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Aliens slot

Aliens slot
The latest technology, achievements and developments were applied in Aliens slot. Stunning graphics, animation and the bonus feature with two levels warm a lot of interest and push gamblers to play at Aliens again and again. Pass all levels, defeat the queen of the hive, and you will receive a 240x winning. Here you can play on this machine for free in demo mode. Maximum winning per spin can be up to 570,000 coins, and RTP (return to player percentage) is 96.4%.

Personal testers opinion about Aliens slot

This is a fantastic game, but there are a few “but”. Never change the value of the stake during the game. After increasing the bet, the cycle starts from the very beginning. After the big winning, you need to finish the game. I recommend skipping the value of the stakes of €7.5 and €15. Unfortunately, for an unknown reason, Aliens online slot was removed from all casinos. Possibly that there was an error or bug that players could use for winning money. The game does not work now. The reason and time for returning are unknown.

The probability of winning and triggering the free spins feature declared by Netent

  • The RTP (return to player percentage) in Aliens online slot is 96.4%. It is divided into two bonus features and the winning during usual spins. During usual spins, 40.6% of the prize pool is paid. In the first level of the bonus feature - 47.8% and in the second level (Queen of the hive) is 8%. As you can see, the probability of triggering of the 2nd bonus round is low, so the maximum of the slot's potential can be released there.
  • The probability of getting any winning (hit) during usual spins is 24.8%.
  • The probability of triggering the first level of the bonus free spins feature is 2,499%.
  • The probability of passing through the first level and triggering the second level of the bonus (Queen of the hive) is 0.194%.
  • The total maximum winning per single spin is 572,600 coins.

The hidden parameters and settings of Aliens slot (data from testing)

Appearance and graphic design of the Aliens online slot

The game follows the movie trilogy about Aliens. While triggering Aliens slot, we see an extended intro that creates an appropriate atmosphere. The story takes us on a spaceship that was attacked by aliens. The graphic design is beyond praise. There`re many animations and detailed symbols. It's not clear from the beginning what you need to gather or collect. There are a lot of small icons which are either added or disappear. It immediately seems unusual that during the roll of three symbols in the pay line, the machine turns with a common for search bonus (or scatter) symbol.


The slot machine offers the game on the five reels in three rows on the fifteen active pay lines. It has two consecutive bonus games, wild symbol, the multiplier of the winning and re-spins. Maximum win is 570,000 coins. The minimum value of one coin is 0,01€. The maximum amount of the coin is €1.

Usual spins: The Search

During usual spins of Aliens online slot, there is the alien`s activity counter with nine cells at the top of the screen. All winning symbols (except wilds) are put there (for each symbol you get +1). These symbols are put in the counter from newest to oldest (left to right) winning. Thus, the number of symbols in the counter will increase their multiplier.

If the same symbol wins on several lines, it will be added to counter only once. Symbols are added from left to right. If you didn't win anything in the current spin, the symbol that is situated on the left would be deducted from the counter. In this case, the multiplier for that symbol is returned to the standard (1). If a player wants to increase the stake, the counter will be reset. Full counter triggers the free spins feature (Encounter).

The bonus feature Level 1: The Encounter

On the first level of the free spins feature level, you must break through the corridor to get to the queen of the hive. You have ten spins to reach the hive queen. At the beginning of the feature, all symbols from the counter are transferred here with their multipliers. During the first spin, the cheapest symbols will appear in the middle of the field. With each new spin more and more expensive symbols will appear. 

After each spin, the "wheel of ammo" appears which can add more spins. You can win the maximum +2 ammo (+1 or 0). The counter shows the remaining ammo. With each spin, one ammo is spent on protection against aliens. When ammo is empty, the feature ends.

Level 2: The Queen of Hive

The second level of the bonus feature is triggered if you survived at first one (got extra ammo to the very end). Now your task is to destroy the alien`s hive until you`re out of ammo. The involved symbols in the round are: grenade, health hive counter, bullets counter and two reels. At the beginning of the level, the weapon is loaded with four bullets, which lasts for five spins of grenade power. The counter of the hive's health is full at the beginning of the level.

Firstly, grenade damage level and the multiplier of this damage is chosen randomly. Grenades are thrown into the queen, and then one cartridge is used to protect the soldier. The multipliers appear randomly, increasing the damage from grenades from 1 to 10 times more. The scale of the hive's health has four stop-points. When health ends, and the hive is destroyed, the player receives 240x of his total bets. For example, if you played for €10 and went through all the levels, you will receive €2400 for the winning.

The spinning continues until you have ammo for protection. If bullets finish before you destroy the hive, the bonus stops, and you return to the usual spins with an empty counter of alien`s activity. You will get all coins that were given at stop-points at hive's health. Best combination that kills Queen of the hive with 1 grenade is 10 and 10x.

Special symbols

All symbols in Aliens online slot are related to Aliens movie:

  • The cheapest symbol is an egg. If you collect 5 of them, you will get 30 coins.
  • If the egg has already been opened, the prize will increase to 40 coins.
  • If there is an alien larva sitting on a top of the egg, the winning will be 50 coins.
  • If the "baby" is strong and it has already appeared without the egg, you will get 60 coins.
  • For five symbols in the pupa state, you will be paid 70 coins.
  • And for adult aliens, you will get 100 and 150 coins per pay line. The most senior symbols are other aliens who are situated on a coloured background.
  • If you collect five aliens on a green background, you will get 300 coins per line. If there is on yellow; you will receive 500 coins, and if you are lucky enough to collect 5 symbols on a red background, the online slot will pay 1000 coins per line. 
  • And those are the numbers without taking into consideration any multipliers, which are present on all levels of the game.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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