. If you want to start your terrifying story, you should download it, and you will not regret this decision at all.

Symbols in the game

If you want to find out which payment will be for a particular combination of the symbols, it will be necessary to clarify the size of your bet. After all, the rewards according to the current stake are specified in the table with the rules. We would like to offer you to find out how much the video slot gives players who play at the maximum bets.

  • Mirror and Painting will bring 50, 100 and 150 coins to the player's account.
  • Candlestick with candles and Statue will return 75, 150 and 250 coins.
  • Cat can deposit your account by 25, 100, 200 and 300 coins.
  • Gardener will allow you to receive your winnings in the amount of 150, 300 and 450 coins.
  • Magician can issue 200, 400 and 600 coins.
  • Angry men will offer a jackpot of 50, 250, 500 and 750 coins.

Bonus features and special symbols

  • House of fun slotBox with a question mark is responsible for triggering the free spins feature. You need to catch at least three symbols to launch this bonus. And there will be a special feature in these spins – the entire central reel will become wild.
  • When at least three Magic symbols appear on 1, 2, and 3 lines, the “Mad” feature will be triggered. If you click on the symbols, you will get the additional coins.
  • So terrible door lock will trigger the bonus feature. It will be launched when at least three such pictures will appear on the screen. You will see five doors. It is possible to choose anyone to help Paul and Jane find a way from this terrible house.


  • The RTP (return to player percentage) is equal to 94.96%.
  • The pay lines are 1 – 30.
  • The range of rates is 0.02 – 150 coins.
  • The maximum winning for 1 spin is 3750 coins.
  • The highest paid symbol combination is 750 coins.
  • Bonus features are free spins with wild reel and the bonus game.

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