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How to win at an online casino?

How to win at Netent online casino
The history of gambling goes back for thousands of years. People always have been asking themselves whether it is possible to win at gambling? The advantage of casinos is not significant and often hidden over the seemingly equal chances of win and loss. There are up-streaks (winning all the time), but is there any system to ensure winning at a casino? In this article, we would like to sort out this issue in detail and share with you the result and recommendations.


In land-based casinos, even if successful tactics is found, it is quickly become forbidden, for example, card counting in Blackjack. But in an online casino, there are legal ways to get the mathematical expectation of winning on your side, in addition to bonus hunting. With the growing numbers of online casinos, bonuses become more and more generous, and the terms have trapped inside. 

Is it possible to win in an online casino?

Netent online casino
Let's highlight the most effective methods that can be used. Get a positive mathematical expectation of winning with bonuses, test spins on minimum bets, use "hit and run" strategy and choose a winning slot in free mode. Let us do it in an organized manner:

Getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning

Bonuses at trusted and white-labelled online casinos are usually coming with 35x or 40x wagering requirements. In the 1st case, you need to wager €3500 (for each €100 in the bonus money), in the 2nd case — €4000. Look for current deals in best casino bonuses offered.

Bonuses with 35х and 40х wagering

The secret is to find the bonus offers with a 40x wagering or lower then choose the slots with RTP of 97.14% or higher. In this case, a player will get a positive mathematical expectation of winning even in slots. That means a player will beat the casino in the long term. This data is based on our research and millions of spins on slots. 

According to the online casinos' rules, bonus money may be withdrawn as soon as the required number of bets (wagering) is played. On our website, we have an analysis of bonus promotions and slots. A player must read it, to know how to get a positive mathematical expectation. Find out more by clicking on the link:

For 35x wagering

Logo Game Winning percentage
The probability of dropping out the bonus Dispersion of winnings Winnings at casino
at an overall bet of €100
Mega joker
Mega Joker 99% - 7.98 €1.75
Jackpot 6000
Jackpot 6000    98.86% - 5.24 €1.72
Blood suckers
Blood Suckers 98% 0.5% / 2.1% 4.16 €0.86
Kings of Chicago
Kings of Chicago 97.8% 0.94% 8.64 €0.66
Devils delight
Devils Delight  97.6% 8.31% 7.92 €0.46
Sim salabim
SimSalabim  97.5% 0.27% / 1,87% 4.1 €0.36
Jack hammer
Jack Hammer  97% 0.55% 4.1 €-0.14

40х wagering requirements

Logo Game Winning percentage Winnings at casino
at an overall bet of €100
Jackpot 6000
Jackpot 6000 98.86% €1.36
Blood suckers
Blood Suckers 98% €0.5
Kings of Chicago
Kings of Chicago 97,8% €0.3
  • To win at an online casino with an active bonus with 35x wagering, you need to play games that have RTP of more than 97.14%.
  • To win at a casino with a bonus with 40x wagering, you need to play slots such as Blood Suckers (98%), Jackpot 6000 (98.86%) and Kings of Chicago (97.8%), because they pay out more than 97.5% of the bets placed and that is what we need.

Here is an example. If you play the slot Blood Suckers, which has a 98% RTP, with a bonus with 35x wagering, on average, you will win 0.86% of each €100 bet placed (100/3500 = 2.86% - 2% losing of RTP (which is 98%) = 0.86%). Statistically, for each stake of €1,000, you will win €8.6. In this case, you have a high chance of winning and it's higher than the average. To learn more about the RTP of each slot, visit the next page:

Myth or reality?

If you learn how to apply both strategies mentioned above at the same time, it will significantly increase your chances of winning at the online casino. By selecting the "News" tab in the central (top) menu of our site, you can get all information about bonuses, promotions, reload bonuses and events of online casinos. You will be able to prepare your schedule of deposits accordingly, so getting a bonus for each of them, and your chances of winning at the casino will increase significantly. Now let's turn it from mathematics to human psychology.

Basic principles

First, you need to know several fundamental principles of online casinos. Every player who wants to find a win-win online casino strategy needs to be familiar with the following terms and concepts:

Dispersion (variance)

Win casino with mathematics
Dispersion (variance) is the spread of values associated with a game. For example, a player may one day hit a big win, but the next day may lose twice as much. Such situations occur if a player has selected games with high volatility. Even if a player is winning in the short term, with the increasing number of spins (hands, deals, etc.), the mathematical expectation will be closer to the exact statistical numbers (RTP). In the long term, players have no chances to be in plus (if the game is fair from both sides). From each dealt card and every reeled spin, the casino gets a percentage, so casinos in the long term always make the profit. Even if you are so good at following our recommendations and you are the master of winnings, the casino will take its money (as much as RTP is) from the other players. For example, casino wins 2.7% of the player's bets at the roulette, and 6% - at the poker. Casino's advantage has the opposite characteristics of mathematical expectation.

Learn more about the dispersion of wins and losses on the next page:

Testing the slot machines in free mode

Netent slots for demo play
Our recommendations in selecting a profitable casino slot are based on the same algorithms used in free mode and real money play.

The Netent software has so-called corrective variables, according to the slot, which would be either "positive," "neutral," or "negative." Since the random number generator is a critical component, these corrective variables increase or decrease the number of winnings by itself. These variables depend on player classification, the current balance of the slot and the prize pool.

That means if a slot is positive (hot), it will pay out more, but if it is negative (cold), all spins will be "unlucky." The trick is that the same corrective variables apply to online slots in free mode as well. It gives a massive advantage to the players, who, without risking their own money, can find slots in positive (hot) and then apply this knowledge and play for real money. Learn more on the following page:

The strategy core

The strategy is to test the slots in free mode and select the most generous ones. Only after testing them in free mode, we recommend that you switch it to Play for real. After hitting some big winning, choose another slot and repeat the steps. Depending on how well you can determine the state of a slot, it will increase your advantage over casinos. You may learn more about this, on the next page:

Minimum bets testing and "hit and run" strategy

There is information, that testing can be performed not in demo mode, but with minimum stakes in the chosen online casino. The results will correspond to the prize pool conception. It works like this: 

A player is opening an online slot and planning to play €10 stakes. Instead, he is launching it via minimum stake for 50 - 100 spins and looking for action and results of testing. If there is a lot of action (winnings, bonuses, free spins and bonus features) - the player switches it to planned €10 stake per spin. 

"Hit and Run" strategy means that you are moving from one slot to another after every big winning and never relaunch the same slots. This tactic fits medium and high stakes gambling.

The most profitable and unprofitable games

You may quickly find tables on the Internet which list the information about the casino advantage for games in different versions. From these tables, the benefit of the casino is somewhere between 0.1% and 30%. If the players can turn the expectation to their side, then players will get a real chance to win money in the long run. Know more about the most profitable slots by Netent:

Roulette and Blackjack

  • Despite the common belief that there is a winning strategy while playing at roulette, you should know that such a strategy doesn't yet exist. The most popular roulette strategies are Whittaker and Martingale. Using these systems, you must sequence the lowering and raising of bets. This means you start with a small amount and doubling it up until you win then you should start from the beginning again. Yes, this leads to an increased dispersion. Still, you should know that the mathematical expectation (-2.7%), laid down in the rules of roulette. If you use this strategy, it will inevitably lead to a loss. By using this tactic, you can't win.

Winning at roulette

  • Blackjack is one of the few games in which a player can get a mathematical advantage over the casino. At some live casinos, the dealer doesn't shuffle the decks by hands (dealer use shuffle machine). So players can't use the card counting technique, which can be quite useful. If you want to use the counting technique, so you can load a live blackjack table (shuffle by hands) observe the cards and try this technique without betting. You can start a game when the score is equal to +12 and above. Learn more about this by reading our articles on winning blackjack strategies. The essential thing playing Blackjack is to find a way to reduce the percentage of winning the casino. Some strategies reduce the casino to a minimum (0.5%). The basic strategy pattern is built on mathematical calculations. Do you want to learn more about the basic strategy of Blackjack.?
  • When talking about the possibility of winning at casinos, we must not forget about the mathematical advantage. It is essential to know about the opportunities and dispersion of the exact game. Only then, players can win big at a casino.
  • Try to check roulette and blackjack strategies without investing your own money playing free demos of Netent table games.

Where to play?

  • At Fastpay casino, you can try all the strategies you want. There the player is offered demo mode as well as real money play. It is the top casino from our site.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
Comments (3)
Guy Farmer
0 # Guy Farmer
i been playing money cart1 an 2 an theres a stutter on the laptop that isnt on other devices that 9 of 10 times signals the next spin if you change the stake is bonus. failing that 2 spins on 10p followed by 2xspins on a diff stake etc etc usually brings in the bonus but you keep randomising the stake it seems to confuse the software. after a big win or a win over 150 pts move to the money cart you havent played repeat an it'll pay. once both money carts have payed change sites because it starts fresh with wins rather than bogging u down with losses
2022-12-16 18:30
Vladislav Dibrov
+3 # Vladislav Dibrov
Let's talk more about the scenario. One can say that winning depends on one’s luck and everything is a coincidence but here is an example from my personal experience. So, I often play Minotaur from the Endorphine. When I just started playing it, I would bet on 1-5 euros. This slot never gave a good profit on the bonus game. Once I saw on a streamer the bet of 20 euros and literally from the first spins of the bon on x1000. After that, I went to the new casino, where I didn't play Minotaur before, and I bet for 20 euros. What do you think happened? From the first try, I got x1000. The same is true of the reactor slot from the go lines. I bet for 2 euros there and I got pink on x1500.

Still, I think it's a stupid scenario. In the slot of the box office, it runs on one of the positive scenarios, but not all, but here already looks at the balance, groups, the bet, etc. Thus, accordingly, some people race on the plus, part on the minus despite the box office. If the box office is empty, then again on the plus and minus, but on the advantage of already other players on other criteria. However, I'm closer to the slots of Amatic and gaming because of the punches.

As for the Fire Platinum, I was able to carry out profit everywhere without linings. Even though at first, the slot was greedy for the bonuses, I still managed to pull the balance out of the punches.

I can easily predict the outcome of playing in Netent since it has the pattern. There is a trend in Netent which is easy to see. However, I do not have much experience with Microgaming and Quickspin slots. Thus, I cannot tell you much about them. I can only judge based on the immortal in which I rolled almost everywhere.

Still, it is not enough to form my opinion. I cannot reasonably draw conclusions based on one game from the provider. Although, I do often notice certain scenarios repeated in several casinos.
2020-08-15 15:49
Vladislav Dibrov
+1 # Vladislav Dibrov
Hello everyone.
After briefly reading this article, I would like to discuss some of the points that the author has made and express my own opinion on this matter.
First of all, I strongly disagree with how he compared the demo game to the real one. I mean it does not make any sense to me. Nowadays, anyone can watch a demo on YouTube which is just easier.

As for the groups of players, it is partially possible. However, I think the author oversimplifies the concept behind it. In my opinion, it's much more complicated. I personally never look at the RTP, but sometimes I look at dispersion. However, I am not going to talk about his opinion on these statements anymore. Instead, I’ll jump into my thoughts on these issues.

First, I want to talk about a Vulkan Casino and my own experience with it. So I played one of the Vulkan Casinos on the Igrosoft and the Gamminator. ( I can provide the exact link to those who are interested). One thing I can say is that these were the wildest scripts for sure!!!

The software was scripted mainly on bonuses and double games. If we are talking about the player’s software, then both the dealer’s and the player’s cards were played with an enviable frequency which is based on one of the several schemes. So, there was no randomness in the double games. Similarly to the Novomatic, I managed to double up to 6-8 cards which led me to double up my sums. Even though in the end I was able to win back some money, I did not want to continue.

By now you are probably wondering why I am telling you all of this. Well, let’s talk about “licensed slots”. I think that “licensed slots” are a smart and a more complex version of the scripts.

For starters, I would like to discuss the Amatic and pragmatist play, as these were my first slots in the licensed casino.

Here goes my personal story. So, I came to the Malina Casino from the Vulkan Casino. Malina Casino was the first licensed casino I have played in. First, I started playing in the slots of pragmatism, which later hooked me up with the slot of Transylvania. The essence of the slot is that there are 20 or 25 lines in which you have to catch the tablecloths in the first 3 reels on the active game line to activate the bonus. The bonus multiplies not by the total bet but by the bet per line. Having played for a while on the maximum number of lines, I have noticed a tendency that it puts mainly the tablecloths on lines 1,2,3,4 and 5.

So now let me explain to you what is the bonus there. The bonus there has three stages in which you choose a prize. In the first stage of the pass all, the difference only in the sum, on the second two of the three. At the third super prize, one win out of six. Three coffins above three at the bottom. So, I tracked the following pattern: if the tablecloths are put on the horizontal line (1, 2, 3) then the super prize will be "hidden" at the lower right corner. So, if the tablecloths are put on line 4 or 5, then the prize will be “hidden” at the upper right corner and so on.

In just a few days, I took this slot from Depo 10,000 (5+5bonus) to more than 300,000 playing at the rate of 50r.(10r in 5 lines). This slot gave me about x100 in the first stage, 200 or 400 in the second, and 1500 on the third stage. Unfortunately, this slot was removed for a renovation. Once the slot was back in its place, I noticed some changes in the script. For instance, the slot started to be put more often in the center.

After that, I started to play on an Amatic. I can tell you immediately, I don't understand those who play Amatic slots and don't use the double game function, aka doubling. These are the great slots for the game and I'll explain why. Do you remember when I described the Novomatic script in a Vulkan Casino? So, when I started playing on the Amatic double games I started to "break" the same sequence of cards that punched in the Vulkan Casino :) And the script matched!!!! I mean, it worked in 7-8 cases out of 10 that I've tried it. For me, the best thing in Amatic is a function that allows you to take 1/2 indefinitely.

That was my personal experience and now I would like to talk about NetEnt slots. Frankly, I'm outraged by people asserting NetEnt of fornication. In my opinion, they are ideal for washing and they are kept at a good balance. I don't pay attention to RTP anymore as I consider this:

NetEnt uses the same script, but it's more "reasonable." RTP compared to NetEnt goes to one player and according to the author's calculation that takes a bonus. Thus, you will win from the casino at 8.6%. To me, that seems crazy.
According to my assumptions, the RTP goes to the whole slot, i.e. all the players. Originally, there are some scripts in the slot, which will add the slot to you depending on the presence of some factors described by the author ( I agree with the statements he makes regarding this matter), such as balance, bet, group of players, etc.

One thing I can say for sure is that it is extremely difficult to try to predict the scenario in NetEnt. There is also no link to one player's accounts across the casino.
So why am I still talking about scenarios? Well, here's an example of what happened to me the other day: slot relics.
The manner of the slot game is as follows: Quite often it puts 3 tablecloths when putting 2, then it often gives a match of the line and VERY often this line explodes and gives the 3rd tablecloth. Bonuses might be wary. So, I go to the casino and I go to this slot and in 15 minutes from the dep 20k, at the rate of 4 euros, I lift to 60. Then, after a few days, I saw this: Slot puts 2 tablecloths and does not give a matching line, or gives a line but does not explode it, i.e. no option opens the 3rd tablecloth. The bonuses themselves are like a copycat of 1 of 2 options: Opens the first trunk with a villa, the second without a villa, the third gives a gold but does not open it to 1 cage, or opens a 3 box (small and medium) without villas. As a result, It gives itself 3 tablecloths very rarely...

When it comes to the tactics of playing onslaught, I prefer the following:
First of all, I don't understand those who catch 1 bonus and leave the slot. NetEnt "is famous" for giving bonuses often and I prefer to squeeze 1 slot to the end and try not to return to it anymore. When should that end be? Well, when you feel like it.

Here is more to prove the scriptability of the NetEnt and when it can be "predicted" on some slots:
The multiplayer drive slot. Sometimes, when one enters a slot in a casino, he places a bonus at once, and in some casinos, he notices the following scenario: It sets 2 tablecloths a certain number of times (namely 15), when the tablecloths put in 3 and 5 and 4 and 5 drums not in the set-off, in the set-off is when the first 2 tablecloths in 3 and 4 reels and finishes the 3rd tablecloth at 5. Here in 4-5 casinos, I had that 14 times. It gave me the first 2 tablecloths. It was on 15 times when it was put at the tablecloth and gave the bonus. After that, I started to parse bonuses and give almost every 5-10 spins. I can tell at once that the first bonus, which happens to be on the 15th time, is usually empty. So is the next one too. These are typical scenarios and miscalculations I was talking about.

I often see a very similar situation on the slot of craft dak (ducks). According to the same scheme, the first 2 and finished 3rd, but it doesn't give 15 times. Instead, it only gives 6 or 8 times. Then the bonus after the bonus and the issue of the bonus norms n 3.

Let's say that the slot was prescribed a number of scripts for the double game:
Black ( consequently b) b,b-> Red ( consequently r),b,b
2. B,b,b,r,r,b
3. R,r,b,b,r,r
4. R,r,b,r,r

There are many such scenarios. So, as you can see, the beginning is repeated in them, which allows you to break the first cards. Then you have one value that you cannot anticipate. Accordingly, you can write down the statistics and then start from the beginning. There are just a few circuits that the slot gives, and if you see that you're regularly guessing, then jump from one to the other periodically inserting an unpredictable map. I described the scheme in the example of black and red. Although, not everything depends on the colour since both clubs and spades are black. (By the way, when opening the first slot of the double game for the first time, it always shows a bubble. Absolutely on all of the slots. )
2020-08-15 15:48
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