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What to do if an online casino refuses to pay out the money

What to do if casino refuses to pay money?
Unfortunately, not all operators value their reputation and often do break the rules. What to do when an online casino not paying out the money? Now we will show you all and explain it with specific examples.

The first thing you should do (if you registered via our affiliate links) is to contact at and to explain the situation: why online casino not paying out your money. And what reason the operator indicates to justify their actions. It is essential to specify the name of the casino, your login and mailbox, which registered an account. Then our representatives will deal with the problem. If you аrе not registered through our website, then continue to read on and be seriously worried. Read further and find if can a casino refuse to pay out.

Plan of actions upon failure of the casino to pay the money

If you initiated online casino withdrawal problems, you need to wait for customer support's letter. If you don't want to wait for it, you must write a letter to the customer support team by yourself and explain the situation. Depending on the result, you will guide you to the next step. Possible causes:

The bonus term was broken

If an online casino refers to one of the violations of the rules with bonuses and denying the payout due to this reason (and willing to pay only the initial deposit), you must perform the following steps:

  • Open the rules of this statement (terms and conditions) and find a point of law referenced in the online casino. Please, pay attention to the last changing date of the rules. Usually, it is indicated at the top (right) or bottom of the page with rules.
  • If you accessed the casino using our site or affiliate links, please send your username, amount and the name of the operator to the mail
  • If you have broken the terms (for example, played with the bet amount more than you are allowed or played excluded games) you should know, that casino can violate only your winning. The sum of the initial deposit should be returned to you. If they are trying to confiscate the initial deposit too, you should create themes on forums and websites.
  • Let's make a sample. If you play at the casino for a year and finally won something that covers like 5%-10% of your losses, you should write them in the same spirit: "I am a loyal player and I have played in your casino for more than a year. Inadvertently I did not see the point of the rules prohibiting betting more than X (or did not know that wagering is forbidden in such games). Please, come to meet me and forget this misunderstanding. Otherwise, you can block my account forever." If the casino care of its reputation (as Fastpay does), this should work.

Problems with the verification of account and proof of identity

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Sometimes the operator refers to the bad quality of photos, documents, certificates or something similar. Most likely, this kind of casino doesn't want to pay the money, which you won and clings to the rules of formal verification stalling. You need to do the following:

  • If you have registered through our links, send an e-mail to stating your username, name of the operator and description of the problem.
  • If the payment amount is large, the last argument can be notarized copies of the documents — this service costs around €10 from any notary.
  • You can also ask the customer's support team to block your account until the moment when the cashout will be sent — usually, such an action makes the verification instant.

Referred to the paragraph of the rules on refusal to pay without explanation

Net Entertainment contacts
In some cases, the casino refers to the following right: to refuse any client in the payment without reason. This rule requires a detailed review. If you receive such an e-mail and have not violated the terms of the casino, you must perform the following steps:

  • Send an e-mail to with your login, casino name and the description of the problem. Please, make a screenshot of the e-mail, which you have received from the casino.
  • You need to continue to push and saying that you will apply to the gambling commissions. If the online casino belongs to the group of companies, it's better to inform its management (Everymatrix, Softswiss, etc.).
  • Gambling comission
    You must write to the gambling commission on which license this casino is working. Usually, this information can be found in the footer of the casino's website (or in their terms and conditions). Send the description in English, applying screenshots of e-mails and account balance. It can be done using the following contact details: Malta: UK gambling commission (if the casino has a UK license)
  • Write to the Netent company itself (especially, if the amount in dispute is enormous and the winning were in a Netent slot), it is better to send directly to the Net Entertainment company. Send a letter in English with a detailed description of the problem and screenshots. Coordinates: E-mail:, or Not the fact that there will be an answer, but the more resonance you will get - the better.
  • Create a complaint about the gambling forums (ask gamblers, etc.) by yourself.
  • If all these things are not working, you should send e-mails to the administrators of the gambling sites and forums. All of them should be in a polite way with the complete story of this case. Better to include the screenshots of chatting and e-mails. If they care about their reputation, that could work.

Where to play

Imagine you play in the online casino, won €3,000 and order cash-out. You get a request to send documents for the account verification. This whole procedure may take up to 3 days. During this time you can cancel the payment and start to play again. Many players will do so and lose the entire amount. Such a trick (delaying the verification process) is used by casinos that do not value their players. Trusted and reliable operators allow you to lock the account balance until payment is made. You can still log in and out, but you cannot cancel the payout and continue playing.

  • Playing at Fastpay casino, you will get your money in several minutes. The casino has one of the best customer services (24/7 live chat), and they care about the players.


☠What to start with if a gambling site not paying out?
If you have registered via this website links, contact by email and explain the situation. Our representatives will consider the problem and respond you within 24 hours. Do not forget to provide the casino name, your login, and the mailbox which has been verified for your account.
?What should you do if you are experiencing online casino withdrawal problems?
If you want to withdraw your costs but see that no money has ever arrived to your card or E-wallet, refer to the customer support and wait for the reply. If your waiting is prolonged, write them another letter and explain the situation. You need to use all your chances to proceed with further actions.
?What if an online casino is willing to pay out only your initial deposit but not winnings or bonuses?
First of all, you need to read terms and conditions of this casino carefully. See whether these rules have been changed lately. The last date of changing is normally indicated in the top or bottom line of the page. If you did violate the rules, your winnings should be cancelled and they will pay you out the initial deposit only. Sometimes, casinos do not want to pay out the initial deposit either. So, you need to create the theme about this fact on forums and walls to warn other players about it. If you didn’t violate any rules, this step is still more reasonable.
?What if the casino does not want to pay out referring to the bad quality of your documents and photos photocopies sent by you for the account verification?
This case is an obvious sign that the casino does not want to pay looking for the ways for making excuses such as formal verification stalling. Here, you will have to write an e-mail to if you registered through this link. Do not forget to indicate the name of the casino and describe your issue. If the payment of your winnings is quite large, you may need to provide the notarized photocopies of your documents. You can also require from the casino’s support team to block the account until they pay out you as it is due. This step usually makes them verify your account instantly.
?What if there is a rule in the casino that allows refusing to pay without any reason or explanation?
Of course, you need to know about this rule before you register in this house and start to play. Remember that if you did not break any rules, this explanation is not rightful. So, if you registered through our link, send a message to indicating your login, the name of the casino, and describing the problem. You may also send us a screenshot of the mail with this non-rightful explanation from the casino. Moreover, tell them that you are going to apply to the authorized gambling commissions. Inform the best Netent casino group of companies management if this house belongs to them (for example, Softswiss or Everymatrix). Inform the gambling commission whose license the best Netent casinos is using. You may also send an email to the NetEnt Company directly. Complain about that on the gambling forums. Send out the email to administrations of all the gambling sites and forums with a thorough description of the situation. All these steps are sure to work.
?How to make a complaint to a gambling commission?
Look for the information about the license from the gambling commission the best Netent casinos uses. This information can be found in the footer of the casino’s website or in their terms and conditions. Write the description of your situation in English. Apply screenshots of all the mails from the casino and your account balance. Use the contact details of the commission that can be found online, for example, or
?How to make a complaint to the NetEnt Company?
Write them an email if the amount in dispute is huge and these winnings were gained in a NetEnt slot. The letter should be in English. Describe the situation in details and provide the corresponding screenshots of your account balance and emails from the best Netent casino using the following email addresses:,, or You may not receive an answer immediately, but the more information you share the wider resonance the situation will receive.

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Steve Botham
0 # Steve Botham
I have been playing at prism casino for a few months, I Finally had a win, I won $2200.00, I have been waiting for payment since Sept 8th this year, to this day I have not received a dime, it was a wire transfer, they didn’t have a lot of payment options, anyways, I have been chatting with them since the wire was apparently sent to me, sept 8th, they keep telling me the same story, that I should get it any time, well that was six weeks ago, I asked them if they could contact the third party, that handles the wire transfers, they told me that they cannot contact the third party, I think they are handing me another lie, how could they not have contact with the third party , to do follow ups on delayed wire payments, It’s so exciting when you finally get a win at a casino, but when the casino runs you around for six weeks for your winnings payment, then the excitement of that win, goes out the window, I don’t know how I am going to proceed at this point, very frustrated with these rip off casino’s online, I am devastated by this! But the casino doesn’t give a dam! There are also two other smaller withdrawals that I am waiting on from prism casino, one for $227.00 and another for $225.00. Some casino’s like to take your money, but when it comes to paying you your winnings, that’s a whole different story!
2022-10-30 16:16
+1 # SPINZWIN.COM SCAM is the biggest disgrace to the gambling industry, deposited £700 and won £13650 through my usual way I bet and they closed my account, told me I was playing unfairly (first casino ever to say this) but really they are just being greedy and unfair and don't want to pay out the high amount but they would of happily taken all my money if I lost and still no winnings or even a refund. I will report these scammers
2022-04-28 17:02
0 # Povilas
Any one have problems with babyslots can't contact them and no support number just email which says is to full and can't reseve
2021-10-11 13:26
0 # Anna
I played at jackpot city. I was refused my winnings(confiscated) i had just created this account. It took months to get any answers. They then locked my account and said i had won the money during a self exclusion period, which is not possible. And stll i havent received my deposit refund.
2021-09-05 06:46
Katherine owens
+2 # Katherine owens
I went on doctor slot casino I win £45 was asked for ID when I wanted to withdraw witch I sent it's now 4days still asnt been validated and now the money as disappeared I've emailed them don't reply live chat nobody there even tried ringing them nobody answers absolutely disgusting
2021-07-19 19:17
Emma sicely
+1 # Emma sicely
Ruby fortune don't trust them failed to pay $7500. Now they have locked my account and saying the self excluded me for my safety the saying i have a problem.hahaha all I did was ask for my winnings.beware don't trust them utterly disgusting and yucky to deal with
2021-07-04 16:55
0 # Hester
I played at springbok casino they said it takes up to 72 hours to do the verification its taken way longer than that every day a new excuse springbok casino south africa is a bunch of crooks !
2021-05-28 16:01
Stacey Sellers
0 # Stacey Sellers
Casino planet. Excluded me from website all together I have won £80 and £1400. It has been more than 72 hours as they state that’s how long it takes to approve and send funds. I have had 3 different people tell me 3 different things. It’s absolutely disgusting I have won that money out right and now I cannot get on the site as they have self excluded me after claiming I have a problem and that it’s for my safety all because I asked for my rightly won money.
2021-05-19 06:22
june larkin
0 # june larkin
casinowin said i did not give correct iban(which i did as i checked with my bank)it has now been 2 months since i requested my winnings and still do not have them
2021-05-12 09:32
craig ian robertson
+2 # craig ian robertson
maximum casino keep saying we need better I.D. from me. All over £50. Iv'e sent credit cards, debit cards and letters to my address and driving lisence.
2020-12-07 21:59
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