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Hot slot machines

Hot Netent slot machines
What is a "hot" slot machine? How are the winning funds distributed in casino games? Are the hot slot machines more profitable, or is it better to avoid them? Why do online casinos label such slots "hot"?

How "hot slot machines" function?

Go to the "Free casino games", and you will see a list of games with the RTP (return to player percentage). These values are laid by the developers, and they are publicly available. Usually, players use this data to identify the "profitability" of a game. But, in addition to this data, there are essential characteristics. There is the dispersion (or volatility) of the winning, probability of triggering the feature, wagering rating and the length of the cycle.

Slots with long cycles and high dispersion of winning (so-called high-volatility slots) follow this sequence. They collect money, accumulate a prize pool, become hot, and then dump massive winning on the lucky players. Some of the casinos are showing these machines with the hot label in their lobby list, very useful for players.

How to consider RTP?

Jack Hammer

Let's look at one of the most popular slot machines from NetEnt - Blood Suckers. It has one of the highest percentages of return (RTP) - 98%. But it still doesn't mean that if you bet in €1000 - you will get for sure €980 back. The RTP number will be correct on a significant number of spins. Within a short time, anything can happen: you can lose whole account balance or hit a massive win during first spins.

RTP of 98% in the slot means the following

Everyone who plays at Blood Suckers slot in any of the NetEnt online casinos creates a prize-pool. We believe that if an online casino is a white label - prize-pool is created for the whole network.

The 98% from this prize pool participates in the potential winning that can be created by the random number generator exactly on this slot machine. At the next spin, money that was not paid in the previous one is added to the new players' bets and summarise. When "the prize pool" reaches a considerable value, the slot becomes hot.


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    Let's imagine that in our slot machine ten players are playing at the same time with the bet of €10 per spin each. Suppose that a new cycle begins when they put €100 in the prize pool (each of them made one spin at €10). Players together bet in €100. The amount of €98 (as RTP is 98%) is reserved for winning in the next cycle.
  • For example, in the current cycle, one player won €38, and remaining players did not hit any winning. In the next cycle, the software will carry the amount of €60. Now players bet €100 again in the same slot machine. To the current fund of €60 is added another €98. The amount for winning in the next cycle is now €158.
  • After some number of spins, the fund will grow to several hundred, and most of it will be paid in a successful "bonus feature" or "the free spins feature" to any (or some) of the players. When the sum of the fund exceeds €50,000, the slot machine becomes "hot", and a corresponding symbol may appear near its name in the casino's lobby (depend on the casino).
  • Find out more about the cycle and the dispersion (volatility) of the slot machines.

Hot slot machines have much more potential: players have a more chance to hit a big win. But here there are a few nuances:

What happens when a new player is connected?

What happens when new players join the hot slot machine? Since the personal statistics in a Netent casino is an only correctional (not primary) number, formed using the program classification of players, statistics is not assigned to a particular player. Each new player that joins to a hot slot has the same chances to hit a big win.

Comparison with a lottery

You can imagine a lottery with an already formed jackpot and a large fund of the prize pool. In my opinion, it is not important how many tickets you bought in the previous drawings of the lottery and lost. You can have hundreds of tickets and loose, or you can win the whole bank by only one ticket.

Netent slot machines work on the same principle. You can win every day - regardless of your statistics of winning or losses. The distribution of "the prize pool" can be visually shown on the slot machines with a progressive jackpot. They are very hot - but only until the jackpot is not looted. After that, the slot becomes normal again.

Look at the most popular slot machines – Jackpot 6000 and Blood Suckers. They are almost always hot. The reason is that a lot of players are wagering the bonus money in them, trying to get the positive mathematical expectation of winning. Read more about this in the following article:

Summing up

If you want to get involved in a fight for a huge win, then you should search in the lobby of the casino hot slot machines (with the label "hot"). They have much more significant potential. In general, hot slot machines are like slots with the progressive jackpots, but with lower volatility.

Where to play?

  • Fastpay casino pays money to payment systems and bank cards within a few minutes. You will find the label "Hot" in the lobby of the casino.

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