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Play Red Dog from NetEnt for free

Red Dog from NetentSome card games in casinos are more like bonus rounds in the slots. Red Dog is one of them. In the virtual gambling world, Red Dog is found at every online casino. On this page, you can play Red Dog from NetEnt for free without registration and restrictions. Below you will see the mathematics and the optimal strategy for this game.

Game rules

To some players, Red Dog seems to be a somewhat strange game. It might be strange, but it’s a fascinating game. Before the start of the game, you place an ante bet. Then the dealer gives you two cards. Based on the calculated difference between the cards, the dealer will automatically set a red dog icon on the resulting value. For example, you are dealt with Ten or Ace. Between these cards are Jack, Queen and King, i.e. 3 cards. The icon is moved to number three, by which you see the payment of 2 to 1. And this is where the player needs to decide: raise his bet twice or continue without an increase. Afterwards, another card is dealt with. If the value of the card is between the values of the first two cards dealt, then the player wins. Otherwise, the victory goes to the dealer.

Features of Red Dog

Player winsThe playing field of Red Dog is divided into several parts. There is a string of numbers from 1 to 11 and below them are their payouts. The game is played on an equal chance (i.e. the player gets an even money payout) when the difference between the cards is greater than four. Other cases are:

  • If the difference is equal to one card, you win 5:1.
  • If the difference is two cards, the payout is 4:1.
  • If the difference is three cards, the payout is 2:1.

Quite often, the dealer will give you serial cards (such as jack-queen) or a pair. In the first case, it is declared a draw, in the second – you are given another card, and if the third card is of the same value and forms a combination of three of a kind, you get a payout of 11:1. All these rules at first glance seem quite complicated, but after a couple of hands, everything falls into place. Play Red Dog for free without registration directly to this page.

How to win at Red Dog

Tie at Red DogThe payout percentage of Red Dog from NetEnt is 96.84%. In other words, the advantage of the house is approximately 3%. Compared to the house edges of Baccarat and Blackjack from NetEnt, the house advantage of Red Dog is a bit high. However, this is because the game is played with one deck. If there were eight, the house edge would be reduced to 2.7%.

The decision you need to make in this game is to raise or call. But when it’s best to increase your bet? After having played a large number of hands, we have come to a conclusion: the best situation to raise your bet is if the spread is 7 or higher. In other words, only when the difference is seven cards, the player will benefit, i.e. the chance is higher that he will win. To be more precise – in this case, the player will win 54% of the cases, and he has the advantage of more than 8%. When the difference is 11 cards, he will win 85% of the cases. When the spread is 6 cards, you play on an equal chance, i.e. you have 46.5% of winning, which is also pretty good.

More numbers

  • Three of a kind will be formed once every 200 hands-on average - 0.5% of the cases.
  • The overall probability of winning is equal to 27%.
  • A push will happen in 21% of the cases, which is quite often.
  • In 52% of the cases, you will lose.


Red Dog is a simple-to-play and very engaging game. It is highly recommended to understand the rules and play Red Dog for free without registration before playing the game for real money.

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