How to beat the Casino by Netent

How to beat a casino by NetEntThe expectation is always on the side of the casino. Gambling, like any other, is obliged to be profitable. But if the casinos could not win, there would be no play, right? So, after all, you can beat the establishment? In this article we list all the possible ways to bypass the edge.

Guaranteed winnings

Casino always wins – you have to live with it. The payout percentage in fair casino varies in the range of 95-99,5%, depending on the game type or settings of video slots. Therefore, there cannot be any guaranteed strategies and techniques to outplay the Casino! Those claiming the opposite are liars and scammers. Don't be tempted to waste a couple of tens of dollars for a strategy that supposedly allows you to win a few thousand a week. Even if someone managed to develop it, it will be kept secret. However, there are exceptions to any rule.

How to beat the online Casino

You can actually increase your profits without breaking any rules by playing the bonuses at the slots with a high RTP percentage. In this case, the player gets a positive mathematical expectation. Actually this is the basics of our basic winning strategy for NetEnt Software. Bonuses with low wagering and neat acting out – in fact the only clean way to beat the casino, no wonder there is a whole industry bonus hunting.

Slot machines bugs

Malfunctions and bugs in the slots of the good manufacturers are quite rare, but still nobody is insured from them. We are not talking about big software malfunctions because in this case the Casino will void all winnings as stated in the terms and conditions of all gambling houses. We are talking about cases where a video slot can be sensitive to a particular bet size and thus, the winning rate is much higher than that given by RNG. If you happen to find such a machine, it is recommended not to be greedy and play without drawing much attention. Cash out your winnings right after your gaming session, avoiding the Administration attention. More information on this can be found here.

Player collusion in games

Big win at Creature from the Black LagoonThis refers to the "gray" scheme called harping and it is banned. But if you exercise caution and prudence, it is possible to beat the casino and clear the bonus at roulette without any risk. Casino harping is the situation where two players make counter bets on red / black in roulette and cover the zero field. The wagering is cleared; the players lose only the bets on zero. Learn more about this method in live casino.

Hacking the software

The most “black” way of beating an online casino is to hack its site. But European casino services are protected better than banks, so genius hackers prefer to just hack banks: the risk is the same, but there is more money involved. Over the past decade there have been one or two cases of hacking gambling sites, so if there is a small fee for accessing a hacked gambling site, it is a scam.

Software Features

From the many online gaming software providers, we knowingly choose Netent. In addition to the interesting design and addictive gameplay, the video slots of the Swedish developer have a generous feature: the RNG produces the same sequence in free play mode as in real money play. This is how we managed to develop a strategy to beat Netent Casino.

Read the detailed information in the corresponding section. Pay attention on some important moments that indicate a fair RNG:

  • Test the slot machines in free mode. Change the bet rates; use the MaxBet button to start a new cycle. Before you wager real money you must find out more about the mood of the machine (whether it pays or not), check its sensitivity towards certain bet sizes and new gaming cycles. This way you will know whether it’s worth to play a certain slot.
  • The same applies to card games and roulette – try first playing "on candy wrappers". This way you will test for free the "win-win" game strategy.
  • A number of observations suggest that the gaming software adapts to a particular player. This information is completely confidential, but after many tests we have been able to identify the features of the behavior of NetEnt software. This information was shared in the corresponding article on our site.
  • To beat the casino, look for games with high RTP rates. In addition, the machines that have accumulated big jackpots and are willing to give prizes are marked as "Hot".
  • Use the bonuses to get a positive mathematical expectation Netent Online Casino. Learn more about the possibilities of using bonuses to increase the probability of winning.

Reducing the risk

How to beat the dealerThe following tips you should use to reduce the risk and increase the profitability in games.

  • First — make sure to play at honest casinos that are reliable and allow you to cash out your winnings fast.
  • Carefully study the terms and conditions of online casinos, particularly the sections that deal with bonuses and account verification. Go through the procedure of confirmation of your data before making your first deposit, and then you will have no doubt that you will get your winnings.
  • We don’t recommend claiming bonuses if you want to beat a casino in blackjack or roulette. These games count only 1-10 % towards meeting the wagering requirements.
  • The deposit has a value. It is advisable to have enough money in your account to cover at least 200 bets. If suddenly you get a series of unfavorable spins or hands, the bet rates will help straighten out the statistics. For testing different ways of beating the Casino, you will need a substantial bankroll. Stories about the player who went to the casino with ten dollars and walked away with ten million are categorized as urban legends.
  • Restraint is necessary especially when you want to continue playing after a big win or loss. Do not replenish a lost deposition emotion; do not try to get your money back. Gaming forums are full of reviews of players who have lost everything after a big win. Therefore, learn to stop playing in time.
  • If you don’t want the software to interfere with the game, pick a live dealer game. Then nothing, except the bet limits, will prevent the use of any strategy, even the most obvious Martingale. The main thing to remember is that beating the casino at online roulette is not possible, because the game’s mathematical advantage is 2.7%.
  • Live dealer games allow you to use the card counting technique in blackjack. Select a blackjack table where the dealer does not mix the cards before each hand and try to beat the casino at blackjack. Experienced players know that with this strategy they would get a positive expectation of winning on the long run.

Pranksterish tips or what not to do

  • Dont chase losses. If you want to play two hundred dollars today, do it that way. But dont reload your account with money and return to your streak of bad luck. Analyze your mistakes and think how to beat the casino in a calm atmosphere and then return to playing the next day.
  • Dont make big deposits to claim big bonuses. If you make a large deposit of several thousand dollars or Euros in order to get a hundred dollar bonus, you get no significant increase to your budget, and the wagering requirements of big bonuses limit the size of the maximum bet you can place. In addition, some casinos set maximum cash out limit, until the bonus is played.
  • Chasing jackpots. Some suggest such a way of beating the Casino, but we strongly do not. Of course, when it comes to news about the next multi-million dollar fortune that struck the housewife, it's hard not to reduce the temptation in making several bets at the slot machine with a progressive jackpot. But thinking that the win is chased by thousands of players and the probability of winning in such a case is really low, the game is no more addictive. Leave the jackpots to housewives, who do not know other profitable ways in the Casino.
  • Dont trust cheaters. Gambling revolves around many bad guys who use various techniques and strategies to beat the casino. Be paranoiac and think critically about any tempting proposal regarding the buying of another strategy. Check the honesty of the houses where you are going to play, and remember: there are no win-win strategies for casino games, neither for 10$ or 500$.
  • Dont seek the help of wizards. The team of our site had a great fun when we had found online proposals for rituals and amulets of good luck in gambling. The cost of services ranged from 10$ for a modest wooden amulet to 1000$ for a table set of colored bottles of yogurt. Of course, there are no more superstitious people than gamblers: they all have their own omens or lucky things that bring good luck.


Beating a casino without breaking the rules is possible only in one case: get a positive expectation from the game. We know two ways you can do this: play video slots with high RTP percentages and use the card counting technique in blackjack. Remember that even a positive expectation from a game doesnt guarantee success because everyone can have a bad luck. And even more: there is no win-win strategy and no one can guarantee that you will win, but you can increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

Where to play

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