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Play European Roulette demo by NetEnt for free

European roullette from Netent
The European version of roulette demo from NetEnt is the most popular one and is available at almost all casinos. We present you a chance to play the European free Roulette. We recommend reading more about the French version of the free roulette demo, which saves half of your bet in the event of a loss when the ball lands on zero and brings the advantage of online casinos to 1.35% (by playing the odds). The official payout percentage of NetEnt’s European roulette online is 97.3% and is one of the highest RTP in the industry. If you run out of money in the demo mode, refresh the page, and the balance will reset to €5,000.

The layout of European free Roulette by NetEnt

The layout is typical. If you have ever come across this game, you know what we’re talking about. The playing field is green and non-irritating for the eyes during long gaming sessions, the playing area is coloured with red and black numbered squares. The wheel is perfectly functional and nicely displayed.

  • It is a classic European roulette online with standard numbers.
  • The game features advanced statistics, and you can also adjust the sound.
  • It has a 2x button at the bottom of the playing field. If you click on it, you will double your previous bet. 
  • With the repeat button, we can repeat the last bet made.
  • Statistics such as "hot" and "cold" numbers in European demo roulette will help you make a wise betting choice.
  • It has a function of "quick spin."
  • By clicking on the oval button at the bottom of the screen, you will open the racetrack facility.
  • Chip denominations are 1, 2, 5 and 25.

Bet limits and payouts

Bet Win
Straight up (1 number) 36 on 1
Split (2 numbers) 18 on 1
Street (3 numbers) 12 on 1
Six line (six numbers) 6 on 1
Column (13 numbers) 3 on 1
Dozen (13 numbers) 3 on 1
COLOUR (18 numbers) 2 on 1
ODD/EVEN (18 numbers) 2 on 1
BIG/SMALL (18 numbers) 2 on 1
  • The maximum bet in European demo Roulette from NetEnt is €500.
  • The maximum bet on a number (a straight bet) is €10.
  • Accordingly, a split bet is €20.
  • A corner bet is €40.
  • A six-line bet is €60.
  • The even chance bets (red/black, odd/even and high/low) are €500.
  • A winning bet is paid based on the type of stake and size of wagering. For example, a stake on a straight number pays 36:1. So if you have bet €1, you will get €35 as a prize and €1 (refund bet). See the table on the right for more information.
  • A bet on two numbers (a split bet) is paid 17 to 1.
  • A street bet or a bet on three numbers pays 11 to 1.
  • For a bet on six numbers, the payout is 5:1.
  • The bets on columns and dozens are paid 3 to 1.
  • The even chance bets pay 1 to 1.

How to win at the roulette

You can use one of the following articles to win at the European roulette free play by Netent. We suggest users to test systems in free play mode before playing for real money:

Most popular questions about free European Roulette

?What is the European version of roulette?
This version is available in most online casinos. Its distinctive feature is that it can save almost half of your bet in case of a loss.
?What is the RTP in the free European Roulette from NetEnt?
The RTP here is among the highest in the whole industry. It is 97.3%.
?What are the characteristic features of the free roulette demo layout and interface?
The interface is typical. It features a green playing field and the gaming area in reed and black squares with numbers. You can regulate the sound and see the advanced statistics.
?What are ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers used for?
They are used to help a player make the best choice.
?What are the bet limits in European roulette demo play from NetEnt?
The maximum bet here is 500 euros while the maximum bet for one number is 10 euros. There are other types of bets. You can see their nominations and limits on this webpage.
?How to win at European Roulette?
There are some ways that can lead you to winning. One of them is watching other players in the live casino. You need to do it very carefully to catch the suitable moment for your personal strategy application. Everything here will depend on your patience and attention.
?Can it possibly be any fraud in European Roulette from NetEnt?
When you are playing against live dealers by means of a real-time webcam, the fraud is impossible because you can see all their moments and actions.
? What does a ‘progressive betting system’ mean?
It means that, initially, you make a minimum bet on a colour and then double it with each loss. When you win at last, go back to the initial value. As a result, you will always win your minimum anyway.
?Is The European roulette demo play by NetEnt?
Yes, it is free when you play it in the demo mode. The main benefit of such playing is that, if your money is over, you can always refresh the page, and your balance will show 5,000 euros again.


NetEnt’s European Roulette has high quality, and everything is presented. The playing field is very comfortable – there is nothing useless; instead, it has everything you need for a comfortable game. Also, the payout percentage to 97.3% speaks for itself.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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