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Best bonuses at online casinos 2023

Best bonuses at Netent online casinos
Bonus money is a critical part of a successful expanding strategy for an online casino. If we talk about bonuses at online casinos 2023, we can confidently say that usage of the bonuses with 40x (and below) wagering requirements and gambling in slots with RTP 97% (and more) gives a positive mathematical expectation of winning on the long run for the player. We will tell you types of tricks and traps that online casinos use in the bonus terms to catch players.

Choose casinos with a trust rating 8+ in order not to have problems with payouts and bonus policy of casinos.

The best online casinos bonus deals 2023

BonusPlay for real
Fastpay casino
Fastpay €100
Play for real
Cobber €200
Play for real
Wildblaster €100
Play for real
Casino4u €100
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instantpay logo small
Instantpay €100
Play for real
Stakes Casino Logo
Stakes $1000
Play for real
Avalon78 77 fs Play for real
1xSlots casino
1xSlots 450€
Play for real
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Booi €300
Play for real
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Casoo €300
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Riobet casino
Riobet €500
Play for real

Classification of bonuses in online casinos

You need to know what "wagering requirements for bonus money in online casinos" means. If you do not understand the meaning of the term or its goals, you can read the information posted on the following page:

Let's try to answer the following questions: "Which bonus deals are good, and which of them are not and why? What is more important - wagering requirements or the percentage of the maximum sum that the casino gives? Which tricks do online casinos use in the bonus terms to decline the payout? What should you pay attention to when using the bonus program? How can the player use a bonus program to increase the probability of winning? Let us try to split the bonuses into several main groups:

No deposit bonuses

No Deposit Bonus at the Casino
Some casinos offer bonuses that do not require a real money deposit for a player with a new account. Such deals called no deposit bonuses. It can be cash or free spins. Theoretically, the player can use these offers to win money without risking their own.

The primary objective of these campaigns is to create its player base, on which the casino will send emails with promotions in future. 

Often the wagering requirements for no deposit bonuses are much higher. The standard wagering requirement is 50-100х. In other words, if you got €10 no deposit bonus, it will be necessary to wager €500-1000. Only after this is done, the players can withdraw the money to their e-wallet. Max (cap) of winning is between €50 - €100.

Deposit bonuses

A welcome bonus is a sum of money that is added as extra money to the first deposit. The main purpose of these bonuses is to motivate players to deposit real money into their account. 

As a rule, the entire amount of money (including bonuses) immediately is available on balance and can be used for gambling. For example, if player deposits €150, with a bonus of 100% up to €150, after the transfer of his money to a casino, the total balance available will be €300 (150 + 150). Many online casinos impose restrictions on the maximum stakes and exclude slots with high volatility from bonus money gambling. Stakes restrictions may vary from €5 to €8.5. 

Why online casinos give bonuses

  • If a player put real money for the first time, then most likely he will do it again and again.
  • A player could lose entire balance before he completes wagering requirements on the bonus money. If he will lose, the probability of getting additional deposits to win his money back is high. 
  • If the player deposits only with bonuses, there's a big chance that online casino will exclude him from bonuses and promotions in future.

Online casino bonuses

Bonus hunters

Let's not forget about the group of players who are engaged in professional gambling. For them, bonuses - are their income. They are called bonus hunters. As a rule, they all consider themselves to be professionals, but not all of them are. Often players fall into a state of uncontrolled excitement (rage) and getting lost in their plan. An online casino can try to attract such players by reducing the wagering requirements and increasing the number of its bonus offers. Over time, professionals that are not loosing will be banned from bonuses and promotions. You can learn more about bonus hunters on the next page:

Why players like bonuses

Best Netent bonuses
Some players think that if high-roller grabs the bonus it is like free money for him (as he will bet more than wagering requires anyway). On the other hand, the maximum bet restriction would force the player to place much smaller bets, and some casinos use such traps in their terms. For example, "the maximum winnings from the bonus money are limited with 10x of the bonus money". Just imagine that you deposited €10 000, got €500 as free money and limited with €5000 maximum winning. That is why we do not recommend using the bonus money for serious (high-rolling) gambling.

  • How can you win using bonuses at the casino?
  • If you have bonus money with 40x (and lower) wagering requirements and gambling in slots with RTP 97.15% (and higher) you have a big chance to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning.
  • You can see the return rate of different games in free-play slots on the following page.

Traps and tricks of bonuses. How not to get caught?

Free money at casino Netent
Even though online casino bonuses give the player an advantage, many of the operator's tricks are based on negligence and trust of players. For example, many operators that use Playtech software are not allowed to withdraw the bonus money even after completing the wagering requirements. Naturally, such a proposal is not worth taking. You should not just play Playtech software.

Carefully read the terms of bonus programs

Always read the casino's terms and condition in which you're planning to make a deposit. If we talk about our partners, the first step is to reference the bonus's rules on deposit and reload bonus. There is a quote from the terms of the operator that describes its benefits:

"9. In the interest of fair play and reduce the possibility of fraud, we have limited the maximum bets when the player is using bonuses. The maximum rate is € 8.5 (or equivalent). To determine the exact currency equivalent, please use the official cross courses. As a maximum bet, we consider a spin in roulette, distribution of cards in poker (multi-hand included in the rule), for each spin in slots, etc. A player may not use the doubling of winning more than € $ £ 17.00 (or equivalent in other currencies). If this rule is violated, the player agrees that any winnings and the bonus can be violated."

I think everyone understands that no one will cancel the bonuses while they are losing money. But as soon as you hit a big win, the casino will immediately remember about this policy, check whether it has been violated and forfeit your winnings. Therefore, one of the basic rules that you must remember is that you should always read the rules (terms and conditions).

Play through your balance to complete zero


It is necessary to make your account balance to zero if you have a deposit bonus with the wagering requirements. As an option - you can check manually if the bonus was cancelled before making the next deposit. Example: you have deposited €300 and received a gift of €300 with 40x wagering requirements. You were unlucky, and you have lost €599.75.

Until then you have wagered €2,000 from €12000 rollover. Imagine that you were upset and when you have turned off the browser, on your balance is €0.25. After a while, you decided to play again, and you make a new deposit of €500. This time you were lucky, and almost immediately win €10,000. You have ordered cash-out, but it was cancelled. You got an email from support, with a request to complete the wagering requirements that were left from the bonus on your previous deposit. Formally, these 25 cents is still the bonus money. If in this example, your account balance becomes zero, the casino cannot continue to demand the completing of wagering requirements on your next deposits as a bonus will be forfeited for sure.

Refuse the bonuses during high-rolling

If you plan to high-roll (€10-100 per spin), you should not take bonuses. Protect yourself and do not add to your account additional restrictions for €100-300 extra money. At the very end - the final decision will be up to the casino. Otherwise, you are giving them hundreds of additional reasons to violate your winning. Taking a bonus when you play big money is risky, but you can try your luck.

Memo to the player about the bonuses

  • Carefully read the terms and conditions of each bonus offer that you are going to activate.
  • Don't take the offer to wager more than 40x.
  • Always make your account balance to €0.00, if you have a current bonus on deposit, so it does not start counting on the next deposit.
  • If you don't want to face challenges, then go through the verification of your account before making the first deposit. In any case, if you hit any big win - the operator will ask for your documents. In the case of early accounts verification (before first-time deposits, send your documents), you will receive your winning within a few hours.

Where to play?

  • Fastpay casino has one of the best VIP bonus programs for loyal players. There you will enjoy over 5000 casino games and outstanding customer support.

List of best online casinos for money 2023

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