The most trusted Netent casinos

Most trusted Netent casinosNeither fast payouts, nor large bonuses or big collection of games are enough in choosing a trusted casino – it is all about its reliability. A modern gambling site should be like a bank, where you may safely store your money. On this page you may find a list of the most trusted Netent casinos. The relatability is marked using a 10 point scale, where 10 is the most trusted casino, and 1 – the one to be avoided. The listed casinos are sorted by their reliability, from the best to worst.

The trust-meter is complicated from the following factors: the players reviews and the total reputation online, the speed of withdrawals, the history of working and personal experience.

List of the most trusted online casinos

  • In order to get additional information about payment methods or the software move the mouse on the picture and look at pop-up. In order to sort the numbers in the table via bonus, wagering requirements (shown in (bonus money)*х), payouts (shown in hours), payout limits (shown in thousands euro per month), trust (our opinion) or no deposit bonuses (shown in usd), click on the blue buttons links:
Limits €No deposit $Play for real
Casumo casino Casumo Software 10 €50
50 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
Videoslots Videoslots
Software 10 €400
20 Payments 3 30000 1 Play for real
Slot V Slot V Software 9 €200
30 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Frank Frank Software 9 €1000
60 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Royal Panda casino Royal Panda Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
BitStarz casino BitStarz Software 9 €100
40 Payments 1 100000 2 Play for real
TTR casino TTR casino Software 9 0 40 Payments 1 30000   Play for real
Casino X Casino X Software 9 €2000
50 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Nextcasino NextCasino Software 9 €200
40 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
casinoluck small CasinoLuck Software 9 €150
40 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
Mr Green casino Mr Green Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Guts casino Guts Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real

What makes a casino reliable

Most trusted Netent casinosBelow we are going to explain in detail why these casinos are on this list and what makes them reliable.

The Videoslots casino

The absolute leaders even in reliability are Videoslots and Casumo. The first one may be proud of its fast payouts and the most attractive bonuses, and that’s what makes Videoslots the most reliable. It’s just the best, in everything.


Videoslots has been around since 2011, and it is licensed by three institutions:

  • Curacao eGaming,
  • Malta Gaming Authority,
  • UK Gambling Commission.

A casino licensed by two institutions or more, especially Malta-UK, may be trusted. The British license is one of the most reliable, it is rarely issued and its requirements are quite strict.

Variety of the games and providers:

Videoslots has also almost 2,000 games from more than 40 providers! It is an absolute record! It is quite important when such a number of providers trust it. Moreover, here you may find some games by Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt – an extremely rare combination of licensed software. Usually Playtech stands alone, but here comes the exception. Videoslots has its own platform yet (unlike most modern casinos) and is regularly verified by independent organizations like eCogra.

The Casumo casino

Customers serviceThe Casumo casino shares the first place with the Videoslots. It has been around since 2012, with its innovative design and concept, and the slots by Microgaming, NetEnt and Novomatic, it is one of the most reliable casinos out there. Typically, the casinos work just with Novomatic, but Casumo is an exception. Not so long ago Quasar casino started using NetEnt, a great achievement. However, the Casumo has been working with the three legendary providers for a long time. The casino is licensed by Malta and UK and received a lot of awards, including the “Best mobile online casino”.

The Royal Panda

The Royal Panda is an extremely large casino licensed by UK like the previous ones. The youngest is on our list. Despite its little experience, it tends to be the most trusted one from the very beginning.

The differences:

For future reference, if you ever have to independently assess the reliability of this or that casino, we strongly recommend to follow the below steps:

  • The casino must be licensed by several institutions (including the British one). If it is licensed by UK, you should firmly trust it. Curacao and Costa Rica are not the best ones. They are gotten pretty easy. The most reliable are the European licenses – Denmark, Alderney, UK and so on.
  • The casino history is quite important. Any casino would become a trusted one by time. At least by a few years. The weakest and the most fraudulent casinos (if they are aiming at the international market) do not last long.
  • There should be many games. However, the number of the slots is, of course, not a primary indicator. The Quasar casino is a good example. The more companies work with a particular site, the better. Remember the Videoslots.
  • Audit and security check. The best casinos pass the independent audits: first of all, they make sure that the accounts of the players are well protected and not involved in any criminal schemes; secondly, they make sure that all the games work properly (the RNG is truly random).
  • Customer care. Any reliable casino pays attention to the gambling problem. At the Videoslots there is a whole section dedicated to this subject, you may find a lot of useful information. The players must be able to set limits, completely block their accounts and apply to the relevant charities.

Best Netent casinos list