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Blacklisted online casinos

Blacklisted online casinos
The page is created exclusively for warning the players about the gambling houses which under various pretexts do not pay a prize. You can add an online casino on our blacklist, by writing your story and sending screenshots to

Add this page to your favourites and browse before choosing a new site for cash games. Clicking on the link, you can completely read the history of relations with frauds. Avoid the casinos noted in the blacklist. Also, it is not necessary to spend money on depositing the affiliated campaigns of casino-fraud. The list is constantly being updated. Be careful!

The blacklist of online casinos

  • Untrust gambling houses
    Where big money turns, there will always be thieves and liars. Unfortunately for players, gambling houses are also given to this. As we wrote earlier, there are many semi-legal methods and tricks under the pretext of which the online casino is delaying prize payment (using wager requirements for bonus money or the player's account verification process). These tricks are performed within the legal field of the gaming houses rules (Terms and conditions).
  • Sometimes it annoys, but if you follow our recommendations and carefully read the rules, you should be ready for getting the money in five working days (as described in the terms and conditions), and the process of sending documents and changing the account status to "verified" can take up to three working days. All these moments are in detail described in guidelines.
  • There are also game clubs which deliberately do not pay the money. They think up various excuses, even change their own rules, so in general, do everything not to pay. While you deposit such game house - you've already lost money
  • Generally, the main way of the new player's attraction is spam, which is already considered a violation of the software rules. Especially, to warn the players from spending their money and fraudulent online casinos detection, in our forces (and money), we created this tool – The Blacklist of Casinos.

Problems and negative comments

To the right of the text, you see the list of unreliable game houses, problem casinos and gambling clubs, which under various pretexts block player's accounts and do not pay the won money. In each of the articles, there are some behaviour examples of the casinos from the blacklist. Try not to repeat the mistakes of the players and play in trusted casinos (as Fastpay) by the link at the bottom of this page.

Why is it needed?

  • Unfair
    Imagine the situation when you have decided to find a new place to play. What are the reasons? Well, for example, you are tired of slot machines of that manufacturer, who represented the place where you played. Or casino's bonus policy seems not loyal enough to you. There can be a lot of reasons. You type "online casino" in the search box and see tens of thousands of sites offering the game at the partners.
  • Gambling houses are also presented in a significant amount. How do you know which ones are honest and which are trying to cheat you? Whom can we trust and be sure that, if we will be lucky and win a large sum, will it be paid? For these purposes, we have made the blacklist of online casinos. The list will perform a summary table of data with outgoing links to a detailed description of the situation, due to which the gaming club was listed as fraudulent.
  • To read the whole story, you need to click on "read more" or choose from the main (top) menu of the website in the "assistance for players" section "deception and fraud" submenu. In the drop-down list, you'll find the names of fraudulent game houses, which we do not recommend playing. The list contains both large operators who are thieves and small game clubs who deceive their players and do not pay the money.

How to add an operator

Keep out
If you are faced with fraud by the gambling house on the Internet and want to make it public, to warn other players, you need to send us the history of the conflict and its status today by mail to You can also send the information, using the data sending the form in the "contacts" section.

If the situation is described elsewhere, such as subject forums or websites - it is necessary to give a link. After verification of the provided information, it will be added to the blacklist of the online casinos, and players will be informed about it by broadcast email messages. A detailed history is welcomed. Let's make online casino games fair together!

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