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Prize pool at online slots

Prize pool at Netent slots
Let's try to find out how the "big winning", is formed and what it depends on. From where software is taking money to pay a huge win to a player? Where does the software get money to pay a huge win to a player? We need to consider such data, as "the prize pool" in the machines, current bet, RTP, the dispersion (volatility), the cycle's length of the selected slot and the number of players in the chosen online casino.

On this article, you will learn how the "prize pool" for "big winning" in online casino slots is formed, what does it depend on and what variables should be considered while calculating it. The meaning of "big winning" is, "hit" and get more than 200x (200x total bets: with a stake of €10, we win €2000 or more).

Please note that if an online casino is new and there are no players in it, "prize pool" for winning is empty and you going to lose until the pool is filled. Only after this process, it comes a moment to "hit" a big win. Usually, it will be around 90-95% of all your deposits to this online casino in the current session.

Pyramid principle

The online slots use the pyramid principle's method. The part of the pool for "big winning" via low stakes is reserved for winning in prize pool via next step of bets (between small and medium bets), and like this up to prize pool via high-rolling. The higher the number of active players is in an online casino, the bigger is "the total prize pool". In fact, "the pyramid principle" can be compared to a lottery with several denominations of tickets. Each group has its own "prize pool" (jackpots).

The prize pool conception is a kind of lottery

  • The cheapest tickets (the bets from €0.25 to €5). At these limits is an overwhelming number of players so the chance of a "big winning" will be much higher. Most likely that some part of current "prize pool" is taken to form the "big winning" at higher stakes in the next steps. This data may reach up to 10% of the pool. So, the casino motivates players to gamble via higher stakes and collect more money to pay-out the "big winning".
  • Inexpensive tickets (€5 to €10 stakes). Fewer people are playing via these stakes (comparing to the previous group). A lot of bonus hunters are trying to increase the dispersion by playing at the maximum allowed bets (usually maximum is from €5 to €10). Their goal is to complete the wagering requirements of the bonus money. This fact significantly increases the activity at these limits, and forms a large "prize pool."
  • The tickets of medium value (from €10 to €50 stakes). This is the most profitable for players. At these limits, there are much fewer players than above. The pool collects money from previous levels (the bets from €0.25 to €10), and there are much less participant in the "drawing." It seems that the personal statistics (balance of winning/losses) and the player's group have a significant influence on the results.
  • The expensive tickets (stakes are from €50 to a maximum) - this is the most profitable/unprofitable situation simultaneously to get a "big winning" in an online casino. The big winning at these bets will be huge (in a money equivalent), but there are not so many players, most of the money is moving to previous limits and the current "prize pool" is filling up slowly. Here the player's account history will play a decisive role: win/losses, the denominations of bets, the number of deposits /withdrawals and current balance. Gambling at this level is very risky.

What is the prize pool?

The prize pool is the sum of all players' bets, minus winning in one online casino (or network). So, for example, if 100 people play for €1 per spin and win €20 in total, the total "prize pool" will be €80.

  • Depending on the chosen slot, 1% - 10% of this fund will go to the casino (see all slot's percentages).
  • Depending on the length of the cycle and the dispersion of the selected slot machine, from 5% to 90% will be paid to winners. The balance will be collected for the next drawings. It's good to know that the higher the dispersion and cycle's length are, the more money will be collected for the next lottery (just a few players will receive the winning amount more than their bets).
  • From 1% to 10% will go to the higher stakes' pool for the big winning.

Note that each casino has its own "prize pool". For example, if you play in a new casino where there are no players, then you will simply not have the chances to win an amount much higher than your starting balance. At best (if you selected a bet from the calculation 200+ bets on the balance) you will accumulate your prize pool and successfully win almost the entire amount of your deposit back. In the worst case, you will run out of money before this moment.

Where to play

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