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The cycle of slots vs Spin and Max Bet buttons

The cycle of slots vs Spin and Max Bet buttons
Let's look at the strategy of winning cycles of slots in different ways. The first way is through the Max Bet button (the maximum bet); the second way is through the Spin button (start). Is there a difference between them? The article doesn’t claim to have absolute truth, though within a testing process of slots.

The cycles of slots and Spin - Max Bet buttons

Is there any difference between cycles via Max Bet and usual launch of the slot machine? According to our observations, the slot's behaviour is changing. You can interrupt an unsuccessful sequence of spins by clicking on the maximum bet button. This will work only if the stake per spin remains the same (otherwise, you start a new cycle on an increased total bet).

  • You can get familiar with a related article about the change in cost and the number of coins per pay line. Here it is proved that this data can influence not only on the process but also on RTP (return to player percentage).
  • Many players think that it is impossible to influence the behaviour of slots. And the result depends on the right time and good choice of the slot machine. They also deny prize pools exist. But such players cannot explain why they cannot win in new online casinos. When they complete the cycle and hit, the winning is their entire loss (with the deduction of the slot's RTP (return to player percentage).

We give an illustrative example of the use

Wild symbols
In Creature from the black lagoon slot, I put €10 per spin at a coin value of €0.05. The stake does not change when you click on Spin or Max Bet. If you want to break the cycle of the slot and to start the new one, you should push the max bet button.

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Use the described model as a way of trying to change the current slot's cycle. You can test this strategy in demo game or for real money (with minimum bet). Check it if this method works or not. In the worst case (if not) you are in the same situation. Putting the maximum Level per pay line (maximum number of coins) - it's the best choice. Some slot machines reduce the RTP (return to player percentage) when playing on a low level.

Where to play?

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