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Spinomenal slots

Spinomenal Slots
The Spinomenal company was founded in 2014, but its portfolio contains over 100 online games. This provider has several million fans. You will learn about the features of slot machines, get acquainted with the history of the company, and you can read our opinion about this developer in this article.

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You need to choose the video slot to trigger the game in the demo mode:

(Play in the demo)
100 Juicy Fruits
100 Juicy Fruits 95.8% -
100 Spinning Dice
100 Spinning Dice 95.75% -
4 Horsemen
4 Horsemen 94.5% -
4 Horsemen 2
4 Horsemen 2 96.3% -
40 Lucky Fruits
40 Lucky Fruits 96% from low to average
8 Lucky Charms Xtreme
8 Lucky Charms Xtreme 94.1% -
88 Fortune Cats
88 Fortune Cats 96.5% -
88 Lucky Charms
88 Lucky Charms 91.79% -
9 Figures Club
9 Figures Club 95% average
Abundance spell
Abundance Spell 95.1% -
African Fortune
African Fortune 95.8% -
Amigos Fiesta
Amigos Fiesta 97.51% average
  A Pirate’s Quest 95.5% -
Arctic Adventures
Arctic Adventures 96.1% -
Atlantic Treasures
Atlantic Treasures 96.68% average
Aztec Spell
Aztec Spell 96.3% -
Bikers Gang
Bikers Gang 96.44% average
Blazing Tires
Blazing Tires 96% -
Book of Demi Gods 2
Book of Demi Gods 2 95.9% high
Book of Diamonds
Book of Diamonds - -
Book of Guardians
Book of Guardians 95.13% -
Book of Rebirth
Book of Rebirth 95.9% -
Book of Rebirth Reloaded
Book of Rebirth Reloaded - average
Candy slot twins
Candy Slot Twins 95% average
Cats gone wild
Cats Gone Wild 95% average
Chest of fortunes
Chest of Fortunes 93.6% average
Childhood Sweets
Childhood Sweets 95.6% average
Codename Jackpot
Codename: Jackpot 92.17% average
Colossus Fruits Easter Edition
Colossus Fruits Easter Edition 96.5% -
Cupids strike
Cupid`s Strike 94.5% -
Demi Gods
Demi Gods 92.82% average
Demi Gods 2 - expanded edition
Demi Gods 2 - Expanded Edition 95.1% -
Demi Gods 3
Demi Gods 3 - -
Demi Gods 4
Demi Gods 4 96.3% -
Diner of fortune
Diner of Fortune 97.2% average
Divine forest
Divine Forest 94.5% -
Eat Them All
Eat Them All 95% average
Egyptian Adventure
Egyptian Adventure 96.44% average
Egyptian rebirth
Egyptian Rebirth 93.6% average
Egyptian Rebirth 2
Egyptian Rebirth 2 96.3% -
Empires Warlords
Empires Warlords 97.063% -
Exploding Pirates
Exploding Pirates 96.8% average
Farm of Fun
Farm of Fun 92.82% -
Firef Ice
Fire & Ice 93.8% -
First of May
First of May - -
Fluffy slot
Fluffy Slot - -
Forbidden 95% average
Forbidden Passion
Forbidden Passion - -
Forest Harmony
Forest Harmony 93.8% average
Gods of Slots
Gods of Slots 97% -
Golden dynasty
Golden Dynasty 91.79% -
Greedy servants
Greedy Servants 93.65% -
Hallow Reels
Hallow Reels 95.8% -
Hawaii vacation
Hawaii Vacation - -
Hunting treasures Christmas edition
Hunting Treasures Christmas Edition 95.13% -
Irish Lucky Dice
Irish Lucky Dice 95.8% -
Irish Treasures
Irish Treasures 96.5% -
Iron assassins
Iron Assassins 93.85% -
Jade connection
Jade Connection 95.46% -
Joker Madness
Joker Madness - -
Live slot
Live Slot - -
Loot a fruit
Loot a Fruit 96.44% -
Lotus Kingdom
Lotus Kingdom 94.1% -
Lucky miners
Lucky Miners 96.01% -
Lucky Mrs Patrick
Lucky Mrs Patrick 95.75% -
Luxury Club
Luxury Club 95.8% -
Magical Amazon
Magical Amazon 95.8% -
Majestic King
Majestic King 95.16% -
Majestic King Expanded Edition
Majestic King Expanded Edition 96.3% -
Master panda
Master Panda 96.23% -
May dance festival
May Dance Festival 96.12% -
Mines of Gold
Mines of Gold 95.06% -
Mystery of Aztecs
Mystery of Aztecs - -
Nights of Egypt Expanded Edition
Nights of Egypt Expanded Edition 95.67% -
Nights of fortune
Nights of Fortune 95.1% -
Nights of Magic
Nights of Magic 96% -
Nova Gems
Nova Gems 96.4% -
Nuts commander
Nuts Commander 92.75% -
Origins of Lilith
Origins of Lilith 96% -
Origins of Lilith Expanded Edition
Origins of Lilith – Expanded Edition 96.3% -
Parrots rock
Parrots Rock 94.5% -
Penny Fruits
Penny Fruits - from low to average
Penny Fruits Eater Edition
Penny Fruits Eater Edition 96.3% -
Penny Fruits Xtreme
Penny Fruits Xtreme 95.8% -
Peony ladies
Peony Ladies 96.47% -
Pond of Koi
Pond of Koi 97.19% -
Power pup heroes
Power Pup Heroes 92.8% -
Precious treasures
Precious Treasures 96% -
Ras Treasures
Ra’s Treasures - -
Reel Circus
Reel Circus 96% -
Reviving love
Reviving Love 95.35% -
Safari Samba
Safari Samba 95% -
Santas wild helpers
Santa`s Wild Helpers 93.6% -
Scattered Skies
Scattered Skies - -
Siren`s treasures
Siren`s treasures 95.16% -
Slot bound
Slot Bound 97.1% -
Snowing luck Christmas edition
Snowing Luck - Christmas Edition 94.75% -
Soccer babes
Soccer Babes 97% -
Spinning Beers
Spinning Beers 95.8% -
Spinning lights
Spinning Lights 94.5% -
Steaming reels
Steaming Reels - -
Stinky socks
Stinky Socks 92.82% -
Story of Egypt
Story of Egypt 96.3% high
Story of Hercules
Story of Hercules 96% -
Story of Medusa
Story of Medusa 96.5% -
Strip to win
Strip to Win 97.248% -
Summer of Luck
Summer of Luck 95.8% -
Summer splash
Summer Splash 95.06% average
Surprising 7
Surprising 7 96% -
Sweet Win
Sweet Win 95.8% -
Terracota wilds
Terracota Wilds 92.75% -
Tigers Charms
Tiger’s Charms 95.75% -
Tiki rainbow
Tiki Rainbow 95.1% -
Toys of joy
Toys of Joy 91.75% -
Undying passion
Undying Passion - -
Very big goat
Very Big Goat 96.44% -
Vikings Gods 2
Vikings And Gods 2 95.13% -
Vikings glory
Viking`s Glory 97% -
Wacky monsters
Wacky Monsters 97.3% -
Wild Easter
Wild Easter 95.8% -
Wild heist
Wild Heist 93.71% -
Wild Santa
Wild Santa 96.1% -
Wild wild spin
Wild Wild Spin 91.75% -
Wish list
Wish List 96.47% -
Year of luck
Year of Luck 97.063% -
Year of monkey
Year of Monkey - -
Year of The Rat
Year of The Rat 95.75% -
Zombie slot mania
Zombie Slot Mania 91.75% -

Distinctive features of the slots

Today, the developers of gambling software seek to occupy a leading position in the market. However, not each of them draws attention to the specifics of modern gambling. Therefore, they are not lucky. The providers from Spinomenal company managed to satisfy all the needs of the players.

  • All slots are written in HTML5, which allows users to use software without using the Flash plugin. By the way, the most important thing is cross-platform. At the same time, the provider satisfied the requests of all players. Therefore, the owner of any gadget can trigger the game.
  • Design and theme. We can talk about it for a long time. The arsenal of games of this developer has more than 100 titles. Therefore, here they took into account all wishes, even the most extraordinary. It is worth noting that, this company does not seek to release numerous slots on the subject of fruit, unlike most developers. The Spinomenal company prefers Asian themes.
  • Standard settings (number of lines, reels). Here you will find a wide variety of the pay lines and reels. You will see not only the typical games with playing field 5x3 but also original versions, for example, 3x4. However, here you will find a small number of pay lines. Usually, 20, 25 or 50 fixed lines are available at these slots. However, there are slot machines with 243 ways or no pay lines at all.
  • You are being waited for a big choice of additional bonus features here. The provider offers you some features such as free spins, the bonus games, expanding wild symbols, a growing multiplier for a win in their games. Moreover, all of them are involved at the same time quite often at the online slots. By the way, there are machines with unusual special functions.
  • Wins. As for payments, most of the games are endowed with the maximum multiplier for the bonus combination, which does not exceed x400. Although this nuance is often compensated by the presence of additional multipliers for the win or the big number of pay lines.
  • Many online games are endowed with average volatility. Although, there are some video slots with a high or low value. In addition, the theoretical RTP (return to player percentage) varies in a big range. You can find the slot machines with a high indicator (96 + %) or with the very low RTP (91-93%).

History of the company

The Israeli concern for creating software for online casinos was founded by Lior Schwartz in 2014. Initially, the developers set a goal to take a leading position in the gambling market and release more than 100 games until 2018. As a result, the company managed to complete its tasks. Today, its products are in demand in the gambling markets of the CIS, Europe, and Asia, as well as Latin America. Spinomenal operates under a license issued by the jurisdiction of Curaçao.

BNC opinion about the slots from Spinomenal company

The popularity of the slot machines from Spinomenal is related to their small size. Many users of these slots live in regions with a poor Internet signal. The games of this provider are quickly loaded and do not require big amounts of traffic. But there are a few nuances. First, these online slots give the wins rarely. Secondly, these rewards are small. By the way, the maximum win does not exceed x200. We recommend you to try your luck at these games.

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Written by Yana Sliusar
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