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How to win at Koi Princess

How to win at Koi PrincessIt will be unnecessary to tell you that all fans of the genre like anime will feel at home in this bright, exciting, colourful game offering you 8 bonus functions at once and filled with the successful symbols of the ancient East. Finding the legendary golden dragon, you can not only have a great rest but also get a winning of 100,000 coins.

To understand how to win at Koi Princess slot is not necessarily to be a fan of the anime genre or a connoisseur of the Japanese culture. It is enough to use our advice and read below the useful information that has a practical component. We conducted a study of this slot, with the results of which we suggest you read in the feedbacks of the tester on this page.

Personal testers opinion

Koi Princess slot is available in two modes, and this is different from many other games. I advise you to include the bonus bet, as it will allow you to increase the percentage of payments and the dispersion of winnings. I do not recommend playing the large stakes. The main secret of the slot machine is in its bonus game. You need to wait for it or a successful function of the fish and then forget about the Koi Princess slot for a few weeks. What I do not like about the game is how the symbols appear on the playing field. Note that the frequency of cancellation of bonuses with fish (when the screen runs over and then drives back), you can indirectly judge the mood of the slot. If you saw this situation twice, then you will boldly close it.

This game is unlikely to please everyone. Those who prefer the classics, I advise you to search for another slot machine, but those who are crazy about a lot of exciting bonus features will be happy. In this plan, you are unlikely to find this game better from NetEnt. Yes, it will be difficult to get good winnings, but with an abundance of opportunities available here, this task becomes not complicated. I left the neutral recommendations for playing for the real money.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • PaytableVolatility is 5,51 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 5,95 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling of the bonus feature is statistically every 55th spin (1,80%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 26,80%.
  • Distribution of the winnings is 54% in the usual spins and 46% in the bonus features.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 500x.
  • The average winning from the bonus feature was 25x.
  • RTP of 96.23% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

Strategy of the game

Use the tips of our testers and their practical observations, so as not to waste time on aimlessly searching for information on how to win at Koi Princess slot, especially since you will not find it. We made a huge number of spins to conclude this game:

  • Of course, first of all, we watched the behaviour of the slot machine in the free mode, as and you are advised to do. As a result of our tests, we found out that there is a strong relationship between the virtual bets and the real money bets.
  • Try to affect the cyclicality of the slot by changing the bet size. It is possible that this will bring you a positive result.
  • You will have the opportunity to choose one of two options for playing the game. We advise you to stop at an increased bet since in this case, the winnings fall out more often than in the regular game mode.
  • Activating the bonus bet allows you to participate in drawing the small prizes through the function of a fish. If you do not do this, then you will only have to rely exclusively on the bonus round.
  • The main game does not bring great victories. The best results we got while playing at a bet of € 6, winning € 30, 98 and 104.
  • You will receive the most massive payouts during the same function of the fish or the bonus round.
  • The base game, although it gives wins, they are usually either equal to the bet, or less than it is. To get a payment that exceeds a little bit of the made bet, we seldom manage and due to the use of a wild symbol in the combination.
  • Playing a game is best at low bets. If your financial possibilities allow it, then you can play according to the average value of the bet from € 6 to € 10.
  • The main strategy will be to collect three gold dragons and go to an interesting and the sometimes generous bonus round. How much you win, and what will be the prize, you will get to know, only by turning the wheel of fortune.
  • The unconditional advantage of the bonus bet and the main game are the availability of the random bonus functions that allow you to return in part what you lost before periodically.
  • During the gaming sessions, we found that before the bonus game, the money does not go up. This is connected with paying a double bonus bet, the denomination of coins remains the same; therefore, the winnings will be, but they will not exceed, as we noted above the made bet.
  • You should wait for the bonus game, in which you will spin the wheel of fortune. The fact is that no matter how lucky you are, the main round does not allow you to stay with a positive balance in your account.
  • Once we added a bonus bet, then the additional bonus rounds started to launch much faster. The first time you activate them for 25-30 spins. Further, the interval between the repeated bonus rounds is increased approximately 2.5-3 times. Try to calculate this indicator using the demonstration mode and then under it, you can increase the size of the bet to win in the bonus mode a higher amount.
  • Without a bonus bet, a free bonus game is launched not earlier than 200 spins.
  • On average, our winnings in the slot were from x30 to x40 total bets. But we had victories and more significant, for example, by x54 times.
  • We recommend still paying more and using an increased bet. This significantly increased our ability to get good winnings, especially since payments in the base game are practically useless. In the long term, such tactics will bring you the necessary result.
  • The main secret of Koi Princess slot machine is in its bonus opportunities. So, testing the slot at a bet of € 6, we first won by spinning the bonus wheel € 324, then after a while re-activating the bonus round, added to our money box a winning of € 312. Next time we have already risked playing at a bet of € 8, after a short time with the help of the function of the fish again disturbed the dragon and launched the bonus wheel. On it, our winning was modest € 184, but we stopped at a step from the multiplier x25, also earned an additional 10 Super Win Free Spins in the amount of 10 pieces. During the game, they added three more spins to them and thus completed the prize game with an indicator of € 432.
  • In most cases, when we got into the bonus round with a wheel of fortune, we managed in the end, not only to compensate losses during the base game, but also to get a final winning of not less than in € 300.
  • We also advise you to try launching 2-3 bonus games in one gaming session. If during the first time you managed to get a proper payment, then you should stop and come back here in a week.

Tips and recommendations

Without a doubt, this is the "tastiest" part of Koi Princess slot for the sake of which actually and it is worth playing in it. The main bonus function is the wheel of luck. Also, there are several other, less significant, but from the no less desirable options to significantly increase your chances of success. The detailed information about all of them is presented in the description of the slot machine.

Bonus Bet

You do not need to doubt whether to use it or not. This is worth it. The bonus bet increases the percentage of return to 96.23%, more often appear there are bonus options and in 3-4 times more often starts the bonus round. Also, the coefficient of payouts on the wheel increases, and your chances of a serious victory during the free spins increase. The disadvantage of the bonus bet is that you will not have almost any payments exceeding your bet during the main game.

The random function of a fish

As long as you play, the fish function starts to work much more often. It has different prizes that can be got to you differently. We paid attention that when you need to choose one of the three fish, then the rewards hidden behind them are in many cases shifted one position from the right to the left when you restart this option. We advise you to remember for the first time there were some prizes and next time you will choose a fish with this considering feature.

Random wild symbols

Here you will find that everything is simple. According to the rules of the game, you can have Wild signs from 4 to 9 for one re-spin. We never received the maximum number of them, limiting ourselves in most cases to 5-6 such symbols. Considering that, this option works often, and then this is quite enough to replenish your balance.

Wild Reels Free Spins

Again, we had one free spin, during which wild signs could become from 1 to 5 reels. This is the case when you can win a lot or not win anything. At a bet of € 6, we immediately covered 4 coils of wild symbols, which brought us around € 2000 in one round. In the rest, you will fall out 1 or 2 the wild reels.

5-Hit Feature

It is not the "tastiest" prize but allowing under certain conditions to win a large sum. At your disposal is guaranteed to be 5 identical symbols, which the fish randomly scatter on the playing field. What they will be, it depends on what you will spin on the wheel of fortune. In 8 out of 10 cases, this will be a low paid sign.

Bonus activation

It is an exciting option. Often it happened that on the screen, there were two bonus symbols, and due to the fish, we were pulled up the third of Bonus sign, and it started the bonus round.

Wheel of Fortune bonus game

Your participation in it is to roll a cube and identify the number to which the dragon will turn the wheel. Everything depends on the mood of the slot and your luck. We noticed that the first bonus game is invariably generous in a reasonable sense of the word. But the next two will not be too supportive of you, and it will end fairly quickly, bringing you a small amount of money.

Several times, we managed to launch also 10 free spins through this round, significantly increasing the final winnings. On the bonus wheel quite often, we fall out a multiplier of x4. In every third case, we have during the bonus game to fall out the doubling sector, and all the prizes on the wheel doubled.

Sure, Win Free Spins

This round does not require your participation. Its dignity lies in the fact that in any case, each spin brings you at least a total bet. Therefore, in any case, you will leave with a 10-fold victory. The usual result of the free spins is from x20 to x30 bets, but during the testing of the slot, we had winnings more. The ideal option first is to launch the bonus wheel, and through it go out on the free spin.

You can play at Koi Princess slot in following Netent casinos

It is interesting to get acquainted with the genre of anime, but it is much more pleasant to do it in a warm company, and even with the generous bonus offers and tips how to win at Koi Princess slot machine.

  • In TTR casino, in addition to standard surprises in the form of the incentive bonuses, you are being waited for two more pleasant moments: the money here is received in 15 minutes.
  • Play Fortuna casino pleases players and – you can pick up 20 big spins for $ 1. Also, do not forget that to each deposit you are relying on a bonus, and also a partial return of money.

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