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How to win at a live casino

How to win at NetEnt live casino
Let's talk about winning strategies in an online live casino. The systems described in this article may be used only against live dealers. In blackjack, as a rule, a deck is mixed by the usual rules – it depends on the type of live casino that uses the operator. If you want to count cards in blackjack - be sure that dealer is not using shuffle machine, as it is mixing cards all the time.

What is Live Casino?

Don't you trust the online casino website and its random numbers generator? Do you want the next number on the roulette wheel not to be determined by RNG, but by the force of friction of the ball, and the attraction of the earth? Then the live casino is for you. Many high-rollers prefer this section as they can be assured of fair play here.

In the live casino, you can play against a real person without the intervention of software. You watch the process in real-time via web-camera. Let's walk through the pluses, minuses and features of a live casino. 

Fiction or reality

Live roulette
More recently, gambling against the dealer online seemed to be something fantastic. You need a high-speed connection and unlimited traffic. And the fact that we will play games such as blackjack and roulette at the same time, in parallel chatting with the ''dealer".

But it is in the 21st century - a century of the rapid development of technology-many people have an unlimited and high-speed internet connection. In casinos, players are wondering "How to win money in the live casino?". Recommendations and system are the same as when playing in a land-based casino. However, you must consider several differences. Observe the deck when playing blackjack. If the cards are shuffled before each hand (or dealer using shuffle machine), a system based on counting cards will not work.

Controls and usability

The whole process of playing live casino can be described as follows. You choose the betting limits - minimum and maximum. As a rule, it is different tables. There is no need for money transfer between tables. During gameplay, you follow a few webcams in real-time. It is given a specific time to put the bet. Inadvertently, you can put less / more, or you might not have enough time. Winnings are calculating and paid automatically. The girls usually are married.

What is a chat?

Chat ensures that the game is happening in real-time. The dealer is answering questions with voice. You understand this is not a record, and everything is happening live.

How to beat the dealer at a live casino

Let's compare the land-based casinos with their online analogues. Can I use the systems designed for conventional land-based casinos, or are there some restrictions? The main differences between live casinos regarding winning strategies are the following facts:

  • Games
    In card games (except Blackjack), the dealer shuffles the deck after each hand. In a real casino cards are shuffled too, but less frequently. Usually, the so-called Semi shuffle, where the dealer does so only after a big winning combination of the player (from the full house). This helps to avoid duplication.
  • Observe for dealer's actions while playing Blackjack. If the deck after the deal changed to a new and old retracted into shuffle-machine, counting cards are useless here.
  • As we know the ball at the roulette should be spin from the last winning number, but often, in the live online casino, the dealer spins the ball from different numbers. Girls are sited over the table, and they can't see proper the roulette's wheel. So, they spin from any number.

As you can see, there is almost no difference, but some things are worth paying attention to. If we assume that the live casino is not anything different from the land-based one, except for the type of received visual information, you can use all strategies as in the real casino. Check out these sections:

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