How to win at Kings of Chicago

How to win at Kings of ChicagoIf you like slot machines and poker, it means that the Kings of Chicago slot is designed specifically for you. Enjoy the reels’ spin and watch the addition of cards in the winning combination, and we will show you how to win at Kings of Chicago slot and get the coveted royal flush.

Probabilities of winning and bonus

  • When you consider the important characteristics of the slot machine, you should be aware that the percentage of the return of the video slot, which is equal to 97.8%, it allows you to get a positive outcome of the game. You can rely on the return of 70% of the bets in the main game, another 10.3% in these spins will return two scatters. This is a very high bet, which is rare. Please you should note that for bonuses, only 17.6% of the total fund of coins are reserved by all players.
  • The pay combinations are formed in every third spin, as the probability of getting a prize of any size is 31%. But to catch free spins will be more difficult, since the probability of their dropping out is equal to 0,94%. But the maximum payout reaches up to 651,140 coins here.

Testers review:

This is a slot with a high rate of return payments. We recommended to make bets a multiple of 10 and a preliminary test in free mode. This will help you understand the payout system of the machine and the basics of the rules. The average cycle is closer to short. Use this to your benefit.

Strategy of the winning

  • Despite the high percentage of winnings, first, we decided to meet with the Kings in Chicago in demo mode. But to force the boss is good to fork out, had to scroll through a lot of spins.
  • Try to change the cycle length, changing the number of coins, make bets in multiples of 10.
  • The wild symbol is represented by the Joker. Of course, it will increase the payments by half, but the best win you can receive during the free spins where the Wild symbol gives a multiplier to increase the winnings in x4 times.
  • The high RTP (97%) allows obtaining a positive mathematical expectation of winning.


  • This slot developed by NetEnt.
  • The cycle length is average. The cycle is closer to short in the beginning of the game, but with the increase in the number of spins it stretches to medium.
  • The dispersion of wins is low. The large amount of small or medium rate is difficult to obtain.
  • The maximum payout is 20,000 coins.
  • The percentage of RTP is 97.8% allows obtaining a significant positive mathematical expectation of the winning. Many online casinos prohibit to play a bonus wager in this slot is precisely because of its profitability.

You can play at Kings of Chicago video slot in following Netent casinos

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