Meaning of falling two scatter symbols in the online slot

Meaning of falling two scatter symbols in the online slotAre you familiar with the situation when the first two reels of a slot machine get two scatter symbols, and it seems that now would be a bonus feature triggered, but it is not happening? It takes a few spins (and sometimes that happens in the following), and the situation is the same. Again, two scatter symbols on the first two reels and again missing the third. What does this mean? What conclusions can be made if the slot machine repeats this action a few times? Does it mean that soon there will be a bonus? Or is it better to close the slot? Well, we will discuss these questions in this article.

General questions

  • We are talking about slot machines, in which three scatter symbols anywhere on the playing field, are triggering the bonus feature. Example: Secret of the Stones, Piggy Riches and Egyptian Heros.
  • In the case that the scatter has to "play" (for example, placed from left to right in a playing line), the situation needs to occur on the 1, 2 and 3 reels.
  • The study does not apply to those slots in which to trigger the bonus you must win several times in a row (Elements) or catch one special symbol (Wish Master).

The facts of the appearance of two scatter symbols

Let`s get to facts. We studied the Secret of the Stones slot machine in detail. The constant emergence of two scatters symbols on the first two reels meant more of a transition into the "starvation cycle". That is why a slot machine is trying to keep the player. Rather, the expectation is "pending bonus, which was not long ago". Minus the more spins a player does, the greater the confidence that the bonus should be triggered soon. This expectation slot is trying to spur with two scatter symbols. We got similar results in other Netent slots. The situation concerns several times repeating the two scatters on a small number of spins (10 to 30).

The psychological factor

For the player the appearance of two scatter symbols on the first two reels is like a red rag to a bull. The player with a stronger addiction gets more affected by similar situations. Especially brightly it is expressed in those slot machines that slow the rotation of the reel if 2 scatter symbols fold. For Example Ariana, Wild Water, Immortal Romance.

Increasing the stakes and bonus triggering

According to some players stories, the increasing of the stake can reverse the current cycle of the machine (for example, an increase in the value of one coin, keeping the same number of coins). Usually, trying to fix the player to play at higher stakes and to increase the slot's value from the point of mathematics, a slot machine can trigger the bonus feature after stakes increasing. At the same time, winning can be big. But the more you use this trick; the less software will react to it. That is why depending on the player`s class statistics can be transferred to any other casino that you are registering in with the same data.


  • If the slot wants to trigger the bonus feature, it is triggering. It will not need to tease you with two scatter symbols on the first two reels to do this.
  • If you see two often scatters on a small number of spins (10 to 30), it is a serious reason to change the slot or to change stakes.
  • We recommend you check our theory by your own by running any of the slots in demo mode from Netent.

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