How to count cards at blackjack?

How to count cards at blackjackMany players have probably heard that blackjack - it is the only game where professional player can get a real mathematical advantage over the casino. People who count cards in blackjack are called counters. This article describes the basic rules of counting cards in blackjack and described one of the most popular card counting systems - plus or minus.

In fact, the claim that a blackjack card counting is the only casino game in which the player can gain an advantage is not quite true. On our site contains the calculation to obtain a positive expected pay-off by playing the video slots Netent. It can be achieved with the help of bonus money and playing games that require more that 97% of bets. Learn more on the next page:

How to count cards at blackjack?

Taking into account that all the "pictures" give 10 points and counting systems do not differ from each other, the player can successfully calculate the probability of cards as large and small denomination. Basic strategy game written for the case when the probability of all the same cards. When we know that the probability of a particular group of cards higher than the others we adjust our strategy and obtain a positive expectation of winning. The difference of a few percent and allows the counters to win at the casino.

Basic fundamentals

Real CountWhat counts is advantageous to the player and what makes us miss a game or lower rate? What relationships cards in the deck we try to achieve? We are interested in the situation when more large deck of cards - aces and tens (pictures). Firstly, the gambler gets profit (gain) due to payments in half rate for a blackjack. Recall that in the preparation of an Ace and any card worth 10 points (images or dozens), the player wins one and a half of his bet.

In other words, the more we get blackjacks with the distribution, the better, because if the picture gets an ace and the dealer, then we lose one bet, and if we get - we win half. Second, the casino dealer has to take cards until he attains seventeen points. Player, if he knows the real account of the deck and increased the number of images, can stop and twelve - sixteen glasses, not to sort out and leave this perspective dealer.

Third, in the case of our "Double" doubling rate, with good first map, we increase the chances of a large parish maps and, consequently, the education we have 19-21 points, which gives an excellent chance of winning double. Now let's move to the varieties of systems of card counting in blackjack and return briefly to the past.

What are the ways:

Plus-Minus SystemCounting cards was opened by Edward Thorp, who back in 1962 assigned values ​​in the account, which must have the card in the "absolute frame." But the system was very complicated - each card has its value in the long run: from -9 to +11, so the counting process, taking into account all of these values ​​was incredibly difficult. Thorpe system urgently needs to be simplified, to allow the use of the tables.

System plus or minus:

In 1963, there was a game system of card counting in blackjack called Plus-minus, which was more simple and understandable to the average person. Strictly speaking, many card counters use the system so far. It was only a little to correct and accounted for in the basic strategy.

  • In the "plus or minus" all the cards are divided into three groups, each of which is assigned its value +1 (for small cards 2-6), 0 (for medium-sized cards 7-9) and 1 (for large maps 10+ pictures and aces). The sum of all cards in the system, plus or minus, one deck consisting of 52 cards is zero. Also we observe an increased several times deck (consisting of six or eight decks of cards).
  • As soon as the card out of the game, we are in the current account, subtracting or summing values. Maps middle-esteem (sevens, eights, nines) are not counted account, out of the game of high cards (tens, pictures and aces) reduces the expense of -1 for each card which appeared, low cards (from deuce to Six) - to increase on account + 1. The system of counting cards published plus-minus has a very useful feature: if the account is positive, the probability of large-scale maps (and thus the expectation of winning player) increases, while negative - falls.

What is the real counting and how to get it:

So, in what degree, the chances of a gambler change depending on the amount of calculation? At what point should begin to raise rates? For information about his chances, particularly in the framework of the game (the remaining cards to shuffle cards), you must apply to the real account. Real account we can get to share the value of the current account, the number remaining in the game playing (52 cards) decks.

An example of using:

  • Here is an example of how to count cards in blackjack: the current Blackjack six decks of cards left in the deck, one rebound, and the current account is equal to 12 published maps. Dividing this value by five (the number of remaining decks) we obtain the value of the real account, equal to 2.4. How to calculate the remaining deck in the game? It is necessary to keep the score cards released? Or ask the dealer to wait until we recalculate the remaining cards? This is not necessary. The easiest way to estimate the number of decks remaining in the draw is chance to see the discard pile, which lies in the Buffer, the right of the dealer. About counting the number of decks that came out of the game, count the remaining snap.
  • And if you sit near the box from where the dealer gets the card, you can try to look right into it is the main thing to do is not too noticeable. These actions require serious training. You need to learn, at least roughly estimate the number of decks contained in a given stack of cards. Must learn to accurately maintain a current account and quickly identify real account.
  • And both need to learn to do in a relaxed atmosphere, and then try to apply their skills in a noisy and hectic casino floor. Do not be sorry time and effort to perfect these skills: the game with the wrong score can lead to very unpleasant consequences. If you are not sure of their ability is not to bother account and play blackjack in the usual basic game strategies.

Mathematical expectation depending on the real account:

If you are using a system of counting cards in blackjack called "plus-minus" - you get the following values ​​changes the expectation at rates real account:

Live Account Changing the expectation
–10 –4,79%
–3 –1,71%
–2 –1,12%
–1 –0,53%
0 +0,09%
+1 +0,73%
+2 +1,36%
+3 +1,98%
+10 +7,39%

With a negative value of the account (-2 or lower) card, you must reduce the rate, or skip part of the hands, continuing through published maps based on the cards of other players. If the account has a positive value cards (two or more), rates must be increased. If you change the account to zero, the basic principle of uniform random the next card is no longer valid, resulting in an adjustment of basic strategy.

The higher real account cards in blackjack, the less likely we are gaining additional cards of 12, the more we take surrender (surrender of part-time) at the picture dealer and use the doubling rate of 5 or 6 of the dealer. Also, it becomes advantageous to divide the large maps (Split).

Disadvantages of plus or minus system:

Disadvantages of plus or minus systemThere is whether the system of card counting plus or minus any shortcomings and flaws? Of course there are. The main problem is the lack of accuracy of the data supplied by the score. If you go back to a system of Thorp, we see that the ace for us, preferably tens or Five brings much more harm than two.

Plus-minus system for counting cards in blackjack, does not distinguish between these cards, all cards are strictly separated into three groups. But, the real bill, the resulting output from the deck fives, will be much more useful than the same account; the resulting output won back deuces.

The same goes for tens and aces. Whatever the actual bill was not in at the moment, we believe that the probability of occurrence of two fives and the same, and the pictures will come out four times more often than would appear ace. As for the other cards (Seven, Eight and Nine) - to them we did not pay absolutely any attention in the calculation.

Summing up, I want to note that in spite of its obvious imperfections, the system of counting cards plus-minus is one of the easiest to learn and popular applications. Uncertainties and inaccuracy of the data provided is compensated by its ease of use and speed of learning.

Live casino:

Live gamblingLets see if we can count cards in blackjack, when we play online? The random number generator of any institution set up so that the continuation of the drawing cards from shuz (box which are cards intended for a game) is only simulated. System "mixes" of the deck after each finished hand.

However, there is Live (live) casino where cards are dealt to the dealer, which you can access using a web camera in real time. In this mode, you can use the system of counting cards in blackjack without any fear that your entries to count, or how you bend your fingers, sitting in front of the monitor to be seen by the security service. Eventually you will be profitable to play at the tables, where there will be many participants - in this way you will be able to see more coming out of the game cards and therefore a more accurate count.

Blank cards:

So how to count cards in blackjack Live casino? The variant of the use of "empty card counting”. To use it, you should:

  • Connect to the blackjack table in the live casino and start to count cards in blackjack is not betting with real money.
  • Start only bet when the deck becomes "hot".
  • You can start the game with hot deck without spending money on the account.

The movie Twenty-one:

Counting Cards at Movie 21Lets remember, for example, recently released in cinema the movie "Twenty-one" is where a gifted student, Matt, well versed in mathematics, falls into the same group of students who make a lot of money playing with Las Vegas casinos, using card counting in blackjack. By the way, they use it to calculate the system, plus or minus, which will be discussed below. They even developed a system of gestures and words to communicate to each other the value of the current account of the deck. Why counting cards in blackjack is gave them the advantage over the casino?

The answer is simple - the more we capture cards published in the account, the more likely to count probability of remaining cards. In other words, the more left images, the lower left images, and hence the probability that the next card to be small (no picture) is increased to a value which depends on the number of previously released and the total number of pictures published (or remaining) cards (real account see below).

Where to play:

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