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Rules (terms and conditions) of the casino

Rules (terms and conditions) of the casino
What rules do you need to follow at a casino to play safely at the Internet? What are the terms and conditions of the game club, and why do you need them? Why is it necessary to read the rules carefully before making a deposit? How can you recognize the doubtful online casinos by reading their agreement with the customer?

Rules at the online casino

This contract is an open offer for the provision of services by the game club. In the full version in this document, all possible disagreements between the player and a casino are spelled out. Also, the methods for their resolution are given. It is described in detail what a player should do in a given situation, and what the operator will do when a controversial situation arises.

Where to find

Usually, the link to the rules in the casino is at the bottom of the main page, and it is called terms and conditions. All players need to read the rules of the online casino carefully without fail. It is especially important to understand the rules of the bonus policy of the casino house. Statistically, it is in this part of the agreement that most of the "pitfalls" are hidden.

Why do we need the rules

  • In our opinion, the rules, which are regulated relations between a casino house and a player, are necessary to receive and continue working as a licensee. Every casino in Malta must draw the rules (terms and conditions) as one of the requirements to get a license to use gaming software.
  • The rules should include all the requirements for the bonus offers on a mandatory basis. For example, the wager requirements, an indication of the terms in which you need to win back the bonus money, the restrictions on games (if any), in which it can be done. The restrictions on the maximum and minimum bets (if any) during the fulfilment of the requirements of the wager, the restrictions on the type of payment system with which it is necessary to deposit (if any), a listing of countries that can not participate in the bonus program (if any), and so on.
  • For the player, it is an opportunity to familiarise yourself with all the requirements and restrictions, which the internet casino imposes on its bonus promotions.
  • Also, you will find the rules of verification your account and the conditions under which the casino can require to verify it on the rules page of the casino.

What do you need to pay attention to

  • Bonus policy of free money
    The conditions of winning back a bonus on a deposit. The size of the wager, the time in which the bonus should be won.
  • What documents will be necessary to provide for the withdrawal of money from the casino (verification of the account)?
  • What the additional restrictions are imposed on the player during of winning back of the deposit bonus. Often these are the minimum and maximum bets that are allowed until the bonus is earned.
  • In which games you can win back a wager to the bonus. What percentage are included in the credit from the games?
  • The ability to play in other games, other operators, bets on sports, live casinos, and so on.
  • The terms in which the casino is obligated to pay the won money from your account to the payment system.
  • In which way you can control the progress fulfilment of requirements for the bonus money.
  • The list of countries that are not allowed receiving the bonus offers.

You should pay attention

  • We place the translation of the rules of the partner casinos on our website for the comfort of players. Choose in the main (top) menu of the site in the "Where to play" section of the casino which you are interested in, to familiarise yourself with them. Then click on the name of the spoiler of hidden text with the rules of this casino.
  • To get briefly comparative information about each partner, you can choose it in the main (upper) menu of the site in the "Where to play" section.

Why is it important

In the partner TTR casino, there are restrictions on the maximum bet during any bonus offer. Let's pay attention to the source:

In the interests of the fair game and reducing the possibility of fraud with bonuses, on the player is superimposed some restrictions on the maximum bet until the end of playing out the bonus conditions. The maximum bet is € 5 (or equivalent), or 5% of the deposit amount, which activated the bonus, but not lower than € 5.

Let's imagine that you are a big player who plays at the high bets for a specific strategy of increasing stakes. You deposit 100 Euros and get an automatic bonus on your first deposit of 100% up to 100 Euros. You have 200 Euros in your account. Even if you opened the rules, you should read until the moment the rules for playing out the bonus money, and you can see that you need to make bets on 4000 Euros (40x). If you overlook point 9, which we have described above, you will not almost certainly get your winnings. You need to be careful.

Where to use the received knowledge

We recommend users to play at Netent casino, which is presented in the list recommended for the game. We have several causes for this:

  • You will always find detailed and current information about the bonus programs, the rules and changes in terms and conditions of the casino. We allocate important moments by colour.
  • You will not have problems with the payments and bonuses.
  • You will receive even a huge amount of winnings without any problems.
  • You can always get help from us (by playing on our links) by contacting us using the contact form.

Where to play?

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