How to win at the Novomatic slots

How to win at the Novomatic slotsAsk about how to win at the slots of the legendary Austrian company Novomatic, almost the same as to wonder where the treasure is buried. You can take some actions: to ask the knowledgeable people, to get the old card, to raise the archives, to buy a metal detector and to go into the woods. But all of these actions have no guarantee. Similarly Novomatic: we can only indicate the direction, but the gain may be lost or may remain. It is not in our power. By the way, what sum in this case is it?

How much can you win at the Novomatic slots? A lot. In the Book of Ra is one of the most famous slot machines in the world, you can earn up to $500,000 for a single spin! Perhaps, this amount is more than drawn to the treasure. Believe us to get it will be very difficult. On our website you have the opportunity to play the licensed versions of the Novomatic Slots without registration and restrictions:

The features of the Novomatic slots

The first thing to develop strategy for the slots of the specific developer you need to understand their characteristics. And this is an easy task. At first, the slots of the Austrian company are quite a few (not hundreds), and the most popular of these have the same functions:

  • The high variance. The most important thing - the Novomatic slots have above average volatility. This means that the winnings fall less often, but they are larger and the maximum payout more. Such slots need to be very careful, patient and intelligently allocate your gaming budget (of course, if you are really wanted to win and not just drain all the money). The proper use of the bankroll will allow you to win at the Novomatic slots a large amount.
  • The simplicity. The most of the Novomatic slots are out of date and often hopeless. The company is constantly releasing new and new versions of classic slots (primarily for land-based casino), but in the world of virtual gambling need completely new ideas, not improvements of old. Also, these slots have no differences in gameplay. Most often, the bonuses represent the free spins with the retrigger. It will not surprise anyone, but on the other hand this is to some extent facilitates the task.
  • The expanding wilds. The one of the key features are the expanding wilds. These wild symbols cover the whole reel when they are appearing. Most often they appear only in bonus rounds which further enhance their value. Strictly speaking, this feature was introduced in the later versions of the Novomatic slots.
  • The uniformity. Many Novomatic slots are the clones of each other. The gameplay is the same, only the theme and the visual component is different. For example, the book of RA and The Lord of the ocean.
  • Few lines. In the old slots on average about 15 lines, but if you take the whole range of the Novomatic slots you get an average of about 20 lines. What does it mean? The winnings are falling less. The more play lines, then the higher probability to win (of any size). On the other hand, the Austrian reels slots have also the less symbols. Anyway, all of this points in the direction of the high variance, as we have already mentioned above.

The strategy game at the Novomatic slots

The strategy game at the Novoline slotsSo, all of the following tactics and recommendations are based on the mentioned features above. Let's choose one machine and will analyze the strategy of the game. Probably no one will be offended if this slot is The Book of Ra. Everyone should know this device and most likely has already played.

There are two main versions: the classic Book of Ra and The Book of Ra Deluxe. In principle, they differ only in the graphics and lines – in the first case 9 and the second - 10. Otherwise it's the same two games. There is the wild symbol (a man) and the scatter (owner) in The Book of Ra. Three books trigger the bonus with 10 free spins. And that bonus game is of the utmost importance, because in this round activates the expanding wild symbol (it is selected randomly before the beginning of the bonus). At loss of the symbol it covers the whole reel to form the paying combinations. And when you land five on the reels (all reels), you win a huge jackpot of 5000 bets!

Perhaps, the Novomatic slots of this type are the most interesting. There are the popular slots from the company without expanding wilds. For example, The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe, but in our opinion it is less interesting from the playing point of view. How to use this information? What you need to pay attention, if you want to win a large sum at the Novomatic slots:

The size of the bet

Lucky Ladies Charm deluxeImmediately let us note this moment. The maximum bet in The Book of Ra doesn’t exceed $100 per spin in the licensing Novomatic slots. That is why in the beginning of this article we tell you about $500,000 (5000 bets multiplied by $100). So if you are going to seriously play at the Novomatic slots you must find licensed software. They can be counted on the fingers: The Quasar Gaming Energy Casino, The OVO Casino and a few others. Now let’s talk about the bet. All depends on your bankroll (more about him below): what it is, the higher rate you can afford. We don’t recommend to playing at high bets without any need for it. The slot can give you good winnings, so even a bet of $1 can bring the several thousand dollars. Not rise above $1-2, at least initially. 

The bankroll

The second, the most important parameter is the bankroll (the amount of game budget). You spend it only on the game, not to buy food and pay the bills. The Novomatic slots have a high variance, therefore, your bankroll will need a very large (regardless of number of games – there will be the book of RA or not). Aim for about 2,000-3,000 bets. Ideally, the more - the better. Most importantly don’t need to go on the rampage with a couple of hundred dollars. It's not a good result that more of you angry and infuriated.

The limits

Columbus deluxeAs in the game in any high variance slot, you need to have a clear scheme of complete gameplay. Answer the following questions:

  • What level I need to reach in order to complete the game? (Compared to initial Deposit).
  • What negative results I will complete the game? Of course, the second question is important, because you'll most often lose. It is important to understand that losing is normal. The slot will not allow you to win constantly, and especially in Novomatic games.

You can define the following goals for yourself:

  • The profit 30%+ of the deposit (for example, $100 deposit is $300) in this case, you end the session.
  • The negative profit is above 30% of the deposit ($300 became $200) you end the game.
  • Again, these values are taken from the “ceiling”. Each player will have his own situation. All depends from the size of your bankroll and not from the separate deposit. Ideally you shouldn’t risk more than 5% of your bankroll in a single session. Otherwise you will quickly lose all the money. But the ideal situation is often greatly at odds with reality.
  • Make your own plan. And remember that to put a hard stop loss is much more important (though not much).

The bonuses

The player always plays only with the bonus in an ideal situation. So there is every chance to play much longer. The problem is that the bonuses quickly come to the end, this is their main drawback. When you play slots with the high variance, the support bonus (or at least, welcome) is required. You need to make hundreds and thousands of spins, so why not at the same time to clear the bonus? Unfortunately, no matter how profitable a bonus may be, it will still be enough for hanging your mathematical expectation in the plus zone: a return to the Book of Ra is just 94.26%. More about this is below.


Dolphins Pearl DeluxeThe payout percentage is one of the primary roles. How to win at the Novomatic slots, if they give an average of about 95%? Unfortunately, we have to rely on the luck. Still 94% in The Book of RA is extremely small. This means that at the distance (after thousands of spins) the casino will on average take 6% of your investment in the slot bets. And therefore, your bankroll will melt faster than normal. The only way is to catch a big win and a tie.

The orientation for a big win

It is also very important to determine the local and the global goals. The local objectives include the objective of each gaming session (for each deposit or the amount of deposits), and the global objective corresponds already with the whole bankroll.

For example:

  • Win not less than 20% of the Deposit (local);
  • To catch the "jackpot" X3000+ in The Book of RA (global).
  • Can you see the difference? If you sit in front of the monitor every time and see the five "men" (x5000 in The Book of Ra), neither of which reaching the goal is possible and not to dream. The global objective will be achieved sooner or later, but it consists of local tasks, which keep the player afloat.

The patience

To win at the Novomatic slot without a proper understanding of their work is physically impossible. If you are used to playing at the Starburst or many other NetEnt slots, who often give the winnings – in this case expect the problems. Your mind cannot cope with the long periods of constant discharges, which guaranteed for the most part. You will quickly lose your money without the bonus games at The Book of RA. You need to have steel nerves and the experience of the previous monetary losses and winnings. You can even merge the several deposits in a row, but if you play in a licensed casino with the original Novomatic, they will return a portion of this amount, the entire amount or merged over this value after some time. Patience!

The conclusion

Perhaps, we can stop. The slots are much sharpened on the bonus rounds that they earned almost all the money. So don’t expect of the gold mountains in a normal game. You need to wait for the bonuses. This is a consequence of the high variance which is amplified only in the slots like The Book of Ra, where all depends from the bonus symbol, randomly select before the start of the bonus program. It is more expensive than (for example, the man) then the potential winnings are higher.

By the way, the arsenal of Novomatic have many different slots with dispersion, some of these are: the Katana, the Dolphin's Pearl, the Lord of The Ocean, the Lucky Ladies Charm, the Fairy Queen, The Alchemist, the Magic Princess, the Golden Ark, etc. Almost all the old slot games from the developer with the high variance or with the simple dispersion. Without a large bankroll (around a few thousand dollars) makes no sense even to try to curb all of these legendary games. Yes, there is always the possibility to become a multimillionaire from the first spin, but this probability is so small that it cannot simply be taken into account.

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