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How to win at slots with the help of mathematics?

How to win at slots with the help of mathematics
There are a lot of strategies and tactics for playing in the casino. The most interesting of them are collected on our website. But now I would like to talk about something else. In my opinion, it is thanks to "the mathematical expectation of winning" and the law of big numbers, all casinos get profit on the long distance. Can the player use the same weapon for his own good? Is it possible to win in slots with the help of mathematics? The answer to this question will be devoted to today's study. I recommend that first, you read the article:

Getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning

By choosing one of the casinos in our site (we recommend Fastpay, just the best), you can get a "positive mathematical expectation of winning" by taking a bonus. We wrote about this in detail here, and now we will only highlight the main things:

  • Playing with an active bonus, with wagering requirements 35x, in slots with the RTP (return to player percentage) more than 97%, we can get a mathematical advantage (up to 1.72%) over the casino. It means that for every €100 wagered, our theoretical profit will be €1.72.
  • Playing with the bonus of 40x wagering, our advantage over the online casino will be up to 1.36%. In other words, with a higher wagering requirement, we will (statistically) win €1.36 for every €100 wagered.

This method (bonus hunting) does not violate the rules of trusted casinos, and it is "white". The main difficulty is that you need a lot of bonuses with low wagering. You can register in all trusted online casinos. You will receive regular promotion offers, through which you can maximise the advantage from each deposit.

Hidden data of slot machines

On our site placed the secret data of each of the slots. For example, the following information is available for Blood Suckers slot machine:

  • The RTP (return to player percentage) is 98%. Of these: in the usual spins game is 52%, during "the free spins feature" is 12,9%, with winning from "2 scatter symbols" is 13%, from payments in "the pick and click" bonus 20,1%.
  • The probability of hitting any winning in the current spin (including the scatter symbols) is 46.4%. The win on any pay line is 42.9%. Any winning with the "scatter symbols" is 6.1%.
  • The probability of triggering "the free spins feature" is 0.5%.
  • The probability of triggering the bonus "pick and click" feature is 2.1%.
  • The maximum payout is 90 000 coins.
  • The length of the cycle in the slot is short. It means that you will often win, but not much.
  • Dispersion of winning is very low.
  • Tester recommendations - positive.
  • The sensitivity to testing in the demo mode is high.
  • The RTP in 98% allows you to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning in the casino. RTP shows if it is possible to win in the game with the help of mathematics.
  • Recommended denominations of bets - in an increase of 10: €0.1, €1, €10.
  • Learn more about how to win at Blood Suckers slot machine

You can find similar information (where it is provided) for each the slot. Use these mathematical calculations to identify the proper value of stakes and increase the chances of big winning.

Recommendations from our testing team

Testing team results
Some common actions can be observed in slots after a significant number of spins. It can be two scatter symbols in a row before triggering "the bonus features" or "wild symbols" at some specific positions. Sometimes you can find a bug with increased RTP data on exact stakes. It is difficult to say whether these observations can be called a mathematical way, but this experience gives you an advantage.

Example of such observations may be found in the following slots:

Tester recommendations

In every description of the slot machine, there is a comment from the expert who tested it. These observations provide an additional advantage and will save you from wasting time and money on selecting the optimal stake for each of the slots. Check out the list of all slots.


You need to understand that ultimately you are playing against other players. The total prize pool of a particular slot is distributed among several players, and software retains its percentage of the profit, according to slot's RTP. A player who uses effective tactics may make money more often. As for me, you should try combining several of the methods which are described above to increase the effect. Register the accounts only in reliable and trusted online casinos at the link below. After all, you need not only to win money but also to get them on your wallet.

Where to play?

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