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My experience of gambling at an online casino

My expirience of gambling at online casino
In this section, we gathered all the information about the dedicated online casino. It includes materials and articles relating to gambling on the Internet. Here you will find practical advice on playing slots, learn about record jackpots and see photos of wins recorded with display screens lucky, get information about the rating and frequency of gambling winnings. In the article, we compare the performance of the online and land-based casinos. What are different online casinos from land-based gaming clubs? How profitable to play online for real money? The comparison will be subjected to both table games and slot machines at online casinos. We will compare the reliability, integrity and compliance in controversial situations. 

History of the online casino

History of gambling
Let's divide our study into several parts. First, a little history: the first casinos appeared on the Internet in 1994. Pioneer in this challenging case became a widely known Gaming Club. When the players finally believe that playing online casino is safe, and won the money paid, similar sites began to multiply with high speed. In 1996 it was discovered a large online casino, called InterCasino, and in 1997 the poker operator with integral gambling - 888. The first software producers (slot machines and table games) online casino became Microgaming and Cryptologic. In 1999 came another manufacturer of gambling to block online casino - it is Playtech. I would like to tell you about his experience playing in one of the first gambling on the Internet.

Personal experience

It was far in 2000, I had a 56 kb modem and hourly pay to enter the Internet. I remember that it was very problematic to fill any of the payment systems directly, so in the course were a popular prepaid card. This, for example, when the payment card in denominations of 100$, sold for 110$. A significant problem at the moment were frequent disconnects during the game at online casinos. But even then, I knew that for the Internet of the future. I decided to play online for money is more profitable.

Winning money

Martingale system
First, playing at online casinos for real money, I simply applied its expertise and strategies that I know to play online roulette. Naturally, the first deposit was lost. And then came the turning point, I began to search for additional information, not just to lose money in the hope to win. I was interested in the opportunity to find a hole in the system and use it. By the way, looking ahead, years later, I still had a chance to use ill-setting designers on individual bets in a certain slot machine and make money on it, but first things first.

The Internet has been a lot of information: for "How to win at the online casino" Google obediently opened more and more new pages ready systems win at online casinos. So, in the search for information on how to beat online roulette, I found a lot of ways and system. I too fell for the scam with the Martingale, which is now replete with all the Internet. This system involves doubling the rate at a loss, based on the statistics - cannot fall indefinitely black or red in a row. The trick was that the system was somewhat extended, and what I got.

As I was caught

That you do not bother, I'll write succinctly in the online casinos, where I played, was an opportunity to make free spins (start the ball). And it was not the other mode, and just when you click on the spin, the ball started, regardless of whether there is a bet in the field or not. The system offers to turn the roulette as long as it does not create a situation where already had the sequence of one colour 8 times in a row or more. Only after that, we started to put a minimum bet of $ 1 on the opposite colour, doubling your bet in case of loss.

Given the fact that it is losing the first bet, we were on the ninth digit sequence, and the system seemed very logical and viable. But, as I learned later, there is such a thing as a tuning software online casino games for the system. According to the protocol control honesty md5, I got a sequence of 22 black numbers, and on the 17th fell zero. So, I lost 50 000, which have been made in the online casino cashier to receive a bonus on your first deposit. By the way, a bonus of $ 50 000. I also lost.

And now imagine that I would play in this system in a real casino. I think that the attention of the staff, especially when I would ask the dealer to do 754 spins the roulette wheel with no bids because I did not have the right amount of colour in the sequence, it would be paid only to me. And the climax of the concert would be a $ 100 bet on the opposite colour on the 755th spin. I think that feeling guilty, and I would have started to wait for shorter sequences of colours in the series to start the game and did not look like a sadist who makes dealers make thousands of negative spins. This would inevitably lead to an even greater rate of loss of my 100,000, which I needed to run the system—score 1:0 in the flavour of the online casino.

Settings of slots

Bets and uncommon situations
With a tape measure, everything seems to be clear; let's move on to slot machines in online casinos. Here the situation is somewhat different. When I worked in the department that oversaw several arcades, I had the opportunity to see the real rate of return (RTP), which are set in small clubs. Rarely, this percentage reached 90%. In large institutions somewhat differently, there decides not to be marketing, statistics and location relative to input-output slots and many other factors. But even there, the average return rate was at the level of 92-93%.

In online casinos, slot machines are set at a much higher rate of return. 95-99% - this is the standard slots honest online casino. If we talk about my experience playing in offline slots, I never saw that someone won 500,000 a regular club. Several times I heard enthusiastic stories about winnings 200 000. In a network, on the contrary, wins several thousand - this is not uncommon. Personally, I communicated with the player who won four million in one of the slot Net Entertainment. So long as 2:0.

Reliability of online casinos

Now talk about the reliability and safety of wins. When playing in an online casino (we recommend Fastpay), it is essential to follow a few simple rules: choose only reliable and honest gaming clubs, carefully read the rules (terms and conditions), very carefully take deposit bonuses and prepare documents in advance to verify your account. If you follow these rules, problems with getting the payoff by our partners you will not have. If you did everything correctly and are registered through our link but have difficulty - write to us about your problem, using the contact form below.

To sum up: in my opinion, follow the simple rules to make online casinos is easier than in real gaming clubs. 3:0 - the gap is widening.

Controversial rates and failures in the Internet

Customers support
To comfortably read the next section, you may need a basic knowledge of the rules of the game of roulette. This example clearly shows how much safer to play at online casinos. I want to tell you about a recent incident that happened to me during my last visit to Las Vegas. I went specifically to meet with one of the partners and, at the same time, to relax and play. What to say, I think I understand all the players, if I say a unique atmosphere in the casino and it inadvertently misses, despite the increased chances of winning bonuses and network versions. Gaming Zone was directly at the hotel where I was staying. Exchanging chips, I came to the table with a tape measure.

During the game, the overall bank rate slowly increased to the extent that, as I was entering into a rage, and more chips were on the table. At the moment when the ball fell to figure 8 - around this figure was just chaos of the chips. Entirely unclear what the chips were in a straight-up match (in number and pay 1 to 35), which split (in two digits, pays 1 to 17), and which are on the Corner (four numbers pays 1 to 8). Naturally, I have tried to argue that most of the chips into the room and stood in Split, arguing that in the last 10 bets I have not put a single corner, but I was already in a good plus, and the face value of each of my pieces was raised to $ 10. I was going to finish the game and casino managers knew about it.

Imagine my anger, when almost all the chips were counted as a corner, with a minimum payout ratio. In response to my outrage manager politely said that I play on a system with progressive rates. And what I allow to play well - favour. However, - he said - you cannot play if you have something not satisfied. Later, I found a lot of examples where gambling establishments use point of withdrawal from responsibility in disputed bets in roulette or technical failures of slot machines.

For all the time with online casino NetEnt, I have not heard one comment that the player, remember to online casinos have not received your winnings. I can cite many examples of such cases with the operators of Playtech and Microgaming, but in online casinos, with whom we work, my memory has not been a single case. Given the fact that we only work with reliable operators and offer real help players who are registered on our links, consider it appropriate to change the score to 4:0. And for a unique atmosphere and memories that we carry in your memory for a long time after, give 1 point offline institutions — current account 4:1 in favour of the online casino.

Jackpots and big payouts

Let's touch this money topic as jackpots. In the same Las Vegas, I spoke with the manager of the hall of slot machines, and we are talking about jackpots. According to him, the jackpot rolled over for a rare mark of three million dollars, and often do not reach the million. The frequency of the same renditions jackpots vary, but on average it happens once a year. Let's take a look at the statistics jackpots in online gaming casino Net entertainment, analyse how many players can earn on the jackpots in the 2013 - 2014 year. In sum was paid more than 50 million euros. And the same slot Mega fortune gave jackpots for several months, and all payments were more than a million dollars.

It is logical that we should return to the question of reliability in the payment of such astronomical sums. I will tell you a little secret, which is more technical information than the information that should be widely publicised. If you win the jackpot, online casino Netent pays only 10% of the amount, the remaining 90% - itself a network of Net Entertainment. Thus, reliability is an extremely high payout. Again, go back to the rumours and speculation: The Internet did not have any complaints about delays in payments operators NetEnt. If the fact of the delay were, of course, the player would have written about this wherever possible, trying to put pressure on the institution of publicity this case. I think that in the "Jackpot" online casino again ahead of their off-line counterparts. Score 5:1.


Support of guests in the area is carried out offline "hosts" and managers of gambling establishments. These people are called to help you in everything. To answer any question, tell the rules of the game, your losses or sympathise with the same share in the joy of winning. Also, large institutions, they can even organise your leisure and recreation — all for the player. But here it is necessary to make a small correction - all this for a major player. If you're playing big, all attention goes to you - this is understandable.

And if the situation is different? If you cannot afford to play on large and medium rates? Also, if the hall there are players who play a much larger you, then you become a player in the second, if not third grade, to the issues that are treated with some disdain? It is unlikely that you will like it.

Customer support online casinos can operate dozens of people whose sole job is to communicate with the players. We emphasise - with all the players. You can play for cents and confidently count on any help from support services. Support by phone, Skype, chat online, by e-mail. All this is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will answer any question, offer help, consider the options of a bonus or set a limit on the game (at your request). If you choose a major and reliable internet casino, then support will always be of higher quality than offline. Score 6:1

Bonuses existing players

Reload bonuses at online casino
As a rule, the real gambling houses do not provide any repeat of bonuses and promotions, even if you are a big player. In your first visit, if you play big, you will receive a VIP card player on which you will have free use of the bar and (possibly) the hotel. Casinos spend a lot of lottery tickets that you get for your game, but even the average player is not always convenient to come on the day of the draw. If you do not have a room in the raffle tickets are not involved. Plus, the hustle and complexity of the game due to a large number of people tend to lead to the loss amount more significant than the main prize weekly drawings. Also, you do not offer money, free games or any cash-back on your game.

In an online casino, if you have made at least one deposit at the operator Net Entertainment, you will receive a permanent bonus offers. Deposit bonuses, free money to gamble without a deposit. Free Spins (free games) every week and when you exit the new gaming machine, participate in various lotteries and competitions, offers a cashback of losing (up to 30%) on certain days and much more. Of course, as internet marketing operators will be strongly ahead. 7:1

To summarise our competition

Gambling online
For sure real casino lead as the atmosphere created in the game room. Dim lights, no windows, velvet cloth, courteous staff, strong drinks and lots of supporters and sympathisers near you that will undoubtedly be asked a couple of chips for support - is an indispensable attribute of any offline places. But perhaps this fact is an indisputable advantage just for me. Agree that the comfort of your own home, no neighbours in the boxes, cigarette smoke and constantly interfering in the far bet you a dozen people on the roulette for many players is a huge advantage playing at online casinos. The final score of 8:1.


  • Casino bonuses on the first and subsequent deposits are present only online.
  • The percentage of returns in the settings of slot machines in online casinos is much higher than in offline gaming halls zone.
  • Reliability payment operators Net Entertainment is much higher than the receipt of money at the box office of the casino.
  • If you love playing on the slot machines with the jackpot, then the best option - it's gambling on the network. Tens of millions of euros in progressive jackpots and frequent payments they make the game attractive. Speaking about the reliability of payments giant jackpots, we note that 90% of the network itself pays NetEnt, but only 10% of the casino operator. Payment of such large sums will be highly reliable and secure.
  • Support in the online casino is always at the highest level. At any time, you will be aided, support and answers to your questions about the communication method you want. These services are free.
  • Reload bonuses, promotions, contests, sweepstakes, all kinds of promo are only in the online version.
  • We emphasise that a reliable and honest gaming clubs, we mean only those institutions with whom we are working at the moment. If you want to play online for money - suggest you familiarise yourself with the list of current partners or view a comparison table to facilitate the choice of a place to play.

Now, having familiarised with the benefits of playing online, you can use the possibility of obtaining bonus money and free games "to the fullest." It is important to choose a reliable and honest gambling establishment for gambling on the Internet. After all, in places where their money is always their fraudsters. Good Luck!

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