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Elements video slot

Air, Earth, Fire and Water are the four elements which rule the universe since its inception. Even thinkers of antiquity tried to understand the great teaching, because it was to these four elements that the minds of such philosophers as Aristotle and Plato were directed. Can you unravel the magic of the ancient symbols that have become the fundamental principles of such a science as alchemy? Learn more by launching the Elements video slot in free demo mode. Elements slot is set to 96% return winnings and the maximum winning is 300,000 coins. A unique system of bonus rotations makes this slot machine is unique. Be sure to play in demo of this video slot for free and without registration.

Personal review of the tester:

In my view, Elements video slot is one of the most dangerous machines from Netent company. The matter is that it is impossible to understand where in the cycle of the slot machine you are located now. In the next 1000 spins you can not see any bonus, but you can see it from a dozen times. The volatility of all bonus games is different. This slot machine is still very popular among players. But to earn money is really hard, above all I adore the graphics, the design of the video slot shocks our imagination, it is very difficult to compare it with something. My conclusion is positive. I recommend playing for real money with very careful bets (from 1/200 of your balance sheet). Do not miss your chance to get a lot of pleasure and to be enriched.

How to win?

Description of Elements video slot

It is really difficult to describe the admiration of the gamer that launches the Elements video slot. After all, according to most virtual gamblers, this slot machine is one of the best emulators developed by NetEnt. This is a good example of the perfect video slot should be to attract the attention of fans of excitement.

The graphics are simply amazing: what is the similarity to the lion and the fire-breathing mythical creature during the free spins. It is the source of colorful glimpses flashing with each successful combination. The symbols themselves are well designed, they are even more prominent on the dark screen background, where you may see the mountain peaks covered with snow and the blazing lava flows. Sound effects and constantly sounding musical overflows are also performed at a high level.

Technical specifications:

  • Free spins FeatureLike many others Netent products, is a 5-reel slot with twenty active pay-lines.
  • You will not see the usual promotion of the reels - the next symbols just pop out on the screen. This function is known as Avalanche. It ends in two cases:
  • When the next Avalanche does not bring successful combinations.
  • After the loss of four winning Avalanches.
  • In the latter case the winning series of characters turns into a comet, corresponding to the color of one of the elements, and rushes to the "Energy Meter". It is not just a beautiful animation – you get free spins when four Avalanches are collected.
  • Each bet can include from one to ten coins, the value of which is from 0.01 to 0.5 Euros, so the maximum bet size is €100.

Free games:

Earth wildYou may get four types of free spins features at Elements video slot:

  • Fiery "Fire Storm";
  • Air "Air Storm";
  • Water "Water Storm";
  • "Earth Storm" — is a symbol of the Earth.

Depending on the element group, the Wild symbols are dropped on different reels and they themselves are quite different. The bonus game consists in issuing 10 free games with additional Wild symbols. It is activated once you get four consecutive wins. During the free games, the Wild symbols will be dropped depending on the number of the most played symbols in those four consecutive wins.

Types of Wild symbols during free games:

  • Air Storm wildFire Storm. By being activated, the Wild symbols will appear on the reels 2, 3 and 4. They can randomly move to reels 1 and 5.
  • Air Storm, when dropped on the playing field during the first bonus spin, gives you the chance to move it in order to form a prize line.
  • Earth Storm. If you have activated a bonus game with this element, it means that all the Wild symbols will be remaining on the field until they play.
  • Water Storm. Appearing on the playing field, this symbol turns all the symbols on its reel into wild symbols.
  • This function is extremely rare. Most often it is activated by the elements of fire.

Payout table:

PaytableUnlike many machines, among the symbols there are found on the screen of the slot Elements: The Awakening video slot. Only four main elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water, which are well designed in both passive and active states. They will be dropped as an Avalanche. Below you see the main symbols that appear on the playing field of the Elements slot machine.

  • Hibernating elements, belonging to the category of lower symbols, built from the first reel, will bring you multiplication of the rate from 3 to 100 times.
  • The active elements, of course, have a bigger value, increase in rates from ten to 1,500 times.
  • The Wild symbol is originally designed. It is a Stone Cube marked with mysterious signs. By being dropped on the reels 2-5, it substitutes all the symbols and increases the winning combinations.

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