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Bugs and holes at online slots

Bugs and holes at NetEnt online slots
In this article, we will talk about the software errors (also called "bugs" or "holes") in online slot machines. Can you find any crack in slots and use it to earn money?  How much money does one need to use this procedure? Why do providers release new versions of some slots?

We hope that this article will help you understand how the provider software works to eliminate bugs and holes. We also give some opinions of our testers. Do you know why the operator releases the new version of the favourite game after a couple of years? (without the serious modifications, but only with a new set of the features). Wherein, the first version is adjusted to the mode to win "players' money".

Aliens slot machine can serve as a vivid example; this is a top-rated slot, which received the award as an innovation of 2014. The game was removed from the list of Netent in 2017 for retargeting. What do you think, what is the reason for such a hasty, panic and retreat? Perhaps some players have found a crack to win money on Aliens slot, and Netent had to remove it from the list.

The new version of slot machines as a way to block the holes

The reasons for the second part of an online slot can be the following factors:

  • The huge popularity of the first version.
  • Developers still believe that with the second part, they will take additional action (and profit) from the same theme (or idea).
  • The improved graphics and features.
  • Correction of "bugs" and holes of the first version.

A new version of the slot is developed for the mentioned reasons above. Sometimes a developer needs to apply new settings in online slots and to prevent the situations which players win money in an extended period. A few years ago, we were lucky as a player to find a bug in Jack Hammer slot. We have earned around €100,000 in several months. Then slot was reprogrammed and began only to grab (take away) players' money. After a short time, it released the second version - Jack Hammer 2.

Features of Jack Hammer and Jack Hammer 2 online slots

Jack Hammer
Let's talk a little more about this case. We noticed something strange, exactly: at stakes of €25 and €250 per spin Jack Hammer slot machine paid-out more than 100% RTP (return to player percentage) despite that, the original RTP was shown as 97%. More than 2 million spins were done. During this period, we have days where the maximum loss was 25 000€, but in others, we managed to win about 100 000€. Huge volatility, don't you think so?

We managed to win more than €100,000 during this time. This bug in the slot machine was discovered by accident, and with the release of the second version, the bug was eliminated in Jack Hammer slot. After that, the slot stopped giving out the big winning.

Vulnerabilities: Achilles heel of the online casino

You should note that we are not talking about big bugs in slots or the usage of third-party software, but rather about minor violations in the settings of some slots. Sometimes slots start giving out big winning at some exact stakes a little more often than others. Of course, it does not mean that from all other stakes, it just grabs all the money, to return (its original RTP). In total, exploring such a "bug" is excellent luck for the player and is a real nightmare for the casino.

Let's look at the problem on behalf of software developers. What if one of our casinos reports about a player that is winning at same slot machine again and again? What if a player found errors or bugs and using it to earn money? The announcement of this fact can ruin all the casino's own business and reputation. A serious casino that values its reputation cannot just refuse to pay (because the player did not violate any terms and conditions). It would be strange to write in the terms and conditions that players are prohibited from winning. Of course, in this case, the casino will negotiate with the developer about these winning and request to share the expenses if something is wrong with this machine.

In the mentioned situation, what should software developers do? The first thing that comes to their mind instantly is to correct the mistake in the settings. But it is difficult to do. Moreover, the main difficulty is that by shutting down and resetting the slot, you'll frighten away other players who regularly play and lose money in their favourite slot.

The developer must release the corrected second version of this slot machine and switch the attention of ordinary players to the new version.

After that they are switching the first version for the players who have used the bug, to trap them in the slot that is in cold mode "grabbing all money back" (because those players still looking for the same holes). They will lose most of their winning with their progressive systems and high-rolling even before they will believe that changes in the settings were applied.

Personal experience

Jack Hammer 2
A few years ago, we got interested in online casinos' software by NetEnt. We were attracted by the games' modernity, plenty of "bonus features" and the opportunity to win a significant amount of money.

Selecting a slot and the stakes

As players, we tried different games and we finally chose Jack Hammer slot machine. We liked the "sticky win feature". The initial bet was €25, and we were able to increase our investment several times. There we had noticed a bug.

The slot machine's RTP (return to player percentage) reacted on a bet of €25 and €250 per spin, and it was anomaly high. We have wagered more than 2 million spins, and RTP number was still was showing 125%. On other bets (high-rolling and low-rolling), the balance was decreasing as usual. By using this bug, we constantly won during the month. In total, we have earned about €100,000 in the different casinos.

After a million spins, you will notice the situations and sequences that cause a chain of wins or losses. Like appearing of "2 scatter symbols" on the first two reels without third one or showing many "wild symbols" on the last reels without any winning.


One Friday evening, I tried to play €250 for one spin. At that moment, it was the maximum bet. On that evening I won almost €30,000.

I'm going to skip the details of the game-play at €250 stakes. After almost two months of using this bug, the slot machine's settings were changed by Netent. The program was reconfigured. It began to take players money without any big winning. Even the real fans of this machine stopped playing there. The Netent needed to change something. And they decided to launch the Jack Hammer 2 slot.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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