What to do if an online casino refuses to pay-out the money

What to do if casino refuses to pay money?Unfortunately, not all operators value their reputation and often do break the rules. What to do when an online casino is not pay-out the money? Now we will show you all and explain it with specific examples.

The first thing you should do (if you registered via our affiliate links) is to contact bestnetentcasino.info at [email protected] and to explain the situation: why casinos do not want to pay much money, which stuck in the account. And what reason the operator indicates to justify their actions. It is essential to specify the name of the casino, your login and request that mailbox, which registered an account. Then our representatives will deal with the problem. If you were not registered through our website, then start to read on and be seriously worried.

Plan of actions upon failure of the casino to pay the money

If you ordered a withdrawal of your winning, but money never coming to e-wallet. You need wait for customer support's letter. If you don`t want to wait for it, you must write a letter to the customer support yourself and explain the situation. Depending on the result, you will guide you to the next step. Possible causes:

The bonus term was broken

If an online casino refers to one of the violations of the rules with bonuses and denying the payout due to this reason (and willing to pay only our initial deposit), you must perform the following steps:

  • Open the rules of this statement (terms and conditions) and find a point of law referenced in the online casino. Please, pay attention to the last chancing's date of the rules. Usually, it is indicated at the top (right) or bottom of the page with rules.
  • If you went to the casino using our site, please send your username, amount and the name of the operator to the mail [email protected]
  • If you have broken the terms (for example, played with the bet amount more than you are allowed or played excluded games) you should know, that casino can violate only your winning. The sum of the initial deposit should be returned to you. If they are trying to confiscate the initial deposit too, you should create themes on forums and websites.
  • Let`s make a sample. If you consistently lost money for the year and now ordered the payment of 5% of the lost money and casino really cares about its reputation (and cares of you as the player), you should write them in the same spirit: "I am a loyal player and play in your casino more than a year. Inadvertently I did not see the point of the rules prohibiting betting more than X (or did not know that wagering is forbidden in such games). Please, come to meet me and forget this misunderstanding. Otherwise, you can block my account forever." Often this approach is bearing fruits if the disputed amount is small.

Problems with the verification of account and proof of identity

mobile versionSometimes the operator refers to the bad quality of photos, documents, certificates or something similar. Most likely, this kind of casino doesn`t want to pay the money, which you won and clings to the rules of formal verification stalling. You need to do the following:

  • If you have registered through our links, send an email to [email protected] stating your username, the name of the operator and the description of the problem.
  • If the payment amount is large, the last argument can be notarised copies of the documents. This service costs around €10 from any notary.
  • You can also ask the customer's support team to block your account until the moment when the cashout will be sent. Usually, such action making the verification instant.

Referred to the paragraph of the rules on refusal to pay without explanation

Net Entertainment contactsIn some cases, the casino refers to the following right: to refuse any client in the payment without explanation. This rule requires a detailed review. If you receive such an email and have not violated the terms of the casino, you must perform the following steps:

  • Send an email to [email protected] with your login, casino name and the description of the problem. It will be better if you make a screenshot of the email, which you have received from the casino.
  • You need to continue to push and saying that you will apply to the gambling commissions. If the online casino belongs to the group of companies, it's better to inform its management (Everymatrix, Softswiss etc.).
  • Gambling comissionYou must write to the gambling commission on which license this casino is working. Usually, this information can be found in the footer of the casino's website (or in their terms and conditions). Send the description in English, applying screenshots of emails and account balance. This can be done using the following contact details: Malta: [email protected] UK gambling commission (if the casino has a UK license) [email protected]
  • Write to the Netent company itself (especially, if the amount in dispute is huge and the winning were in a Netent slot), is better to send directly to the Net Entertainment company. Send a letter in English with the detailed description of the problem and screenshots. Coordinates: E-mail: [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] Not the fact that there will be an answer, but the more resonance you will get - the better.
  • Create complains about the gambling arbitrage forums (ask gamblers etc.) by yourself.
  • If all these things are not working, you should send emails to the administrators of the gambling sites and forums. All of them should be in a polite way with the complete story of this case. Better to include the screenshots of chatting and emails. If they care about their reputation, that could work.

Where to play

Imagine you play in the Netent casino, won €3,000 and ordered it to cash-out. You get a request to send documents for the account verification. This whole procedure may take up to three days. During this time you can cancel the payment and start to play again. Many players will do so and lose the entire amount. Such a trick (delaying the verification process) is used by casinos that do not value their players. Trusted and reliable operators allow you to lock the account balance until payment is made. You can still log in and out, but you cannot cancel the pay-out and continue playing.

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