Prize pool of winnings at Netent casino slots

How to get a big win at a Netent casinoLets try to figure out how to get a big win at online casinos Netent. Whether it is necessary to consider parameters such as the prize pool, the bet, the dispersion and the length of the selected slot cycle, the number of players at that casino?

In this article, you will learn how is the prize pool for big winnings in slots that depend on it and which variables should be taken into account in its calculation. Below you will find a comparison table of all our partner casinos along with an indication to the particular network they belong to and the number of players in each of them. Under the big win we understand 200 total bets or higher. That is, at the rate of betting €10 and winning €2,000 or more. What affects the probability of winning a big prize in a casino?

Big win in Netent casino

SparksNetEnt casinos software operate on the principle of a pyramid. A small portion of the players’ bets goes into the progressive jackpot pools. Therefore, the more players play a certain slot, the bigger the jackpot pool gets. To understand this better let’s compare NetEnt slots with lottery which has several denominations of lottery tickets. They have different values and each has a separate prize pool and several jackpots. For example:

  • Tickets (prices ranging from 0.25 to 5 Euros) – an overwhelming number of players play at this rate, so the chances of a big win will be much higher. It is actually from this nominal interest rate that the biggest percentage for the formation of large winnings at a casino is made. This option may well reach 10% of the total lottery. Thus, the casino motivates players to bet bigger so that it has something to pay them in the moments of big wins (until the cycle is completed).
  • Tickets (prices ranging from 5 to 10 Euros) – less people play at this rate compared to the previous group, but it is usually in this range that the bonus money can be played through. Many bonus hunters are trying to affect the dispersion of the slots, placing the maximum allowed values (typically 0 to 10 Euros). The goal: safely clear the bonus after a big win at the lowest rates. This increase in the limits produces a large fund to get large amounts, faster rollover of the bonus money and provides funds to pay winnings to larger ticket rates.
  • Tickets (prices ranging from 10 to 50 Euros) – these are the most profitable for the player. Despite the fact that a very small number of the players are playing at these rates, here they flock to the reserve funds and participating in the raffle is extremely small. With these limits may not take any interest in the general fund, but it will already be set to a personal player statistics (balance of wins / losses) and belonging to one of the groups according to the software starts having an impact on the results.
  • Tickets (prices ranging from 50 to a maximum) – it is the most advantageous and disadvantageous position for a big win in a casino at the same time. The big payout on these rates will be huge (in monetary terms), but the unity of players and a prize pool of the large winnings with smaller bets will build up very slowly. It is here that will be crucial to the personal player statistics: the balance of wins / losses, denomination betting in the entire history of the account holder and current account balance.

What is the prize pool?

A winning prize pool is made up from the sum of all rates of all players in one online casino (or network) for a selected period of the time. For example, if 100 players are betting 1 Euro, the total prize money for the payment of winnings generated will be 100 Euros.

  • Depending on the selected slots, from 10 to 1% of the funds will go in favor of the casino (see all interest payments in Netent slots).
  • Depending on the length of the cycle and dispersion of the selected machine, from 5 to 90% will be paid to all participants as prizes.
  • From 1 to 10% will go to fund for the formation of large wins and to the fund for the game with larger rates.
  • These parameters are crucial in the formation of a shared pool of winnings.

Networked online casinos:

As we have found out, the more players bet in a chosen casino, the better. That is, the smaller the casino, the worse the jackpot prize pools and vice versa. This is not quite true. There is a network of the online casinos, which use a single pool for the big wins. By combining dozens of operators, a pretty large pool is formed. It is unmatched by any one, not even by the biggest operators. By the way, new casinos often go bankrupt due to player, who got the prize of the entire network. Below you can see a list of online casinos with an indication of the network they belong to:



Bonus Wagering Network Number of players
Royal Panda Royal Panda


35х Stand-alone

Huge operator with a large number of players

Casino x Casino X 100%-€2000 50x Own network One of the biggest casinos
Videoslots Videoslots 100%-200€ 20x Stand-alone One of the biggest online casinos in the world
BitStarz casino BitStarz 100%-€100 40x Softswiss Huge prize pool at this casino. It belongs to the Softswiss network
Space casino Space casino 110%-€150 40x Softswiss Huge prize pool at this casino. It belongs to the Softswiss network

500 free spins

0x Softswiss

Huge prize pool at this casino. It belongs to the Softswiss network




40х EveryMatrix Huge prize pool at this casino. It belongs to the EveryMatrix network



40x Everymatrix Huge prize pool at this casino. It belongs to the EveryMatrix network
Guts Guts


35х Stand-alone Huge operator. Three casinos in the network

About networks

As you can see, a large number of operators belong to the Everymatrix and Softswiss networks. These networks generate the huge prize pools for big winnings. At the same time, it is 100% safe to play at these casinos: all financial transactions are performed by the network itself. Making a deposit, you are transferring money to company requisites, which are used to pay the prizes. In summary, all casinos that are part of these networks can be regarded as one huge casino with a huge jackpot prize pool.

Best Netent casinos list