How to choose a slot machine to win at Netent casino

How to choose a slot machine to win at Netent casinoWe present you the strategy of choosing a winning Netent video slot, depending on its behavior. You will learn how to identify which video slot will give you more winnings, and you will not just rely on the taking any chances. Pay attention that if you take into account the funds of prize payments, then this strategy will not work, as the funds will be formed exclusively from the FUN money.

The behavior of the slot machine at the demo mode:

The essence of the strategy is to choose a profitable the slot machine based on its behavior in free mode. Considering that all video slots from Netent are on the company's server (and casinos only perform functions for entering and receiving money), then all demo versions of games are also uniform for all operators. There are the following states of slot machines:

  • The slot machine with a positive balance, according to the balance of the made bets and the payments made for the selected period of time. This is the "give money" regime.
  • A video slot with a negative balance, relative to the made bets and the paid winnings. Such a slot machine should be avoided in every possible way.
  • The video slot is in neutral state, without the advantage of either a plus or a minus. This is a neutral state of the slot machine and it will "keep the balance", gradually reducing it.

Indirect Signs:

EvolutionThere are several signs that indicate on the slot machine status. By using exactly these signs, we can find the winning slot in Netent casino. For example, the slot with a positive expectation will offer more bonuses and free spins at a certain bet rate. The slow returns and the absence of bonus rounds, on the contrary, is a good reason to change the bet rate or even the game. With the increase in the number of free spins you can get a more accurate picture of the adjustment rates in the selected slot.

In our view, there are some correlations between the numerical symbols and the status of the slot. These signs can be two scatter symbols on the first drums, as well as the behavior will change of the slot if you increase or decrease the total betting. Every game has its own peculiarities. Once you start noticing them, you can benefit from your knowledge the real profit.

The ideal video slot

In an ideal situation, the player always chooses a slot machine with the "give money" mode. You can find such a video slot by enumerating the states of various games in the free testing mode for candy wrappers.

How to identify that the slot machine is in a positive balance and it is ready to pay:

  • Go to the “Free Casino Games” section, select the desired manufacturer of slot machines, and then the game we are interested in the column to the right. While you are choosing a game, it is worth considering the percentage of return of the total bet, it is indicated in parentheses. The higher the percentage of payouts, the more profitable the video slot. On the overview page you will also find hidden parameters of the slot machine (the length of the cycle, dispersion of winnings, probability of bonus activation) and feedback of the tester.
  • We start the game in demo mode at the bet (and the number of pay lines) that you plan to play for the real money. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the articles: the dispersion in the video slots Netent and the length of cycles in Net Entertainment games.
  • While you are changing the value of bets, we try to understand the state of the chosen game. If there are a lot of winnings and they fall out often, the video slot is most likely in the desired mode and it will be ready to pay.
  • If we lose, then we will change the value of the bet, until we find the optimal one. If it does not help, we will choose another slot machine. I recommend that you read the article “Change in the value and quantity of coins per pay line”.
  • It is important for you to understand that single winnings at large bets can be simple exceptions. These situations need to be perceived as “you are very lucky”, or: you lost a lot to get a big win (50-70% of the money lost by FUN). Identifying a successful slot machine in a casino is one of the player's most important skills.
  • If the “giving” video slot is found, we will begin the game for the real money in it. It is important to use the same number of pay lines and the same total bet that was used when you are testing in free mode.
  • I recommend choosing the minimum bets for free-game process and for real money. So you will save a lot of money and also learn this strategy. And then you can gradually increase the bet.
  • I advise you to choose 5-10 favorite slot machines with a good percentage of payouts and test them exactly. If all these games do not show the desired result in free mode, it will be better to move the real game session to another time or choose another manufacturer (Microgaming or NYX).
  • One of the main factors influential the amount of maximum winnings is the amount of money on the account and its relation to the current bet. Of course, you can win with a small amount of money on the account, but we recommend having at least 200 bets on the balance (depending on the length of the cycle of the video slot). While establishments do not commission players for input and output of funds, the player does not cost anything. Learn more about this information from the article about the classification of players by the software Netent.
  • We recommend combining the strategy of testing video slots and slot machines Netent in free mode with the advantages of the bonus programs Netent.
  • Over time, you will learn to identify the positive games by indirect indications. You will only need experience and time here.

Indirect signs:

Net Entertainment LogoThere are a number of signs that characterize the state of the slot machine. It is for these reasons that we have to identify the video slot that gives us winnings. For example, in a plus and the great benefit when slot machine has the falling out of bonuses or free spins at a certain bet and it will occur more often.

A slow return and the absence of bonus rounds, on the other hand, are an excellent excuse for betting or playing the game as a whole. With an increase in the number of free spins, you can get a more precise representation of the corrective courses of the selected slot machine.

In our opinion, there is a certain relationship between the numerical series, the displayed symbols and the state of the slot machine. These signs can be either two scatter symbols on the first reels or a behavior change of the video slot when the total bet is increased or decreased. Each game has its own characteristics. Once you start to notice them, you can extract real profits from your knowledge.


  • Big WinNaturally, not everything is so simple. Otherwise, the algorithm would have been unraveled long ago and all casinos on the Netent platform would have gone bankrupt long ago. Add another important variable to the equation: correction courses. Just imagine several pools and each with fish. It is important to know that the fish can not move from one pool to another. Players are fishermen who fish in different pools, and the pools themselves are online casinos.
  • It is correction courses that will regulate the number of "pecking" fish.
    According to our observations, correctional courses are updated once a month (that is, the first date starts a new period, as the calculation takes place with the casinos and affiliations) based on the latest results. Although, it is maybe that the statistical reconciliation of data is performed more often. It is important to get acquainted with the table of funds of the prize payments. Since here they will collect funds for payments out big winnings.
  • In other words, if you are the only player in a new casino that does not belong to any network, then you will not simply have a chance of a big win. The prize fund will consist only of your bets, and over time, the percentage that the casino receives, will eat it completely.

Tips and recommendations:

  • We recommend that you start playing for the real money only after going through all the steps described above. It is important that a minimum of time passes between the end of the tests and the beginning of the game for the real money. During this period, somebody of the players can win a large bank and change the sequence of issuance, the video slot will behave differently.
  • The algorithm described above will be necessary only if the task is to win money. The goal is to break the jackpot, not just spend time, have fun or enjoy a glass of beer.
  • What I want to say at the end: try not to choose new games. At the time of the release of the new slot machine, despite of the declared percentages, it takes much more money than it gives out, forming a bank for subsequent winnings. In my opinion, it is better for you to wait a few months. Choose your favorite games and analyze them. Spend more time analyzing in the free game mode and less in the game mode for money.
  • Choose only honest institutions for playing for the real money. It is desirable from the presented on our site. In this case, we can help you in a difficult situation. Do not play for the last money and do not borrow. Luck loves courageous players. And what kind of courage can there be, if only you think it is about debts. It is important to understand that the dispersion of video slots of Netent is huge and it can play both on you and against you. Choosing games in Netent casino as described above, you can significantly increase the chances of a big win and protect yourself from losing the bankroll.

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