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No deposit bonuses at online casinos 2024

No deposit bonuses at Netent online casinos
Nowadays, promotion and marketing are the best way to succeed at your business and the online casino isn’t an exception. In order to promote and get customers (players), they need to do a lot of hard work. Sometimes the promotion cost can be very high and even lead the business to bankruptcy.

However, gambling clubs (casinos) exist for centuries and they are very familiar with the steps which they need to make in order to attract more clients. Almost every casino uses an Affiliate (Partners) Program which can lead a lot of new players to their website. More or less Affiliate Program brings new players to internet casinos.

On the other hand, if an online casino doesn’t have any Netent no deposit bonus codes which players can use for free, they will have to accept the fact that there will be fewer players in their casino. Therefore, almost every online casino gives its new players no deposit bonus. This bonus means that the casino requires no deposits for new players.

Best Netent no deposit bonus casinos list 2024

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Fastpay casino Fastpay 15 free spins Go to Fastpay casino
Play Fortuna casino
Play Fortuna No deposit bonus 20$
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Riobet casino
Riobet 15$ no deposit bonus
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So, what is the Netent no deposit? No deposit bonus is a free bonus at the online casino which allows new players to play almost all casino games without any deposits. Sounds good? Well, the best things about no deposit casino bonus are that it easy to find one and you can enter it while you are filling the sign-up form on the website.

Another key thing to remember, it the fact that almost every no deposit casino bonus is designed mostly for video slots. Besides that, some online casinos disallow their players to use no deposit bonuses for the Table Games, Card Games, Live Casino, Provably Fair Games and even Sportsbook. In other words, there are a lot of casinos where no deposit bonuses are allowed only as Free Spins which are used for video slots.

List of no deposit bonuses at online casinos 2024

Please note that we provide only real no deposit casino bonuses. We don't provide you with offers such as "free money for an hour" and "free game for 60 minutes" or offers without an opportunity to withdraw real money from such offers.

List of active no deposit casino bonuses available to players for 2024:

As a rule, Netent no deposit bonuses at the online casinos offer a limited amount of cash between €3 and €12. Rarely operators give more than these amounts for free. Such generous offers bonus hunters a lot and can cost a lot of money or even reputation.

Players should understand, that by accepting a no deposit bonus Netent they are taking additional risk, as these deals often have increased restrictions (such as maximum winning) and carry increased wagering requirements (50-150x). It is highly not recommended to deposit real money before cancelling or withdrawing money from no deposit offer.

Why an online casino gives free money?

No deposit 20 big spins at casino Playfortuna
In the past few year, the competition between online casinos has become really cruel. Netent software has more than 3000 casinos on its network. The big problem is that the number of players has been stagnating and they try to get players with more and more generous offers to differ from other online casinos.

At the very end, online casino spending so much money on no deposit promotions, that they do not have enough reserve for payment of huge winning and they have to scam lucky players. They do not have other options to survive. A similar situation was in online poker in 2012. You can find more about it on the following page:

Classification of no deposit bonus Netent (half-scams)

No deposit money for an hour in a casino

This type of no deposit bonus is called a free play bonus and is often available at casinos powered by Microgaming (the old one only with this software). For example, an online casino offers a €1,000 free play bonus for an hour. According to the terms, you can keep the winning from this bonus. However, not everything is as pink as it seems.

  • You shouldn't take the offer because the free play bonus is "free". You can play only some games in "training version" of slots. It is training in order not to pay "royalty" (10-20%) to the software developers from these bonuses.
  • In terms, it states, that you can win only €100 and this amount is considered as bonus money and have wagering requirements 25x (both deposit and bonus amount). It turns out that you have claimed a 100% bonus with 50x wagering.
  • This deal leads to the wasting of time and deposit of real money, as you have invested already the hour of your life. Please note; usually, those online casinos that are using such tricks are half-scams, and if you hit a lot, they will never pay you.

No deposit bonuses with high wagering requirements

Some no deposit bonuses range between €50 and €100. Their wagering requirements for such offers is usually 100x+. Such proposals often can be found at online casinos powered by Playtech. There are several scenarios:

  • A casino gives no deposit bonus with 40x wagering. Read terms and conditions carefully because there might be a catch. For example, it can be stated that you will be required to make a real money deposit to claim your winning from the bonus. And welcome bonus cannot be disabled. The offer might come in conjunction with the welcome bonus, and you will need to complete wagering requirements of 100x (bonus + deposit amount). The min deposit amount is €20. This is another €4,000 in wagering.
  • A casino site gives you no deposit bonus with 100x+ wagering requirements and the maximum amount that you can cash-out is €20. Do not waste your time on such deals.

Types of Bonuses without Deposit

There are 4 main types of casino bonuses without deposit. Some of them can be called “free no deposit casino bonus” only partly. In other words, they require deposits and one of them requires years of gambling (or to spend a fortune in that casino). Then again. If an online casino wants to become popular it should offer the best and the most profitable no deposit casino bonuses which would be actual in 2024.

  • Free Bonus Money

The first type of no deposit bonuses at the online casinos is bonus money (or bonus cash). This no deposit (sign up) bonus is the rarest and the most desired. In other words, only a few casinos offer it. So, if you find one, you should certainly use it.

  • Free Spins

The second type is probably not the best no deposit bonus at the online casino. Yet, it is the most popular no deposit (welcome) bonus. Netent free spins are a common bonus for every casino (even new one) but, you can’t other games than slots with this no deposit bonus. For that reason, Bonus Cash is more desired. Some players are fans of slots and love Netent free spins, so if you gain them, don’t get disappointed, just try new video slots and maybe you will enjoy them.

  • Cash Back

Cashback is partly a no deposit casino bonus Netent. However, it does not require a new deposit in order to get it, you can not ask the casino for the cashback if you never deposited at the casino. Besides that, the cashback will return you only the percentage of money which you lost. So, we mean that cashback is a free no deposit bonus and if you want to get it you will need to make a deposit and lose a certain amount of money. We do not recommend this Netent casino no deposit bonus to you because we don’t want you to lose money. What’s more, we wish you to win as much as possible.

  • VIP Bonuses

VIP Bonuses are like Cash Back and unlike the free no deposit bonuses. The deposits are required by the online casinos for a player to have VIP status. The reason why we put VIP bonuses into this paragraph is that from time to time, VIP Managers (or VIP Support) gives players Netent free spins no deposit which is considered to be the best no deposits at the online casino.

Claiming Promo Code

If you are looking for the best Netent casino no deposit bonus, you should certainly use one of the codes listed on our website. Another way to get a free no deposit bonus for the online casino is to become a new player there and ask for a no deposit bonus in the online casino chat. Support members usually work 24/7, so don’t be afraid to write them a message. Some players are uncomfortable or shy to ask the Casino Support Team for a promo activation on their account. Don’t worry, if you have chosen a nice online casino, its support team will help you as much as possible.

Sometimes, you can find an expired free no deposit coupon code. The online casino will not accept expired no deposit casino bonus Netent code. Therefore, you should search only for fresh promo codes which will be available in 2024.

Terms & Conditions of No Deposit Casino Bonus

Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages of no deposit casino codes. All online casinos are afraid to lose their money and for that reason, they have really strict rules for no deposit (welcome bonuses). Some can make no sense to you. Yet, it’s their right to apply certain terms and conditions for all bonuses. Pay a close attention to T&C before start playing with bonuses.

  • Wager

The first and most hated condition is the wager. The wager is the number of bets (sum) which you need to make if you want to keep your winnings. Besides that, an online casino usually offers astronomic wager for no deposit Netent bonus. Therefore, it is very hard to win some money while you are playing at the casino with no deposit money. Usually, a new online casino (which was opened in 2024) can put a smaller wager on their no deposit Netent bonus.

  • Limited Bet Amount

The second one isn’t featured in every online casino, although limited bet amount can be considered by players as a bad thing. On the other hand, this figure, unlike wager, is very logical.

Let’s imagine that my casino gave me the best no deposit bonus and this bonus equals 1 euro. Then I go to the latest online slot and make 1 bet with 1 euro. If I win, I will make a good fortune and the online casino will have to pay me thousands of euro. Therefore, online casinos decided to limit the bet amount for no deposit bonuses, because they didn’t want to give a lot of money for free.

  • Restricted Games

The third restriction is casino games. There are some games which you can’t play even with a new Netent casino no deposit even if you receive it in 2024. Why? Well, there are 2 main types of slots Low Volatility and High Volatility. If you choose a High Volatility slot it’s likely for your multipliers to get higher and there would be a possibility to win more money. On the other hand, Low Volatility slots are great if you want to keep playing and maybe even get rid of the wagering. They are like roulette or blackjack where volatility is also low.

Even if you start playing at the Netent casino no deposit (2024) you will not probably find any Low Volatility slots. Therefore, the casino gives this free no deposit bonus to attract more players to its games and they understand that a lot of players are willing to win real money from new no deposit casino codes.

Best Online Casinos with Free Bonuses

It is obvious and common that it is tough to find a trustworthy and fair online casino which will feature all your favourite games. How do you think, what is the worst-case for a player? If he didn’t find a certain slot game? Or if he won a lot of money and an online casino keeps him waiting for a withdrawal approval?

If you are an experienced player than it means you guessed right. Isn’t it ridiculous to keep your client waiting if didn’t do anything wrong and just wants to withdraw his fairly earned winnings? Well, almost every casino knows that if their client will withdraw his winnings, he will probably keep playing. However, he might go to the other online casino and make richer someone else.

For that reason, a lot of online casinos try to keep players money from payout as long as possible. They will make a withdrawal process longer and longer if they see that you have won a nice number of euros.

Therefore, some enthusiast had developed an online casino which doesn’t keep its players waiting. FastPay is a casino with the fastest payouts among the gambling industry. They have thousands of games, beautiful and mobile-friendly website design and it’s quite likely that new players win real money from FastPay no deposit bonuses.

We highly recommend you to start playing there if you didn’t. It’s one of the best and the latest casinos which will make you even more passionate about online gambling.


In conclusion, there are a lot of free no deposit codes for online casinos all over the internet. Players love to test new casinos with the latest no deposit casino bonuses and therefore they are very popular. However, you should keep in mind that it’s nearly impossible to win a fortune from no deposit welcome bonus. A lot of players failed when they tried to complete a bonus wager.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to use a sign-up bonus without deposit only if you are willing to test a new casino and if you aren’t, you should consider depositing with real money. No deposit bonus codes are very cheap and for that reason, if you try to play with them only, you will not enjoy your game for a long time. Also, the restrictions to welcome bonuses are tough and strict. Don’t consider an online casino as a job where you will certainly earn money because it isn’t.


? What casino is best for claiming a no deposit bonus?
Every casino has its pros and cons and therefore there is no right answer for this question, but if you are asking our opinion, then we will choose Fast Pay casino because it allows players to withdraw their money whenever they want to do it. Furthermore, they have nice conditions for free bonuses which you can also get on their website.
? Can I use a casino welcome bonus more than once?
No, it would be irrational for the casinos to give out such no deposit bonuses, because they aren’t a charity service. However, sometimes they make players enormously reach with their jackpots.
? Can I win real money from the no deposit casino codes?
Yes, the fact that you will have a FREE bonus code doesn’t mean that you will not make any money out of it. Probably, even if you will win some money the amount, will be ridiculously small.
? What is the best type of casino sign-up bonuses?
The best type of no deposit bonuses at the online casino is bonus cash. However, you should keep in mind that it’s very rare and significant. Even some experienced players could never meet it. If you will sign-up to the new online casino, you will probably face Free Spins as a non-deposit bonus.
? Can a casino coupon code get expired?
Yes, some codes expire every year while others don’t. Furthermore, if you use it, you will not be able to use it again. Therefore, you should search only for new no deposit codes or it will be even better if you use some of the NDB codes which are available on our website. We provide our visitors with new and fresh promo codes only. Try to use one of them and let the fortune be with you.

Where to play?

  • Playing at Fastpay casino, you will get not only a possibility to be part of their VIP bonus program.

Best online casinos for money 2024

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