Bonuses at the Netent casinos 2018

Netent casino bonuses 2018Bonus money is the most important part of a successful strategy game. If we talk about bonuses at Netent casinos, we can confidently say that the use of bonuses to wager 40x lower than when playing video slots with a total percentage return of bets placed above 97%, making our game plus a distance.

We'll tell you what tricks and gimmicks used gambling establishments in the preparation of the terms of their bonus, based on the negligence of players and how you can avoid the traps spaced. It is important to understand that the casino bonuses can give an advantage for the player. It is important that these proposals should be with wager requirements lower than 40x, and the games RTP should be more than 97%.

The best Netent deals 2018

  • In order to get additional information about payment methods or the software move the mouse on the picture and look at pop-up. In order to sort the numbers in the table via bonus, wagering requirements (shown in (bonus money)*х), payouts (shown in hours), payout limits (shown in thousands euro per month), trust (our opinion) or no deposit bonuses (shown in usd), click on the blue buttons links:
Limits €No deposit $Play for real
Casumo casino Casumo Software 10 €50
50 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
Slot V Slot V Software 9 €200
30 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Frank Frank Software 9 €1000
60 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Royal Panda casino Royal Panda Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
BitStarz casino BitStarz Software 9 €100
40 Payments 1 100000 2 Play for real
TTR casino TTR casino Software 9 0 40 Payments 1 30000   Play for real
Betchan Betchan Software 8 €150
40 Payments 1 20000   Play for real
King billy King Billy Software 8 €200
35 Payments 2 20000   Play for real
Casino X Casino X Software 9 €2000
50 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Joy Joy Software 9 €50
40 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Riobet casino Riobet Software 6 €500
35 Payments 24 30000 15 Play for real
Nextcasino NextCasino Software 9 €200
40 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
casinoluck small CasinoLuck Software 9 €150
40 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
Mr Green casino Mr Green Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Guts casino Guts Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
Quasar Quasar Software 8 €300
40 Payments  48 1000000   Play for real

Classification and features of the casino bonuses:

That you had understood all the information contained on, you need to understand what is meant by "wager on casino bonuses." If you do not understand the meaning of the term, or its goals, you can read the information posted on the following page:

Lets try to answer the following questions: "what offers free money worth taking, and what does not and why?" "What determines which of the bonuses and what better wager?" "What tricks can go game clubs not to pay the winnings from using the bonus money?" "Why do different casino bonuses differ from each other?" "What can you pay attention to using the bonus program? How the player can use a bonus program to increase the probability of winning? There are several types of programs in virtual schools. They are divided into two main groups, which are fundamentally different from each other. These are: the bonus for deposits and the deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses:

No Deposit Bonus at the CasinoMost often the bonuses do not require a mandatory deposit is a new player already, because he simply registers an account in the institution. It can be as virtual credits in the form of money and free games. Theoretically, the player can use these offers to win money without risking your own.

Calculation with bonuses such that after playing for play money, a new player can get acquainted with this, the real, the game and choose the most suitable games. After it you can make a deposit and play for your money. The main objective of these campaigns is to create your own player base, which will subsequently be sent advertising, calling to replenish the account with real money. Then the Net Entertainment is widely used practice to make gifts to their players in the form of free games.

Even players who have not made any deposit will get free games on the release of a new game and significant places for this date. Sign in guts, if you plan to use these proposals, as in this place there is no requirement for wagering money won during the free games. You can withdraw them immediately on the payment system. Often the wagering requirements for bonuses the casino players are issued during registration free of charge, but claims the rate is much higher. Considered the standard requirement of 50-100х. In other words, if you got no deposit invoice for 10 Euros, it will be mandatory requirement natural bets amounting to EUR 500-1000. Only after this is done the player can withdraw this money to your e-wallet.

Deposit bonuses:

Bonus money, which are issued for deposits - this is money that is charged to the player on top of his own money, which he adds his own expense. In general, the amount of deposit bonus percentage increases, depending on the refill amount. The main purpose of these bonuses is to stimulate the desire of players to fund your account with real money.

As a rule, the entire amount of money issued, including bonuses immediately available players to place bets. For example, if a player completes his account with 150 euros, with a bonus of 100% up to 150 Euros, after the transfer of his money to a casino, on its balance sheet will be available for the game 300 euros (150 + 150). He can use this money betting games as it sees fit. Many Netent impose restrictions on the maximum rates, while the bonus to the player's account.

These restrictions may vary from 5 euros (casino Redbet) to 8.5 euros (NextCasino). The main difference between this group of bonuses from the previous replenishment is required players own real money to get bonuses. Usually, as soon as you make the first bet using bonus money, you lose the ability to withdraw money from your account to complete wagering requirements. We'll talk about a little more detail below. What counts online casino offers best bonus for the player to complete his account?

Calculation operators in these bonuses offer even easier:

  • BonusesIf a player put real money, then it is likely that he will do it again if he offers bonuses.
  • He could lose your entire balance and not having played wager necessary for the payment of bonus money from your account.
  • A player can get excited and losing your first deposit funds your account again and again, trying to fight back.
  • If the player will only make deposits during bonus offers and at the same time play, the casino will send such bonus offers players more often.

Bonus Policy casino Netent often consists of five factors:

  • Percentage calculation of bonus money, on the amount of the deposit Player (100%, 50%, 25%).
  • As a rule, bonuses for first deposit is slightly higher than the repeated suggestions. The maximum amount of money issued.
  • This applies to both bonus for first deposit and reload (up to 500 euros to 200 euros to 100 euros, 25 euros).
  • Wager requirements for this bonus offer (50x, 40x, 35x, 10x)
  • The time that is given to the player in order to comply wagering and translating it into real money.
  • Limit the maximum rate at that time until the player wins back bonus.

Standard wager requirements for Netent casino bonuses are 35x and 40x parameters. Wager requirements specified below, on bonuses in the casino, the player can receive only as a personal proposal. The maximum amount of bonus money is usually limited from 25 to 500 Euros. The percentage from the deposit may vary from 25% to 200%.

Restrictions on withdrawals during use of bonuses:

Online casino bonusesReceived, as a bonus, the money can’t be obtained and immediately put them on the payment system. They are given with the encumbrance. To read this money to dispose of them and their necessary this bonus "play." Gambling house requires the player to bet a certain amount, which is many times the size of the bonus. It is understood that the player will win and lose, and the total amount of the rates will develop the amount that is needed to perform the stated conditions. This concept has been called wager.

Bonuses at the Casino, which are charged to attract new players (tell a friend bonus), get to your account only after the player will register your real money account, indicate where that came on your recommendation, replenish the balance and start playing. Therefore we can see that the operators all the time trying to attract new players and keep playing longer. In addition to these types of bonuses there are still incentives for players like free tournaments, competitions and special offers. Each virtual institution is trying to come up with something original, not like the methods of other operators to stand out from the rest. Although, Netent limits representatives of its software in a choice of bonus programs, offers a single operator may differ significantly from the other proposals.

Bonus hunters:

Best Netent bonusesLets not forget about the group of players who are engaged in professional gambling. For them bonuses - this is their income. They are called bonus hunters. As a rule, they all consider themselves to be professionals, but not all of these are. Often players fall into a state of uncontrolled excitement and depart from the plan. Reducing the wager requirements and increasing the amount of its own bonus offers, casino trying to attract these players. Over time, professionals have issued a ban on the use of loyalty programs in gambling establishment. You can learn more about bonus hunters on the next page:

Operators are even willing to accept the fact that the players have the opportunity to receive a positive expectation of winning, of his game, by a number of conditions. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Why players like bonuses:

When a player receives a bonus, it actually gets free money. "But they require that wagering before the withdrawal of the money in the payment system" - you say. But, you see, if we make a deposit of € 3,000 and receive free € 300 free money to wager 35x, we need to put all 10,500 Euros in the slots. On this site there is a section dedicated to the calculations of the positive expectation of winning when using bonus programs to wager requirements 40x and below. You can get acquainted with the information on the next page:

We choose from this article the most important: With an active bonus in the casino and wager 35x requirements and playing those video slots that pay more than 97.14% of bets, the game has a positive expectation of winning.

Many internet gambling establishments there is a limit on the maximum rate when using bonus offer. As a rule, the maximum rate is limited to $ 7.5 per rotation. For more details, see below. Be careful to read the rules and programs that plan to participate.

The traps and the tricks when you are working with bonus programs. How not to get caught?

Free money at casino NetentDespite the fact that the casino bonuses give the player an advantage, many gambling houses go for stealth when used, imposing hidden terms and conditions. There are many tricks and gimmicks, which are operators based on negligence or credulity player. For example, many operators that use Playtech software, the first deposit bonus can’t be put into the payment system even after wagering. Naturally such a proposal is not worth taking. Strictly speaking, we should not just play Playtech.

Carefully read the rules of bonus programs:

Always read the terms and conditions in the institution in which the plan to make a deposit. If we talk about our partners, a prime example is a reference to the rules of the bonus on deposit and reload bonus Casinoluck. There is a quote from the rules of the operator that describes its benefits:

"9. In the interest of fair play and reduce the possibility of fraud in bonus for the player some limitations on the maximum rate until the end of wagering conditions described in the regulations. The maximum rate is 8.5E $ (or equivalent). To determine the exact match currency equivalent quantity declared, please use the official cross courses. Under the maximum rate implies a spin in roulette, card distribution, distribution of cards in poker (multi-hand included in the rule), and the rotation of the gaming machine and so on. A player may not use the doubling of winning more than € $ £ 17.00 (or equivalent in other currencies). If this rule is violated, the player agrees that any winnings and the bonus can be violated."

I think everyone understands that no one will cancel the bonuses while you play to them. But as soon as you win a large sum, the operator immediately remembered about this policy, check whether it has been violated in the course of the game. Therefore, one of the basic rules that you must remember it is always carefully read the rules (terms and conditions).

Play through your balance to complete zero:

A very important point is that it is necessary to finish the game of your account balance to zero, if you have a deposit bonus. Explain why it is necessary to do an example. All bonuses are applied wager requirements that are disabled or if the balance is 0, or with the full implementation. You made a deposit of 300 Euros and received a bonus of 300 Euros per guts. The game didnt go and you lose those 600 Euros, making the rates for 2000 Euros.

In guts requirements for bonus money is the rate that is 35 times greater than the amount received. So we made 2,000 euros in the rates of the provisions of 10500. We played rates for 5 euros and for some reason; for example, we were upset and turned off the browser, on our score was 25 cents. After a while, we decided again to play in the Guts and make a deposit of 500 euros. This time we are lucky and we almost immediately win 10,000 Euros. If we order the conclusion of this money, it is often the output will be cancelled and we will get an email from support, with a request to play a wager that was left from the bonus on your first deposit. Formally, these are 25 cents bonus money, and in the terms and conditions of any gambling house clearly states that we must either beat the wager or winnings using all the bonus money will be forfeited. In case, if we are patient and lose all the money that was left on our balance sheet 0 wager can’t be applied to subsequent deposits.

Unplug the bonuses on deposit with major game:

If you plan to play for big (10-100 Euro per spin), you should not take the deposit bonus, then a large amount of gain can be quite impressive. Protect yourself and do not get a bonus of 50 euros, applying to your account additional restrictions and responsibilities. Very often, the rules of any bonus program there are lots of items that can be interpreted in different ways. The principle they have one "The administration makes the final decision, which is not subject to appeal by the player." If you win a large sum indeed, if you need this hassle out for 50 euros, which were issued as a bonus? As a rule, when making a deposit the player is given a choice from a list of bonus offers that are available to him, or he is prompted to enter a specific bonus code to activate the offer. Do not fill in these fields and the bonus will not be activated.

Memo to the player about the bonuses:

  • Carefully read the terms and conditions of each bonus offer that you are going to activate.
  • Don’t take the offer to wager more than 40x.
  • Don’t take the money that you can’t output even after acting out, but that impose restrictions.
  • Always see out your account balance to $ 0.00, if you have a current bonus on deposit, so it does not start counting on the next deposit.
  • If you want to save your nerves, go through the verification of the account before making your first deposit. In any case, if you win big - the operator will ask for your documents. In the case of early verification of the account, you will receive your winnings within a few hours.

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