How do Netent slots operate?

How do Netent slots operateLet us talk about Netent slots features: how do they differ from those of the direct competitors and what can explain their high dispersion and huge amounts of payments? How the prize funds are formed, and at what point the amount is distributed between the players? On this page, you will find information about how Netent slots operate.

Next time you play at NetEnt machines, look at the bottom of the screen. There should be an inscription stating that you are under Malta jurisdiction. And this is not due to the license under which the selected online casino runs. How is it explained? Read more below.

How Net Entertainment machines operate

As we know, the core slogan of the Swedish company is: equal and fair game conditions are for all players (without any exception). Today there are hundreds of online casinos that use the Netent software. How can a company achieve equal conditions for all gamblers while having so many operators? Let us answer it.

All NetEnt slots are located on the company servers, and the online casino is an intermediary. The casinos have no access to slots. They cannot change the payout percentage or adjust the software to a particular gambler. Casinos cannot change the cycle of Netent slots operating.

They collect the money (depositing and withdrawing) and create bonus offers for their players. And they must agree on all bonuses with the parent company: Netent stands sharply against the dumping conditions of individual gambling houses. All the servers are located in Malta that is why we see that inscription while playing at Netent slots.

How the big wins are formed

Jack HammerBy playing at any of Netent slots, you participate in a lottery, which organiser takes from 1.5 to 10% of prize fund amount (see the payout percentages on the right side of the page). All the bets of players at the selected slot are summed, then the current winnings are deducted, and the fund is distributed among the players in the form of big and huge winnings.

Naturally, many of them lose, but the lucky ones get the big wins. If the slot is not played, its status remains unchanged. The main difference between competitors is the overall statistics and the huge number of players, due to a single data centre. Each of the slot machines is distinguished not only by the gameplay and bonus game but by the cycling length of the payments as well. This option is quite important in understanding the basic features of Netent slots. Learn more about the cycling effect on the following pages:

Determining the slot status

Mega FortuneOf course, any player wants to win. From now, when a player knows how Netent machines operate, he can understand some rules. To be the lucky one for sure, you should be the only player who plays the lottery. We have repeatedly written about the enormous advantage of testing NetEnt slots in free mode. That is extremely important while determining the slot mood.

Here is an example of the operating of Netent slots

Player 1 starts Starburst slot in the lobby TTR casino. Player 2 launches the same slot at Royal Panda casino. Both play at 1 Euro rate per spin. NetEnt does not care where the slot was started. Both players will fill the fund with 1 Euro per spin.

At the same time, the current winnings of both players and Netent percentage (in this example — 3,9%) will be deducted. The main fund will collect the amounts of the big win of one of the players. Because the Starburst slot has a fast cycle, the big amounts will be collected rarely and the small and average – more often.

Where to play

The online casino collects and releases the payments while creating its bonus offers, but they may well refuse to release payment and even add a rule which will not allow you to win more than 10000 Euros per session. That is why we recommend you choose reliable and honest houses which use Netent software:

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