How to win at Blood Suckers

How to win at Blood Suckers video slotThanks to Blood Suckers slot machine, you will get the maximum available return of the made bets in the amount of 98%. Online casinos usually do not exclude this video slot from the list of games in which you can win back the wager requirements for bonus money. That's why a large number of players simultaneously play this slot machine. Let's find out how to win at Blood Suckers video slot.

Probabilities of winning and bonus

  • The probability of returning of the made bets reaches 98%. This is a very high and rare indicator there are few games which have so high percentage of payouts and it means that you can not worry about it because it will help you in the long distance. In this case, during regular spins, the player can return 52% of his bets. But the bonuses will allow you to win back 45.2%. Of these, in the bonus round, you can get up to 20.1% of the bets, in free spins - 12.1%. Scatter symbol returns up to 13% of the made bets.
  • Consider all the features of the game, the probability of winning any size in one spin is 46.4%. And on any of the active lines the pay combinations can be formed with a probability of 42.9%. But Scatter can give out wins in 6 spins out of 100. You can get 3 or more scatter symbols in every 200 spins, and launch a bonus round in every 50 spins.
  • Note that for one spin, you can break the jackpot into 101 460 coins. The maximum payout for a combination of five symbols reaches a mark of 30,000 coins, and in free spins this figure is equal to 90 000 coins. And in the bonus you can get no more than 20 320 coins.

How to win money at Blood Suckers video slot

Blood SuckersThis slot machine almost always remains "hot", which tells us at once about a few things:

  • The cycle of the return of the made bets in the form of winnings is pretty fast, which means that we need to have on the balance an amount of not less than 50 total bets to increase the chances of getting through the whole cycle and get a positive balance at the end of the game session.
  • Your current winning will be doubled when two scatters symbols appear. This is the method of winning accounts for 13%. You need to understand that winnings on the pay lines will not be in priority.
  • The percentage of the return to the player is 98%. Of them: in the main game is 52%, during free games is 12.1%, with payouts from the scatter symbols is 13%, from payments in the bonus game (with a choice of coffins) is 20.1%.
  • The probability of getting any winnings in the current spin (including scatter symbols) is 46.4%. The winning on any pay line is 42.9%. Any win with scatter symbols is 6.1%.
  • The probability of falling out three or more scatter symbols and the launching of free spins is 0.5%.
  • The probability of loss of the bonus game (with the choice of coffins) is 2.1%. By the way, the bonus with coffins will fall out four times more often than free games.
  • The maximum winnings are 90,000 coins (€ 45,000). In the main game are 30 000 coins, during free spins are 90 000 coins, in the bonus game are 20 320 coins, simultaneous winning is 101 460 coins.
  • RTP (the percentage of the return of made bets) is 98%, which allows you to get a positive mathematical expectation of the winning.

Strategies and systems:

As for me, this information will help you choose a winning strategy at Blood Suckers slot machine. During the testing the following game features are installed:

  • It proved to be sensitive to the use of tactics spin and maxbet for changing cycles.
  • Try to make bet multiple of 10. To win this slot machine, the optimal bet is 10 cents, 1 coin, 10, 50 and 100 coins.
  • The maximum winnings at Blood Suckers video slot are possible only during the bonus game or free spins multiplied by three, or during the bonus round with a choice of coffins (if you are lucky to choose a coffin with 4000 coins).
  • The game can use the strategy of gradual increase in the bets. If you decide to do this, then you will try to raise a bet, increasing the cost of the coin, and not by adding the number of bets in the "bet" field.
  • Despite of the fact that Blood Suckers slot machine has a short cycle of winnings, it is often in a hot state. All this is explained by the huge number of players who win back the bonus money.

Use of the additional functions:

As I mentioned earlier, the biggest winnings can be get only in the bonus game, or during the free spins multiplied by three. Why do we choose the bonus games? The answer is simple. The coefficients of the payout in the main game are not. Excluding the fall of wild symbols, even a complete row of the older signs gives only 500 bets on the active pay line. For example, if you play at a total bet of € 50, the fall of five senior vampires will bring only you € 1,000. In my opinion, this value is extremely low for a complete coincidence of the five most valuable images.

During the bonus game you can win more than 4000 coins. The free games give you 15 spins, for which you do not need to pay, with multiplying the winnings by three. For example, if you play at a total bet of € 10, you will receive games in the equivalent of € 450 (10 * 3 * 15). Also, for the falling out of three scatter symbols that launch free spin round, you will receive a win of € 50. After receiving a big win, you should stop playing this video slot and continue the game only next month.

Bonus game and definition of cycles

During the bonus game you can identify which cycle is currently in use. By the way, after an unsuccessful choice of the coffin, carefully look at the coefficients which were in the remaining coffins. The more you see high multipliers, the more chances for a successful continuation of the game sequence. If you see in a few bonus games a coffin with a maximum of 4000 coins, it means that the player is now located directly in the cycle with large winnings and this is an occasion for continuing the game at the current bet.


It was one of the first slot machines that brought me to NetEnt casino. The ability to get a quick win at the expense of a successful bonus or free spins seemed very attractive to me. I found out later that the video slot is one of the most profitable in NetEnt lineup. I definitely recommend playing it in free mode and only then you can make the final decision to play for money or refuse.

I experimented with various tactics for winning at Blood Suckers video slot. I noticed that this game responds well to changing the cycles of issuance with launches spin and max bet. Also, it seemed to me that progress is much more active at bets at the 1, 10, 50 and 100 Euros. In the course of the game it is quite simple to identify how much the slot machine is ready to pay a decent prize. If you see that for several dozen spins, the video slot will not give out more money than you bet in the general bet, then it will be an occasion to try to change the situation and give preference to another game, or pause and return to it a little later.

In total, during the testing period, more than 300,000 spins were made. Throughout all games, the total refund bet was 99.2%. This parameter is slightly higher than the declared 98% return of bets made, that is, the slot machine was in the mode of issuing money. The spins were made at a bet of € 100.

If you ask me to characterize Blood Suckers video slot in one word - I will say: "I recommend!" Do several the test spins in this game using the free game block. The software is configured this way, with the exception of correction variables, which software assigns to players, depending on their group the issuance of sequences is made without division into the free games or the real money.


In conclusion, I would like to say that, of course, Blood Suckers video slot is one of the main offers from NetEnt. It is especially popular at bonus hunting. A large number of players win back bonuses in it. During the testing period we had the several big wins, but the balance of the slot machine keeps steadily.

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