How to win at a Netent casino?

The history of gambling goes back thousands of years. The people have been questioning themselves whether is possible to win at casinos right from the day of their appearance. The advantage of the gambling house is not so big and often veiled over the seemingly equal chances of win and loss. Undoubtedly, there are periodic winnings all the time, but is there a system to ensure a constant winning at the casino? In this article we would like to sort out this issue in detail and share with you the findings and recommendations.

Let us begin with the most important - system, which would give a chance to get a guaranteed win at Netent casino. Perhaps, in addition to bonus hunting. Even if the winning system works, as the card counting in Blackjack, the gambling houses quickly prohibit the use of such tactics. But there is encouraging news: unlike the land-based gambling houses, where you may only cheat or try to negotiate with the dealer to get a guaranteed win, at the online casino there are quite legitimate ways to entice the mathematical expectation on your side. Let's look at this issue a little more.

How to win at Netent online casino?

How to Win at Netent online casinoLet's highlight the most effective methods that you can use. One of them is to get a positive mathematical expectation and choose a Netent winning slot in free mode, as well as in real money play. Let us do it in an orderly manner:

Getting a positive mathematical expectation

The deposit bonus system rewards at the gaming houses which operate on the Net Entertainment software, can be divided into two main classes. The first of these is the bonus with 35x wagering requirements and the latter - with 40x wagering. In the first case, you need to make forced bets worth 3500 Euros (per each 100 Euros bonus), in the second — 4000 Euros. There are casinos which request higher requirements. In such gambling houses, to get the real winnings, you better avoid the deposit of real money. However, there are exceptions and with more relaxed requirements. Take a look at best casino bonuses offers.

Bonuses with 35х and 40х wagering:

The core of the method is to find the bonus offers with 40x wagering and lower and to play the slots with a return (RTP) of 97.14% and higher. On the difference, we will get a positive mathematical expectation. That means we will beat the casino at a distance. Moreover, we have all the source data. Click on the picture to the right to view the payout percentages of all Netent games. These data formed the basis of our research on the opportunities to win at the casino.

According to the rules of Netent casino, the bonus may be withdrawn to the payment system as soon as the required number of bets (wagering) are played. Indeed, a part of this money we win at the casino. On our website we have an analysis of bonuses and slots. The player has to read it in order to know how to get a positive mathematical expectation. Find out more by clicking on the link:

Logo Game Winning percentage
Cycle length Probability of dropping out the bonus Fund allocation
main / bonus
Dispersion of winnings Winnings at casino
at an overall bet of €100
Mega joker Mega Joker 99% Long no data no data Extremely high €1.86
Jackpot 6000 Jackpot 6000    98.86% Average - - Extremely high €1.72
Blood suckers Blood Suckers 98% Quick 0.5%/ 2.1% 65% /12,1%/ 20,1% Very low €0.86
Kings of Chicago Kings of Chicago 97.8% Average 0.94% 80,3% / 17,6% Low €0.66
Devils delight Devils Delight  97.6% The longest no data no data Extremely high €0.46
Sim salabim SimSalabim  97.5% Quick 1,87% 68,8% / 15,9%
/ 12,8%
Average €0.36
Jack hammer Jack Hammer  97% Long no data 77,3% / 19,7% High €-0.14

40х wagering requirements:

Logo Game Winning percentage Winnings at casino
at an overall bet of €100
Jackpot 6000 Jackpot6000 98.86% €1.36
Blood suckers Blood Suckers 98% €0.5
Kings of Chicago Kings of Chicago 97,8% €0.3
  • In order to win at a Netent casino with an active bonus with 35x wagering, you need to play games that pay out more than 97.14% of the bets placed.
  • To win at a casino with a bonus with 40x wagering, you need to play slots such as Blood Suckers (98%), Jackpot 6000 (98.86%) and Kings of Chicago (97.8%), because they pay out more than 97.5% of the bets placed and that is what we need.

Here is an example. If you play the video slot Blood Suckers, which has a 98% RTP, with a bonus with 35x wagering, on average, you will win 0.86% of each €100 bets placed. Statistically, for each bet of €1,000, you will win €8.6. In this case, you have a high chance of winning and it’s higher than the average. To learn more about the RTP of each Netent slot, visit the next page:

Myth or reality?

If you learn how to apply both strategies described above at the same time, it will greatly increase your chances of winning at the Netent casino. In order to timely get the information on new bonus promotions, reload bonuses and events of Netent casino partners, select the "News" tab in the main (top) menu of our site. Using this information, you will be able to properly prepare your schedule of deposits, thus getting a bonus for each of them, and your chances of winning at the casino will increase significantly. Now I suggest distracting from mathematics and turning to human psychology.   

Basic principles:

You can win at casinos, but first you need to know several basic principles. In some cases, you can hit a solid jackpot prize, in others the winnings can be a nice addition to your budget. Every player who wants to find a win-win online casino strategy needs to be familiar with the following terms and concepts:


Win casino with mathematicsDispersion is the spread of values associated with a game. For example, a player may one day hit a big jackpot, but the next day he may lose twice as much. Such situations occur if the games that the player has selected have a high dispersion, and the dispersion of losses and wins is pretty wide.

The advantage is manifested precisely when a player uses a winning strategy for a game in the long run (or "at a distance"). Thus, the player tries to smooth the dispersion. In the long run, the dispersion works in favor of the casino, allowing it to compensate from the players losses. From each dealt card and every reel spin the casino gets a certain percentage, so that in the long run it makes profit. For example, the casino wins 2.7% of the players’ bets at the Roulette, and 6% - at the Poker. Casino advantage is the inverse characteristic of mathematical expectation. Learn more about the dispersion of wins and losses on the next page:

Testing the slot machines in free mode:

Netent slots for demo playOur recommendations in selecting a profitable casino slot are based on the same algorithms used in free mode and real money play.

The Netent software has so called corrective variables, according to which a slot is either “positive” or “negative”. Since the random number generator is an important component, these corrective variables increase or decrease the amount of winnings a slot generates. These variables depend on the player classification, the current balance of the slot and the prize pool.

That is, if a slot is “positive” it pays out more, but if it is “negative”, it pays out less. The trick is that the same corrective variables apply to video slots in free mode as well. Believe me, it gives a huge advantage to player, who without risking his/her own money can establish which of the video slots at the moment are "positive" and then apply this knowledge when he/she tries to win at casino real money. Learn more:

The strategy core:

The strategy is to test the video slots in free mode and select the most generous ones. Only after testing them in free mode, we recommend that you switch to real money play. After hitting the cash prize, choose another slot and repeat the steps. Depending on how well you can determine the state of a video slot, you will increase your advantage over a casino. You may learn more about this on the next page:

The most profitable and unprofitable games:

You may easily find tables on the Internet where is listed the information about the casino advantage for different games in different versions. From these tables it is clear that the advantage of the casino is somewhere between 0.1% and 30%. If a player can entice the expectation on his/her side, then he/she will get a real chance to win money at a casino in the long run. Know more about most profitable slots by Netent:

Roulette and blackjack:

Winning at rouletteDespite the common belief that there is an effective strategy to win at roulette, you should know that such a strategy doesn’t exist. The most widespread roulette strategies used for winning at this game are: Whittaker and Martingale. Using these systems you must sequence the lowering and raising of rates. Yes, this leads to an increased dispersion, but you should understand that you cannot change, at the same time, the mathematical expectation, laid down in the rules of roulette. If you use these systems, it will inevitably lead to the loss. You can't win at the casino using this system.

  • Blackjack is one of the few games in which a player can get a mathematical advantage over the casino. At some live casinos the dealer doesn’t shuffle the decks before each hand, so players can use the card counting technique, which can be quite effective. You can load a live blackjack table observe the cards and try this technique without betting. You can start a game when the score is equal to +12 and above. Learn more about this by reading our articles on winning blackjack strategies. A basic strategy is the best way to go, because it will reduce the house edge of the game to a minimum and help you win money. The basic strategy pattern is built on mathematical calculations. There are also other more complex blackjack strategies based on counting cards. But have in mind that keeping track of the cards in online blackjack is useless, because the game system automatically shuffles cards before each hand. (Do you want to learn more about the basic game strategy…).
  • When talking about the possibility of winnings at casinos, we must not forget about the mathematical advantage of these gaming houses. It is thanks to this advantage that casinos are always "positive". Therefore, players should take into account factors such as the expectation and dispersion. Only then they can win big at a casino. Perhaps you may want to read the articles from "popular Roulette strategies". You can try the game tactics and strategies to win at roulette by running a free game from the column on the right.
  • Try to check roulette and blackjack strategies without wasting your own money playing free demos of Netent table games.

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