Adaptive mathematics at the online casino

Adaptive mathematics at online casinoLet's talk about adaptive mathematics in an online casino. The motto of NetEnt company is the equal chances of winning to all players. Online casinos' owners do not have access to software's settings, as Netent places all games on their servers. But there should be a difference between a player who has deposited money at their casino's account for the fifth time (and never cash-out) and a player who immediately withdraw any winning (even x2 from the deposit). Will online slots behave the same way?

To interest and motivate player for gambling are the main purposes of any online casino. As they say, if nobody wins in a casino, nobody would play in it. Developers are trying to configure the software in such a way that players continue to gamble even with a negative result, continuing to deposit again and again hoping to hit a big win. To read the following articles, it's helpful:

What is the adaptive mathematics in casino's slots?

The probability of getting big winning follows the mathematical laws with several variables. These variables may be adaptive. It means that they can change when some conditions are met. The adaptive mathematics in an online casino can be exactly the factor, which supports players' interest in gambling and motivates them to deposit real money to their account again and again.

According to the classification of players by Netent, there is a connection between the player's account balance (positive or negative in deposits - withdrawals) and the probability of big winning.

Adaptive model

Adaptive mathematics is an adjusting model. It will change the probability of each win, seeking to fulfil the declared RTP (return to player percentage) of the chosen game. More spins you will do, closer results will be to declare RTP. Let me try to explain by example:

  • Suppose you always play at Blood Suckers slot with RTP of 98%. The medium of your bet is €1.
  • Luckily: after playing 1000 spins (wagered €1000), you won €3000. So, according to RTP of 98%, you should have only €980 (98% of €1000). But in fact, your balance is €3000.
  • You start to play again, so from now on, the online slot will try to adjust the "RTP" - first would cover the minus money, then getting RTP. As more spins you do, the closer the statistical would be to declared RTP numbers.
  • In the reverse situation. You wagered €1000 at "Blood Suckers" slot and lost all the amount. The coefficient of adaptive mathematics will try to increase the probability of your winning to €980 (according to RTP).
  • It is very important to understand that the more spins you make, the more accurate statistics will be performed. In the end, by making several million spins, you will get a clear declared percentage of 98%.
  • Each slot machine has its hidden data: volatility, cyclicity of winning, dispersion (variance of winning) and different probabilities of triggering of bonus features. Depending from these factors slots will give winning often (or rare) and have different potential on very big winning.


The coefficients of adaptive mathematics are tools that are designed to stimulate the interest and motivation of the player for gambling. It is important to understand that the prize fund for payments is accumulated in each online casino. You should choose popular casinos with a big number of players.

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