We change the cycle of slot machines by using the buttons Spin and Max Bet

We change the cycle of slot machines by using the buttons Spin and Max BetLet's look at the strategy of changing the cycles of a video slot in the different ways. The first way is through Max Bet button (the maximum bet); the second way is through the Spin button (start). Is there a difference between these two options for changing the cycle? The article doesn’t claim to be in possession of absolute truth, though within a testing process of slots.

The cycles of the video slots and Spin - Max Bet buttons:

Do they spins of Max Bet (that is, the maximum bet) cycles different from the usual launch of the slot machine? According to our observations, the behavior of the video slot in this case is changing. You can interrupt an unsuccessful sequence of games by clicking on the maximum bet button. If you play at the maximum level of the bet on the given cost of one coin, then when you play Max Bet, the cost of spin remains the same, but the cycle of the game changes.

  • You can get acquainted with a related article about the change in cost and the number of coins per pay line, in which it is proved that this parameter can significantly influence not only the game process, but also the percentage of payouts.
  • Many players claim that it is impossible to influence the behavior of the video slot and the result depends only on the successful choice of the slot machine and the time when it will be launched. They also deny that the prize funds exist for casino payments. The only thing that the players can not explain is why you can not win in new casinos, and after a complete cycle, you get back the entire loss, after deduction of a certain amount which is reserved for the percentage of payouts of the slot machine.

We give an illustrative example of use:

Wild symbolsIn Creature from the black lagoon slot machine we put 10 Euros at a coin value of 0.05 Euro. In this case, when you click on Spin and Max Bet, the bet does not change, but in the second case, the cycle of the video slot is interrupted and a new cycle starts. This cunning can be used during the unsuccessful game sessions.

The session can be considered successful if:

  • Spins return a bet or give more bets;
  • Often fall out the bonus games;
  • There are other indirect indications of a successful period of cycle.

The system for changing the cycles in the slot machines using Spin and Max Bet buttons will work if the total bet does not change when pressed. Otherwise, the cycle changes to the one that is tied to this bet. In fact, you will start a new cycle of sequences on a new total bet.

Sensitivity of the video slots:

It is possible to experimentally identify slot machines that are sensitive to changing cycles using Spin / Max Bet. If you frequently change the cycle during one game session without rebooting the video slot, you can develop immunity to change the algorithm at the program level.

In this case, we recommend that you reload the video slot or exit and then come back into your account at the online casino. If you feel that bad luck dragged on – you should change the sequence, and then you will already return to the standard spin in the new algorithm.

Use the described model exactly as an alternative way of trying to change the cycle. You can identify in the demo game, or when you are playing at minimum bets values-this method works or not. In the worst case, if there is nothing under it, you will not lose anything. Putting the maximum number of coins per pay line is the right choice, regardless of whether you click on the spin button or max bet.

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