The pools and a prize fund at the slot machines of Netent casino

The pools and a prize fund at the slot machines of Netent casinoLet's try to understand out with you how to get a big winning at the online casino Netent. Do you need to consider such parameters as the prize fund (pool) at the slot machines, the amount of bet, the dispersion and length of the cycle of the selected video slot, the number of players at the selected casino?

From the article you will learn how the pool and prize fund for large winnings at the video slots are formed, what depends on it and what the variables should be taken into account when calculating it. Also below is a comparative table with all affiliate online casinos. It shows the affiliation of the casino to one or another network and the approximate number of players in each of them. Under a big winning, we understand 200 total bets and higher. That is, with a bet of 10 euros, we win 2000 euros or more. What influences the probability of getting the winning at a casino?

We win the big winnings at the casino

SparksThe slot machines at NetEnt casino work on the pyramid principle. The part of the fund of large payouts at low bets is reserved for wins at larger bets. Consequently, the more active players in a separate casino, the greater the total prize fund. In fact, the principle of the work of slot machines from Netent can be compared to a lottery with several denominations of tickets. Each group has its own prize fund and several jackpots.

An example of pools and drawing of prize funds on the example of lottery

  • The cheapest tickets (the bets from 0.25 to 5 euros) at these limits are played by the overwhelming number of players, so and the chance of a big win will be much higher. Most likely, it is from this prize fund that is taken the largest percentage to form the large winnings at the higher bets. This parameter may well reach 10% of the fund amount. Thus, the casino motivates players to make bets larger and has the money to pay out the random big wins (until there is enough distance). After a large number of spins, the announced percentage of payments will be made fairly accurately.
  • Inexpensive tickets (the bets from 5 to 10 euros) at these bets are played by far fewer people than in the previous group, but it is in this range that the bonus money usually win back. Many bonus hunters are trying to disperse the dispersion by playing at the maximum allowed bets (usually from 5 to 10 euros). A goal is to calmly win back the bonus after big winnings at minimum bets. Such artificial increase of activity at these limits forms a large prize fund for drawing the large sums, deducting bonus money and paying out winnings at larger bets.
  • The tickets of medium value (the bets from 10 to 50 euros) - this is the most profitable limit for the player. At these limits, players are tens of times smaller than in the above, but here the reserved funds are concentrated, and participants in the drawing is very small. It is likely that the percentage is not deducted from these limits in the total fund, and the personal statistics (balance of winnings / losses) and the player's belonging to one of the groups according to the software begin to have a significant influence on the results. It is in this prize pool that large amounts accumulate, provided that the casino is large and a large number of gamblers play in it.
  • The expensive tickets (the bets from 50 to a maximum) - this is the most profitable and unprofitable position simultaneously to get a big winning at the casino. The big winning at these bets will be huge (in a money equivalent), but there are not many players, and the prize fund from the smaller bets is replenished extremely slowly. It is here that the player's account history will play a decisive role: wins / losses, the denominations of bets, the amount of deposits and current balance. Playing here it is necessary with the maximum risk.

What is a prize fund?

The pool of prize money for large winnings is the sum of all players' bets in one online casino (or network) in the chosen time interval. So, for example, if 100 people play for 1 euro, the total prize fund will be 100 euros.

  • Depending on the chosen video slot, from 1% to 10% of this fund will go to the casino (see all percentages of payments of the video slots from Netent).
  • Depending on the length of the cycle and the dispersion of the selected slot machine, from 5% to 90% will be paid to all participants as winnings. The remains will be reserved for the next drawings. It is important to understand that the higher the dispersion and the longer of the cycle, the more money will be reserved for the next lottery, that is, the smaller number of players will receive the winning amounts exceeding their bets in the current round.
  • From 1% to 10% will go to the fund for the formation of the large winnings and a fund for playing at larger bets.
  • It is these parameters that are key when forming a total pool of prize fund for winnings at the slot machines from Netent.

It is important to understand that the prize pool has its own in every casino. If, for example, you play in a new casino where there are no players, then you will simply not have the chances to win an amount much higher than your starting balance. At best (if you selected a bet from the calculation 200+ bets on the balance) you will accumulate your own prize fund and successfully win almost the entire amount of your deposit back. In the worst case, you will run out of money before this moment.

Where to play

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