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Sugar pop slot

If you like sweets, then you cannot pass by this slot. Sweets became the main symbols of Sugar pop slot. The game symbols at the machine are delicious lollipops of different colours and forms. Here the symbols create pay lines by the principle of All Pays. The game has a huge choice of the bonus features. Therefore, each user will be able to break a massive jackpot. By the way, the maximum reward reaches 5 000 coins for one spin.

Betsoft company endowed the slot with a good RTP (return to player percentage) which is equal to 97.6%. First of all, you need to carefully study all the rules that operate at the game and only after that you can make the first bet. The online slot has excellent 3D graphics. It certainly will appeal to all lovers of the exciting and beautiful machines. In general, the slot will please the players with the originality of the game process, a large number of the payment, the numerous features and a bright, beautiful design. Moreover, the game process will give users generous rewards and unforgettable impressions.

Levels at the game

Sugar pop slotDuring the game process, each player will receive special points. New levels are opened thanks to them. The more points you score, the higher levels will be available for you. You should pay attention that it depends on the level, which special candies will be here. The slot has 30 levels. All 11 special sweets are available from 20th level. We advise you to collect the special symbols to get the additional points. The maximum reward is 1200 coins from the sample bonus.

Usual sweets

The pay lines give out 3 or more symbols of the same candy, which are located next to each other. In this case, All Pays feature is used at the slot. That is, payouts give the combinations of the identical symbols that adjoin horizontally and vertically, regardless of the location on the playing field. As a result, you are entitled to the following rewards for each symbol:

  • Red round candy will give 100 coins.
  • Blue oval candy will bring 75 coins.
  • Green hexagonal candy will give 60 coins.
  • Yellow candy in the form of a drop can return 50 coins.
  • Orange square candy will deposit the account by 40 coins.
  • Pink candy in the form of a heart will pay out 20 coins.

Special Sweets

You will see besides the usual sweets and the special sweets on the screen. They increase your chances of the winning. We will tell you about each special candy below.

  • The "Super colour" feature. When 4 or more candies of the same colour create the pay lines, then the "Super colour" special symbol is formed. In this case, these symbols remain in their cells for the next spin and multiply the winning by x2.
  • The "Conor bomb" feature. When more than 5 symbols of the same colour create the pay combination, the "Conor bomb" special symbol is formed. As a result, the symbols of the same colour will be exploded on the playing field.
  • Candy Lollypop is available at the first level. If you have a bad spin and there is this candy, the slot will produce one free spin feature.
  • Toffee will sweep away everything in its path, but it will become available only at the second level.
  • White chocolate will open the fourth level. This candy will shoot almonds by blasting other sweets.
  • Marmalade will be available at the sixth level. It will pick up the nearest candies and blow them up.
  • Jaw crusher will open at the eighth level. It will turn everything in its path, giving out the additional winning.
  • Caramel cane will be available at the tenth level. It will blow up all the candies in the row and column where it fell out.
  • Jelly beans will be from the twelfth level. From 1 to 3 beans will fall out on the slot cells, for you to get the additional winning.
  • Chocolate will begin to operate from the fifteenth level. In this case, the 3x3 block, which is located around the symbol, will burst.
  • Cotton candy will arrange a tornado so that the maximum number of the symbols disappears from the screen.


  • The pay lines are All Pays.
  • The RTP is 97.6%.
  • The reels are 5.
  • The range of the bet is from 1 to 250 coins per spin.
  • The bonus features are more than 10 additional features and a multi-level game mode.

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