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Action money slot

Action money slot
EGT company offers players to become bankers and trigger Action money video slot. This slot has 5 reels and 20 fixed pay lines. You can put up to 400 coins per spin and hit a big win here. You will see the following symbols on the reels: banker, contract, banker partner and secretary, car, office building, security guard, gold credit card, the bag with money, and banknotes. The maximum win reaches 240 000 coins. This online slot has several bonus features, such as a risk game, 4 jackpot bonus features, free spins. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the RTP (return to player percentage), since this developer did not publish this data. We recommend you to learn the rules before triggering this slot.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

  • Action Money slot is Bank Money theme slot, which has quite an interesting gameplay with a big variety of bonus features. However, it keeps a bad balance while waiting for the bonus feature and also rarely realizes the potential when the bonus feature is triggered.
  • During the usual spins, most winnings are small and ranging from less than the nominal bet size to just a few bets. Action Money was also able to make a series of spins without any wins, because the paylines are just 20. Less often, the bigger payments of 10x-50x bets were awarded. However, the slot can give quite a big payout whenscatters bonus feature (instant win) was launched.
  • Instant win is given when the three or more scatter symbols are triggered (by picking one of the symbols awarded). The potential winnings with 3 scatter symbols are 2x-15x bets (the free spins feature could also be launched from scatters, but during testing that didn’t happen). When 4 scatter symbols are landed, the potential payout is already between 16x-100x total bets (+ the free spins feature available). When 5 scatter symbols are triggered, the payments are 600x-1000x and the free spins are launched every time.
  • Free spins can also be triggered also by getting the three bonus symbols. Before the free spins trigger, the player is offered to select one of the banks for the multiplier (which can be form x1 to x5), and also to choose an envelope to determine the number of free spins (which can be from 5 to 12). Here, you can also trigger an additional wild symbol.
  • Winnings during the free spins is depending both on the multiplier and wild symbol. The average payments of such features (with low or no multiplier and no extra wild symbol) was only 10x-30x bets. The potential was way bigger while extra wild symbols and additional multiplier was awarded. The average winnings were already 50x-200x, and the maximum payout recorded by the provider was more than 1000x total bets.

The gameplay of Action Money slot keeps a bad balance, that is why it is not recommended playing with active bonus wagering. For the same reason, the slot is not recommended for long playing sessions as the potential of getting top payments is much lower than the potential balance loss. Only short sessions are recommended in an attempt to get the bonus features triggered. Progressive betting strategies are not suited.

Symbols and winning

You can put up to 400 coins per spin. You will play on 20 fixed pay lines and receive rewards for combinations of 3-5 identical symbols and sometimes even 2 symbols.

  • The banker will replace all symbols except the bonus ones. This symbol will bring you 200, 2000, 40 000 and 20 0000 coins.
  • The contract will pay out 800, 6400 and 240 000 coins.
  • Banker partner and Secretary will deposit your account by 40, 400, 2000 and 20 000 coins.
  • Car, Office building and the Security guard will bring you 200, 1000 and 4000 coins.
  • Gold credit card, Bag with money and Banknotes will add to your account by 100 to 2000 coins.

Bonus feature from Bank symbol

  • 3 or more scatter symbols will trigger from 5 to 12 free spins.
  • An additional multiplier from 1x to 5x will operate in this feature.
  • You will choose the multiplier before the game.
  • 5 Bank buildings will appear on the screen. You need to select one of them.
  • Next, you should choose 1 of 8 envelopes in the bank office, which will identify the number of free spins.
  • The special symbol is hidden in the envelope that will become the second wild.
  • Car, Secretary, or Banker partner may become the additional wild symbol.
  • Special joker will not replace the bonus symbols.
  • 5 scatter symbols or 5 wilds and/or the additional joker are not multiplied by the extra multiplier.
  • You can trigger re-spins in the bonus feature.

Pick and click the bonus feature

  • 3 or more scatter symbols trigger the bonus.
  • You must choose 1 of the symbols.
  • The additional wins from 800 to 360 000 coins hide behind them.

Double game

  • You can increase all wins that are less than 14 000 coins.
  • You need to press the “Double” button.

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