How to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the Netent casino

How to Get a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casinoWe are going to estimate the probability of winning at a Netent casino from a mathematical and statistical point of view. In our view, the Net Entertainment software is the best, as for RTP percentage and RNG. One way to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino is by using it. And you can get it absolutely legally without breaking the casino rules. We will use bonuses for that. Read the information about the possibility of winning at the casino on the next page:

In casino games waiting for the player negatively. Is it worth playing it? Can I play at a casino with a positive expectation of winning and what should I do? You will find answers on these questions on this page.

How to get a positive expected payoff?

In order to win at a casino with the help of bonuses we will play video slots and slot machines with a probability of winning of 97%. We are also going to play slots with bonuses whose wagering requirements are lower than 40x. If you can master this technique, you will have an additional source of constant income. It is important to note that this strategy does not deprive the player the possibility of a big win, but it only moves the mathematical expectation from the gambling house on the side of the player.

Statistical data:

We have all the necessary data to do a mathematical analysis and calculate how a player can win at a casino with the help of repeat and deposit bonuses. The interest payments of each game and the wagering requirements of each bonus offer free. All casino games have house edges or negative expectations of winning. Even if a player wins a large jackpot prize, increasing the number of games (hands and spins) the dispersion is reduced, as a result leading to an inevitable loss. The casino uses NetEnt software that is why each player has a legitimate opportunity to change the balance in their favor, using bonuses.

Choosing a suitable proposal:

Suppose we make a deposit at the Royal Panda casino to get the welcome bonus. Making a deposit of €100, you get €100 bonus, which can be cashed out after clearing it. Here is the wagering is 35х of bonus amount. Therefore, we need to make bets for 3500€. Until the bonus is cleared, we cannot withdraw it from the account.

Choosing a game:

Lets focus a little bit on the Netent games. Selecting a gaming manufacturer, look at the table selection of the games on the right side. As you can see, right next to the name of the game is its Return to Player percentage and it is the payout percentage in the given slot. For example, the size of the return to 96% means that for every 100€, made by all players in all casinos of Netent, players will get 96 back.

As you can see, the spread of interest is quite large. In video slots, the RTP ranges from 90% to 98%. The higher this value is the higher the wagering requirements we will be able to perform without risking their own money. Now let’s calculate how should be the wager and a bonus to output the mathematical expectation.

The calculation for wagering 35x:

Since we have €100 bonus money, we must make bets of €3,500. Which slot machine will give a zero mathematical expectation? It is one in which we lose 100€ if the number of bets of 3500€. This value corresponds to the figure, equal to 2.86%. That is why all games with more than 97.14% of winnings of the bets made give you a positive expectation of winning with a bonus with 35x wagering. If you have received a bonus with a low wagering, it greatly increases your chances of winning. In other words, in order to win at a Netent casino, you need to choose a game that will allow you to win more than 97.14% of the bets made.

A list of games with a positive or near-zero expectation for a bonus with 35x wagering:

All of these games can be played for free on our site without registering. To select a slot, visit the "Casino games" on the top menu of the website.

Logo Game Winning percentage of bets Winnings per €100 wagered
Mega joker Mega Joker 99% 1.86
Jackpot 6000 Jackpot 6000 98.86% 1.72
Blood suckers Blood Suckers 98% 0.86
Kings of Chicago Kings of Chicago 97.8% 0.66
Devils delight Devils Delight 97.6% 0.46
Simsalabim SimSalabim 97.5% 0.36
Jack hammer Jack Hammer 97% - 0.14
  • As you can see, some games give you a real advantage and allow you to win constantly. For example, for every €100 wagered on Jackpot 6000 you will win €1.72, while playing at the Blood Suckers slot wins you €0.86. Thus, playing these slots using the active bonus (35х), we will get a positive mathematical expectation while the bonus is active.
  • But a RTP of 97% at slot Jack Hammer is not enough. Even playing with a minimum wagering (35х), you will lose 14 cents per €100 wagered, so you get a negative mathematical expectation.

This winning formula works only if you have an active bonus with 35x wagering requirements. As soon as you play out the bonus money, your chances of winning will be negative again.

For 40x wagering requirements:

Now let’s focus on the positive expectation of winning with 40x wagering and point out the profitable slot machines. You have €200 in your bankroll, €100 of which is bonus money. You made a deposit of 100€ and you must place bets with a value of €4,000 in order to be allowed to request a cashout. In this case, we are interested in a game that returns more than 97.5% of all players made bets. Here you will get the Netent casino games with a positive expectation filtered, in fact these games actually just a few.

Logo Game Winning percentage of bets Winnings per €100 wagered
Mega joker Mega Joker 99% 1.5
Jackpot 6000 Jackpot 6000 98.86% 1.36
Blood suckers Blood Suckers 98% 0.5
Kings of Chicago Kings of Chicago 97.8% 0.3
  • Jackpot6000 – 98.86%. You will win up to €1.36 for every €100 wagered (97.5 subtracted from 98.86).
  • Blood Suckers – 98%. You will win up to €0.5.
  • Kings of Chicago – 97.8%. You will earn €0.3.

That is, you may get a positive expectation of winning at Netent casino even if a 40x wagering, but your income will be almost twice lower. The formula is based on this. To consider are the bonus offer, their wagering and winning percentage at the different slot machines.

It is important to understand and be aware of the following fact:

If the mathematical expectation of winning with bonus is negative and the operator reduces the maximum bet, increasing the amount of bonus money will give an opposite effect. Its simply difficult to win at a casino with big bonuses and higher wagering. Tips: do not make the large bets; do no withdraw, even partially, until the bonus requirements are met. Casinos often include the following statement in the rules:

"Real money will always have priority over bonus money." This means that you always place bets with real money first and then use bonus money. And the second are used after losing the first. In addition, in case of cancellation of a bonus, your account balance may be reduced.

Using promos:

So, let's get to the heart of the matter. Leave theory apart and use only the facts and figures. Where and how you can apply our strategy?

  • The best bonus offer for the first deposit – 100%, up to 100€ with 35х wagering. For example, Royal Panda casino.
  • Some partner casinos offer their players bonus packages of 3-5 deposits. In addition, the operators periodically send personal repeated (reload) bonuses.
  • The most popular operator in NextCasino offer bonuses with 40х wagering requirements.
  • TTR casino sending money within 15 minutes and offer welcome bonus with 40x.

Not all the games are eligible for wagering:

Not all the games are eligible for wagering. The video slots, in general, count 100% towards meeting the wagering requirements, but there are some limitations in board games. In addition, quite often you can see that a Netent casino limits the max bet amount when playing with a bonus. It usually varies from €5 to €15. Learn more about these limitations and their purpose below.

Maximum bet limitation:

Blood suckers video slotAll casinos are afraid of players who will win money. They're more afraid some players who will do it consistently and without breaking the rules. All operators offering big bonuses limit their players to maximum bets at the time they were clearing it.

The limit varies from 5€ to 15€. Moreover, this limit is not technically expressed. You can place bets of any size, but in the case of a big win your payment will reject and refer to this condition.

We strongly believe that Netent win more often on large and medium bets. After all, the game options allow you to set the value of coins in different quantities. When we play €100 per spin and have $10,000 on your account, you have a much better chance to win additional 100€ than the player who prefer small stakes – 1.5 Euros.

Of course, everything changes when the account appears in the history and Netent software will bring you to one of the groups of active players. Now we are talking about your first visit to casino and first deposit.

Limitations on the maximum bet amount during the wagering:

The bonuses are free money given by casinos, but they are not as free as they seem. In fact, they have terms and conditions also known as rules players must adhere to if they want to get a bonus. The purpose of these rules is to prevent bonus hunters from taking advantage of bonus money and hurting the casino. One such limitation or restriction is set on the maximum bet amount players can place when playing with bonus money while trying to meet the wagering requirements. This limit varies from one casino to another, but its usually between €5 and €15. Moreover, this limit is sometimes not technically expressed. You can place bets of any sizes, but in case of a big win your payment might be rejected and you will be pointed to the bonus rules that describe the current restrictions. For example:

  • CasinoLuck and NextCasino put a limit of €8 on the maximum bet. A maximum of 50 cents per line is allowed.
  • Mr Green Casino also sets a limit of €8 and 50 cents per line.
  • Guts Casino limits the maximum bet at €7.5.
  • RedBet puts a max bet limit of €5.5 Euro per spin.

Excluded countries

Some casino operators exclude people from certain countries to claim bonuses. Why these countries are not allowed to participate in these programs? The answer is simple:

Players from these countries use casino bonuses to make money. That is why they are excluded from the Netent bonus programs. The whole point is the difference in living standards and the relative value of winnings to various countries. Players from these countries are willing to show restraint, calculation and patience for a few days in order to win €50 or €100 at a gaming house. If the percentage of winning of a country surpasses a certain limit, the country is excluded from the bonus offer because the casino doesn’t want to lose money.

As you see, the offered system is so successful, that the operators are forced to exclude the whole countries. If the casino had easier ways to influence the "luck" of individual players, it would have certainly used them. The complete ban on receiving bonuses in selected countries is the recognition of their own defeat.

Gaming strategies at the Netent casino

On our website there is a section with the features of Netent casino and various recommendations. These materials we obtained through the analysis of play sessions our testers. This information is unique and can help you in increasing the chances of a big win, or to choose a profitable slot.

  • Go to the section "How to win at Netent casinos". Merge the offered strategies of the winning with your knowledge about the positive mathematical expectation. This will take your game into another level!

How to get suggestions?

The first thing you will perhaps point out is that first deposit bonuses can only be claimed once and you cannot use them to constantly win at casinos. Therefore, we give you a list of reliable NetEnt casinos where you can sign up and receive welcome bonuses. Go to the detailed description of each our partner casinos and check their bonus offers in the right column of the table.

  • Go to the section "best Netent casinos list" where you will find a list of trusted casinos and brief information about their bonuses.


  • Another important feature of the casinos on Net Entertainment software is to encourage registered players weekly, monthly and reload bonuses. Wager they have most often the same as the welcome bonus.
  • Use the "News" section for scheduling future deposits. This is where we publish the new bonuses and promotions as well as announcements of future events available at our partner casinos.

Results of the analysis:

To sum things up, we want to highlight certain main aspects and answer the question “how to win at Netent casinos using bonuses”:

  • The bonuses with 35x wagering requirements give a positive expectation of winning on Netent games with RTP of 97.14%.
  • Bonuses with 40x wagering give a positive expectation of winning on Netent games with 97.5% RTP percentage. This is possible on the following slots: Jackpot 6000, Blood Suckers and Kings of Chicago.
  • The strategies of choosing the right Netent casino games and the knowledge about raising the expectations of winning can greatly increase your chances of hitting a big win.
  • Reload bonuses and personal offers with low wagering requirements give a positive expectation of winning.
  • By increasing the number of spins you can win more at a casino.
  • Regularly visit our “News” section and stay updated with recently released bonus offers and promotional deals at our partner casinos. This way you can plan your deposits and get the best for your money.

Where to play?

  • Permanent cashback 20% of all losses in BetAdonis casino allow players to significantly increase the expectation of winning, as in the case of losing the player will receive 25 cents for every lost dollar, and if you win it does not pay the 25%.
  • Play Fortuna offer players big spins Starburst 20 ($1) for registration. Licensed Netent slots.

List of Best Netent casinos