How to get a positive mathematical expectation in Netent casino

How to get a positive mathematical expectationLet's evaluate with you the possibility of winning in Netent casino from point of view of mathematics and statistics. In my opinion, this software at the moment is at the peak of popularity and many players are looking for information on how to increase the mathematical expectation of the win and play with a positive result.

Players have a real opportunity to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning the casino, thanks to the constant dumping of online casinos in part of the bonus policy. Moreover, you can get it absolutely legally - without violating the rules of the casino house. We will use bonuses for this. In fairness, it is worth noting that it is the dumping of new casinos that is the reason for their closure and refusals to pay out winnings. Read the information on the possibility of winning in the casino on the following page:

In all casino games, the mathematical expectation of the player is negative. So is there any reason in playing at all? Is it possible to derive the mathematical expectation in a positive balance and what is necessary to do for this? On this page you will find the answers to these questions.

How to get the positive mathematical expectation of the winning

We will only play video slots and slot machines with the percentage of the return which is from 97%. By the way, we will play only if there are bonuses on the account with wagering requirements below 40x. If you study this method, you will have an additional source of a small stable income. It is important to note that this strategy does not deprive the player of the possibility of a large win, but only moves the mathematical expectations from the casino house to the player's side. Please you should note that at the moment some operators exclude the most profitable slot machines Netent casino from the list of games in which you can dial a wager.

Statistical data:

The percentage of payouts of each of the games and wager requirements of each bonus offer are publicly available. On our website, in addition, you can find hidden parameters of slot machines (the dispersion, the length of the cycle) and tester recommendations for each of the video slots.

The rules of the games of any casino have a negative mathematical expectation. Even if the luck smiled to the players and he won a large sum, increasing the number of games (scatters, spins) aligns the statistics with the medium values, which ultimately leads to an inevitable loss. In casino houses with NetEnt software there is a legitimate opportunity to fix the situation with the help of bonuses.

Choosing a suitable offer

Juts suppose that we will contribute deposit in Royal Panda casino for a welcome bonus. To replenish the account in 100 €, a bonus of 100 € is added, which after the winning back can be transferred to real money and receive from the casino. The wager for this offer is 35x of the bonus amount. Therefore, we need to make bets on 3500 €. While we did not win back the bonus, we can not get it from the account.

Game selection

Let's take a look at the section on Netent slot machines. Look at the table of the selection game on the right. The percentages next to the game names mean the percentage of payouts in this video slot. For example, a percentage of the return is 96%, it means that from every 100 € made by all players in all Netent casinos, players will receive 96 € back. On the page of each of the video slots, you will find the feedback of the tester and its recommendations, hidden parameters and the probability of winning or activation of the bonus game.

As you can see, the percentage range is quite large. In the video slots, the percentage of the return ranges from 90 to 99%. The higher this value, the bigger wager requirements we can fulfill without risking our own money. Now let's calculate what a wager and active bonus should be for the output of the mathematical expectation in the positive balance.

Calculation for wagering 35x:

Since we have 100 € of bonus money, you need to make bets on 3500 €. Which of the slot machine will give us zero mathematical expectation? The one in which we lose 100 € with the number of bets at 3500 €. This value corresponds to a value which is equal to 2.86%. Therefore, all games with a percentage of the return of more than is 97.14% of the made bets give us a positive mathematical expectation with a wager 35x on the bonus.

If the wager is even lower, this will significantly increase the chances of a positive game. In other words, in order to win over a long distance, we need to choose games with the percentage of the payout of above 97.14%.

The list of pluses and near-zero games with the wager 35x:

All the following the slot machines can be launched in the free game mode on our site without registration. You can use the "Casino games" paragraph in the top menu of the site to select a video slot.

Logo Game Winning percentage of bets Сyclicality of winnings Probability of dropping out the bonus Fund allocation
main / bonus
Dispersion of winnings Winnings per €100 wagered How to win
Mega joker Mega Joker 99% Long no data no data Extremely high 1.86 How to win
Jackpot 6000 Jackpot 6000 98.86% Average - - Extremely high 1.72 How to win
Blood suckers Blood Suckers 98% Quick 0.5%/ 2.1% 65% /12,1%/ 20,1% Very low 0.86 How to win
Kings of Chicago Kings of Chicago 97.8% Average 0.94% 80,3% / 17,6% Low 0.66 How to win
Devils delight Devils Delight 97.6% The longest no data no data Extremely high 0.46 How to win
Simsalabim SimSalabim 97.5% Quick 1,87% 68,8% / 15,9%
/ 12,8%
Average 0.36 How to win
Jack hammer Jack Hammer 97% Long no data 77,3% / 19,7% High - 0.14 How to win
  • As you can see, some games give us a real advantage and allow us to steadily win. So, for example, for every 100 € of bets at the Jackpot 6000 video slot we will win 1.72 €, and while you are playing Blood Suckers slot machine the winnings will be 0.86 €. Thus, we will have a positive mathematical expectation during the bonus action, playing these video slots with an active bonus (35x).
  • But 97% of Jack Hammer video slot is not enough for us. We will lose 14 cents for 100 € of bets, playing even with a minimal wager (35x), that is our mathematical expectation will be negative. To play this slot machine in a positive balance, you must have a bonus with a wager of 30x.

Our mathematical advantage over the casino will only work during an active bonus with a wager of 35x. As soon as we win back the bonus money, our expectation will again become negative.

For wagering 40x requirements, the requirements calculation will change:

Now let's analyze the mathematical expectation of winning with the wagering 40x and identify the profitable slot machines. On our account is 200 €, including half of them are bonus money. We spent our own money 100 € and we need to put 4000 € for receiving money from the casino. In this case, we are interested in games, with the percentage of the return of more than 97.5% of all made bets by all players. In this case, the list of games with a positive balance in the casino Netent is significantly reduced. By the way, there are actually only several of them.

Logo Game Winning percentage of bets Winnings per €100 wagered
Mega joker Mega Joker 99% 1.5
Jackpot 6000 Jackpot 6000 98.86% 1.36
Blood suckers Blood Suckers 98% 0.5
Kings of Chicago Kings of Chicago 97.8% 0.3
  • Jackpot 6000 video slot is 98.86%. The win in the casino is 1.36 € for every 100 € of bets (97.5 deducted from 98.86).
  • Blood Suckers slot machine is 98%. The win in the casino will be 0.5 €.
  • Kings of Chicago video slot is 97.8%. The winning is 0.3 €.

It means that we can get a positive expectation of winning from Netent casino and with a 40x wager, but our revenue will be almost twice as low. This is the basis of the whole theory. We take bonus offers, their wager and the percentage of winnings in various the slot machines, and then calculate the mathematical expectation.

It is very important to understand and realize the following fact:

If the mathematical expectation of a win with a bonus is negative and the operator limits the maximum bet, an increase in the amount of bonus money gives the opposite effect. In my opinion, it is more difficult for us to win in the casino with a big bonus and a high wager. The reasons are: you can not put more than a certain bet, you can not receive money even partially before the fulfillment of the bonus conditions. Very often casinos include the following in their rules:

"The real money always takes precedence over bets on bonus money and it is used first." This means that you always put the real money first and then only the bonus money. And the second starts to be used only after losing the first. So if the bonus is canceled, the balance of your account will be zero.

We use promo-actions:

So, let's get to the essence of the question. Leave the theory and turn only to the facts and figures. Where and how can we apply our strategy?

  • The best bonus offer for the first deposit is 100% up to 100 € with a 35x wager. For example, take Royal Panda casino.
  • Some partner casinos offer their players the bonuses packages for 3-5 deposits. In addition to this, operators periodically send the personal repeated (reload) bonuses.
  • The most popular operators Betchan and Bitstarz casinos, working with Webmoney and Qiwi, offer players from Russia and Ukraine bonuses with a wager 40x.

Not all games are available for a set of the wager:

Not all games can be used for win back of wager. All bets in the video slots are counted as 100%, but some restrictions are imposed on the table games. In advance, I can say that almost always in Netent casino, the maximum bet amount is limited for the duration of the bonus action. The amount of the restriction can vary from 5 to 15 €. More details about these restrictions and their goals will be talked below.

Why the maximum bets are limited:

Blood suckers video slotAll casinos are afraid of players who will win money. Even more they are afraid of players who will do this constantly and without violating the rules. All operators offering large bonuses limit their players to the maximum bets during their win back.

The amount of the restriction can vary from 5 € to 15 €. And this restriction is not implemented technically. You can make bet any size, but in case of a big win your payout will be rejected and will refer to this condition.

I firmly believe that in the games from the Netent is more likely to win at large and medium bets. After all, the parameters of the game allow you to expose the value of the coin in different quantities. When we play 100 € for a spin and have $ 10,000 on the account, we have a much better chance of winning an extra 100 € than a player who prefers the small bets – on 1.5 Euros. Of course, everything changes when the account has a history and Netent program will bring you to one of the groups of active players.

According to representatives of large casinos, the high-dispersion video slots are excluded due to their high winning potential. In other words, if the bonus hunters have the technical ability to create a lot of new accounts, get bonuses on them and fill all this money into one of the high-dispersion slot machines, then at some stage, by inflating the prize money, they will get a huge win on the last account. For a slot machine there is no difference the bonus money or the real money was lost. Therefore, the total amount of the loss will be taken into account in the win. The winnings will be received and the bonus hunters will receive a real profit.

Now it is about your first visit to the casino and the first replenishment of the account.

Restrictions on countries

You probably noticed more than once that some operators exclude individual countries from the bonus program. As a rule, these are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China and so on. Why these countries are not allowed to the programs? The answer is laconic and simple:

With the help of bonuses players from these countries win money from the casino. That is why, they are often excluded from NetEnt bonus programs in the large European casino houses.

Everything is about the difference in the standard of living and the relative value of the won money for different countries. Players from the above and a number of other countries are willing to spend a few days to win from 50 to100 Euros from the casino house. If the percentage of plus players from a particular country exceeds a certain amount - the country will be excluded from the bonus offer, as the casino simply will lose money.

As you can see, the proposed system of the game is so effective that the operators have no other choice how to forcefully exclude entire countries. If casinos had simpler ways of influencing the "luckiness" of individual players or other ways of suppressing the regular wins, they would have used them long ago. The complete ban on receiving bonuses in individual countries is the recognition of one's own defeat.

Strategy of the game at Netent casino

On our site there is a section with features of Netent casino and different recommendations. These materials we get s obtained by analysis the gaming sessions of our testers. This information is unique and can help you increase the chances of a big win or choose the profitable video slot.

Combine the proposed winning strategies with knowledge of the positive mathematical expectation. This will bring your game to the new level!

Where can we get so many suggestions?

"But after all, the bonus on the first deposit is issued only once, and we will not be able to win at the casino all the time," you will say. For this purpose we place such an quantity of Netent casinos with bonuses for players from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Go to the description page of any of the casinos and in the column on the right you will see the renewable block of bonuses.

  • Go to the "where to play" section with a list of reliable casinos and brief information about bonuses.


The another important feature of the casino Net Entertainment on software is the stimulation of registered players weekly, monthly and the personal reload bonuses. The wager is most often the same as the welcome bonus.

Use "News" section to create a schedule of future deposits, in which we publish announcements of promotions and future bonus events in all partner casinos.

Results of the analysis:

Summarizing, I want to highlight the main aspects and answer the question: "How to get a positive expectation in the Netent casino?"

  • Bonuses with a wager 35x give a positive mathematical expectation in games with the percentage of return of more than is 97.14%. In them you can play plus statistically.
  • Bonus offers with a 40x wager will be profitable with a refund bet of 97.5% of all bets. These figures fit only a few the video slots: Jackpot6000, Blood Suckers and Kings of Chicago.
  • Imagine that with an increase in the number of spins, you will win more and more casinos.
  • Simultaneous use of strategies for choosing the right game and knowledge of the mathematical positive expectation significantly increases your chances of a big win at NetEnt casino.
  • The repeated reload bonuses and personal offers with reduced requirements are ideally suited for maximizing mathematical expectation.
  • Using the news section, you will always know about the schedule of the nearest bonus actions and events in the partner casinos. Plan your deposits and win a big money.

Where to play?

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