Bonus hunting at Netent online casinos

Bonus hunting at Netent online casinosIn this article we are going to talk about a relatively new phenomenon in the world of online casinos – bonus hunting. What does this concept mean and who are the bonus hunters? How to get the maximum profit from online gambling using bonuses at online casinos?

What tools and formulas are used for bonus hunting? How to become a bonus hunter and earn money at an online casino? What should you look for and what to avoid? If you learn about this concept you can win money at casinos all the time. The second part of this article contains information for bonus hunting in 2018.

If you are not familiar with the concept of bonuses, wagering requirements and bonus hunting, we recommend that you read the following sections of our website:

What is bonus hunting?

There is a group of players that are hunting for online casino bonuses with good terms and low wagering requirements. Bonus hunters are looking for the most generous bonuses that allow them to have the positive mathematical expectation of winning at online casino. There are different bonus promotions in the online casino. With them, online casinos attract new players and keep existing ones. There are welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, loyalty in form of comp points, free spins, reload bonuses and other types. All of them are developed to attract new players.

A bonus hunter is a player who is looking for an opportunity to safely complete the wagering requirements of bonus in a casino and cashout real money. He does this all the time by registering new accounts at multiple trusted online casinos. He is using a bonus hunting strategy to find all generous bonuses and welcome deals. In order for a player to win money, it is not enough just to play. It is necessary to follow a bonus hunting formula. Learn more about the positive expectation of winning on a casino game by clicking on the link “formula for bonus hunting” at the top of this page.

Examples of generous bonus offers:

See examples of generous bonuses suitable for bonus hunting on the table below. To get additional information about payment methods or the software move the mouse on the picture and look at pop-up. In order to sort the numbers in the table via bonus, wagering requirements (shown in (bonus money)*х), payouts (shown in hours), payout limits (shown in thousands euro per month), trust (our opinion) or no deposit bonuses (shown in usd), click on the blue buttons links:

Limits €No deposit $Play for real
Videoslots Videoslots
Software 10 €400
20 Payments 3 30000 1 Play for real
Slot V Slot V Software 9 €200
30 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Royal Panda casino Royal Panda Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
King billy King Billy Software 8 €200
35 Payments 2 20000   Play for real
Riobet casino Riobet Software 6 €500
35 Payments 24 30000 15 Play for real
Mr Green casino Mr Green Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Guts casino Guts Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real

Let's try to explain the possible usage of bonus hunting with an example:

  • A player makes a deposit of €100 at Royal Panda casino using the welcome bonus. He will receive a 100% bonus (his deposit will be doubled up to €100). The wagering requirements for this bonus is 35x (€3,500). After completing the wagering requirements he can cash-out bonus money to his e-wallet or bank card.
  • The player gambling via small stakes in video slot Blood Suckers, which has 98% RTP. The player does everything in order to safely complete the wagering requirements and earn money: it does not fall into a rage, does not increase stakes and using the stake according to the rule of 200 total bets on the account balance (if has €200, the stake per single spin is €1).
  • After player cash-outed the money, he is searching for the new generous bonus deals in different online casinos.
  • After some time a lot of online casinos, where the player has an account already will send to him generous reload bonuses to return him to gambling. These deals can have low wagering requirements 40x (or below).

This tactics is called bonus hunting. In a typical situation, meeting the wagering requirements takes longer if you are playing via small stakes. However, increased stakes take more risk.

Bonus hunting at a NetEnt casino:

How to become bonus hunterTrusted Netent online casinos offer bonuses with wagering requirements are between 35x and 40x. Use this bonus to play slots with RTP (return to player percentage) higher then 97%.

When playing video slots with 98% RTP (such as Blood Suckers), you earn (statistically) 0.86% (for 35x wagering requirements) and 0.5% (for 40x) of each bet you make. This gives you €8.6 per each €1000 wagered.

Accelerating the wagering

Use the auto play feature on a slot machine to make 80 spins per minute. That is at €5 stake per one minute you wagering €400. Using the proposed model, your averages earnings (based on the mathematical calculation) will be about €3.44 per minute. Sometimes you will lose, but sometimes sometimes you will hit really big winning.

What conditions must be met for bonus hunting:

ConditionsSpeaking about the personal qualities of a player who is planning to gamble professionally in an online casino we should highlight: commitment, psychological stability, endurance and the ability to control himself. The most important thing does not blow out and do not deviate from the given formula for bonus hunting.

  • First of all, a bonus hunter is always looking trusted online casino because half-scams wouldn't pay money to bonus hunters. Examples can be found on our list of scams.
  • Online casino should have generous bonuses and promotions.
  • The third condition is to find deals with low wagering requirements. If the requirements are high, the tactics of bonus hunting is not applicable.
  • When you select your stake per single spin you must always follow the rule to have enough money in your balance to cover at least 200 bets of the same value.
  • To use the bonus hunting strategy try to find online casinos that do not require account verification and not asking to upload documents. Keep in mind that sooner or later an online casino will ban you from its promotions. As long as you do not send your passport (ID), your account can not be linked. 

I decided to become a bonus hunter. What to do next?

Bonus at Mr GreenIf you want to become a bonus hunter, then your main tasks will be to find fair casinos with the best bonus offers in the industry. It is important to choose casinos with good reputation that do not want to see negative comments about themselves on the online forums and websites.

It’s important to remember that casinos don’t really like bonus hunters. However, there are operators that are willing to put up with some players that are constantly winning as long as they do not win large sums. For these online casinos their reputation is much more important.

How to find the best deals:

As we have already mentioned, most of the work for bonus hunting is not in the gambling itself. It has more to do with the search of appropriate bonus offers to earn money and to check the reputation of the online casino. We have prepared a few rules that should be applied for looking for lucrative offers for bonus hunting.

  • First of all, you must select those casinos that inspire confidence. Check them out by searching more about the casino on search engines with the words "do not pay", "deceived", "deception" and "thieves". At this stage you should keep out of casinos with questionable software. Also stay away from casinos that use Playtech (only) and Microgaming (only).
  • It is recommended to sign up with the casinos which are available on our site as we have already checked them. Also, you can always turn to us for help if you registered with one of our recommended sites. To get in touch, use [email protected].
  • Once you have selected a potentially profitable casino bonuses, where you can practice bonus hunting, you need to to choose casinos that fits your payment method. Pay additional attention to "trust rating".
  • Carefully read the reviews of each of the partners and pay attention to the news and announcements of bonus offers at each casino. Make bookmarks for each page. It is necessary to schedule your deposits and receive announcements of upcoming bonuses directly from the bookmarked pages.
  • After that, you need to filter out the best bonus offers with low wagering requirements (clicking on the blue button). The lower wagering you will find, the more profitable your bonus hunting strategy will be.
  • In addition, carefully read the bonus terms and conditions. If they are okay, register an account. If in the review of online casino it states, that casino always asking for the account verification, it is wise to send documents before making deposit.
  • Afterwards make a deposit and claim the bonus. Having accounts at 5-7 trusted casinos, you can win a lot of money and your balance on your e-wallet will grow fast.

The formula for bonus hunting:

On our website there is a page where the possibility of using bonus hunting is mathematically calculated. To successfully use this strategy you must play a game with a RTP of 97% and above and claim a bonus with wagering requirements of 40x and lower. Learn more about this on the following page:

On this page you will find mathematical calculations and a lot of examples of bonuses usage. It is important to understand our calculations to have a complete understanding of how the system works.

Things to avoid:

If you verify your account before making deposit, you will be much safer during the cash-out. Do not register multiple accounts from one IP address to different people. Do not register several times in same online casino. Ideally, it is better to use a virtual machine to change the MAC address and the computer name. Remember that although bonus hunting is not officially prohibited, casinos don’t like these players because of one reason they always win.

Top Netent casinos for bonus hunting 2018