Choosing a winning slot at the Netent Casino

Choosing a Winning Slot in Netent CasinoWe present you a strategy of choosing a winning slot in Netent casino depending on its behavior. You will learn how to determine which video slot will give more wins and will not just rely on the case.

Choosing perfect Netent slot

The perfect or loose slot is a perfect choice for player. The status of games in free mode may help you in finding such a slot.

Choosing a winning Netent slot with a positive expectation:

  • Go to the section "Casino games" and select the slot machine manufacturer, then the game you are interested in from the right column. When selecting, consider the theoretical payout percentage (RTP) listed in parameters. The higher the percentage, the more profitable the slot is.
  • Start the game in demo mode at the rate (and number of lines) on which you plan to play for real money. I recommend to read the following articles: NetEnt Video Slots Dispersion and Length of Cycles in Net Entertainment Games.
  • Changing the bet rate, we try to understand the status of the selected game. It is a loose video slot where you get more winnings, you may start playing for real money.
  • If we lose, we will change the bet rate until we will find an optimal one. If it does not help, we`ll try the other slot machine. I recommend to read the following article "Change of cost and number of coins per line".
  • It is important to understand that the single winnings of large bets can be a simple exception. These situations should be seen as "you were in luck". Identify a slot with a positive expectation is one of the primary skills of any player.
  • Finding a loose slot, do not hesitate to start playing for real money at that slot. It is important to use the same number of lines and the same bet which used when it`s playing in demo mode.
  • It is recommended to place small bets in demo mode and when it`s playing for real money. So you will save a heap of money and will learn a strategy. Then, you can gradually increase the bet rate.
  • It is recommended to select 5-10 favorite games at Netent Casino that have a good percentage of payouts and try their demo modes. If there are no positive results in their demo modes, it will be better to postpone the gaming session or select other manufacturer (Microgaming or NYX).
  • One of the main factors influencing the maximum winnings is the amount of money in the account and its relevance to the current rate. Of course, you can win with a small amount of money in the account, but we recommend you to have a balance of 200 bets at least. While houses do not charge players a fee for deposits and withdrawals, it costs nothing. Read more in this article on classification of players by Netent software.
  • It is recommended to merge the strategy of testing the Netent slots and the slot machines with the advantages of Netent bonus programs.
  • Over time you will learn how to identify the games with a positive expectation by indirect signs. Just need experience and time.

Indirect Signs:

EvolutionThere are several signs that indicate on the slot machine status. By using exactly these signs, we can find the winning slot in Netent casino. For example, the slot with a positive expectation will offer more bonuses and free spins at a certain bet rate. The slow returns and the absence of bonus rounds, on the contrary, is a good reason to change the bet rate or even the game. With the increase in the number of free spins you can get a more accurate picture of the adjustment rates in the selected slot.

In our view, there are some correlations between the numerical symbols and the status of the slot. These signs can be two scatter symbols on the first drums, as well as the behavior will change of the slot if you increase or decrease the total betting. Every game has its own peculiarities. Once you start noticing them, you can benefit from your knowledge the real profit.

Adjustment rates:

Net Entertainment LogoObviously, it is not that simple as it seems. Otherwise, the algorithm would have been cracked long ago, and all the casinos on the Netent platform would have gone bankrupt. Add into the equation another important variable: the adjustment rates. Imagine the several pools, each with fish. Important: the fish cannot move from one pool to another. The players are fishermen who catch a fish in different pools, and the pools are online casinos.

To adjust the amount of feeding fish will be courses of correction. According to our observations, the adjustment rates are updated once every a few minutes. It is possible that statistical data validation is performed more frequently. It is important to know the Payouts Funding Table, where are collected the funds for paying the big wins. In other words, if you are only the player in a new casino that does not belong to any network, you have no chances of a big win. The prize fund will consist just of your bets, and over time, the Casino percentage will take it wholly.

Tips and recommendations:

  • Big WinTo start playing for real money we recommend only after completing all of the steps above. It is important that between the end of tests and start playing for real money it tooks the least time. During this period, someone from players can win the huge Bank and change the sequence of issuance, the slot will behave differently.
  • You need to follow the algorithm above if only tasked to win money. To win, rather than spending time, having fun or enjoying a drink.
  • Avoid selecting new games. At the time of the release of a new game, despite of the announced percentage, the slot machine is gaining a lot of  money than it gives out, forming the pot for future winnings. Better to wait a few months. Choose your favorite games and analyze them. Waste more time on analysis in demo mode and less in "play for money".
  • Choose only reliable casinos for real money games. Preferably those presented on our website. In this case, we can help you in a difficult situation. Do not play spending the last money and do not take on debt. Luck loves courage. And what can be courage if there are only thoughts about debt. It is important to understand that Netent video slots dispersion is huge it may work either for you, or against you. Choosing a winning Netent slot in casino on the principle described above, you can significantly increase the chances of a big win and protect yourself from losing your bankroll.

Slot behavior in demo mode:

The essence of the strategy is to select profitable slot machine which based on its behavior in free mode. Given that all the video slots from Netent are on the company servers (and casino only performs functions of depositing and withdrawing), and all the demo-versions are also the same for all operators. There are the following States of slot machines:

  • The slot machine with a positive expectation, according to the balance of bets and payouts for a selected period of time. This is a "loose slot".
  • The video slot with a negative expectation, according to the balance of bets and payouts. Such slots need to be avoided.
  • The slot machine with a neutral expectation, not positive, nor negative.

What is Netent casino choose:

  • The Play Fortuna offers players a large welcome bonus without deposit. Convenient methods of the deposit and payments.

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