The basic strategy of blackjack

The basic strategy of blackjackThe Blackjack is one of the most popular games which is presented in any casino. This game is rightfully gained popularity because of the almost equal chances of winning player and a casino house. The article describes about the basic strategy of the blackjack. Players using basic strategy games can achieve reduction of benefits before the institution of players up to 0.5%, and the professionals who use basic strategy in the blackjack, together with the score card, can gain an advantage over the casino up to 5% of the average bets. Try to use the basic strategy at the free demo play:

The application of a basic strategy at blackjack:

Below you can find some examples of when it is appropriate to apply the basic strategy of the blackjack:

  • Situation: The dealer shows his first card worth two, three, four, five or six. Most likely the dealer loses, since according to the rules of blackjack, the dealer should take cards until he has 17 points or more. A probability widow dealer card worth ten points is great, as cards denominated in 10 points in the deck most (all pictures and tens).

Player: According to the rules of basic strategy in the blackjack, in a situation where the dealer's cards from two to four, the player, with eleven points or less, should buy the card without the possibility of busting, that is stopping at 12 and above. And if the dealer is showing a card from five to six, the player ten and eleven points should double down (Double).

  • Table schemeSituation: Dealer shows his first card worth seven, eight, nine or ten, it is likely a result he gets seventeen, eighteen, nineteen or twenty points.

Action: Based on the basic strategy of blackjack, in this situation, the player must try to collect the amount of points more than the estimated amount of points at the dealer when leaving dozens. For example, if the first card the dealer shows 7, the player must strive to score exactly 17 points or more.

  • The third case: Sometimes, in spite of the dealer shows a map, players do not buy at 12-15 glasses, believing that too often get ten. So they prefer staying at 12 vs. 7 or 13 against 8.

Action: The basic strategy of the blackjack, depending on the dealer's cards, we must take another card, even if we think that it is a mistake. The exceptions are when we are counting cards using plus or minus counting system, and have positive real account. In this case, assuming that there is the chance to release dozens of large, we may refuse further set of cards.

  • Case Four: At some point, the player decides that the creators of the casino are not fool and they chose the best rules for casino dealer. After that, he begins to follow the same rules gaining up to 17 cards and it does not stop even at 16 points.

Actions: The player reduces their chances of winning when the dealer shows the cards from 2 to 6. In the case of 7, 8, 9, 10 and ace - strategy set as many (card dealer + 10) or more points is statistically justified. It is justified as a step of adding the card by 16 points.

The table of decisions:

Explanation of tableTo use the table is not difficult. At first the player finds sum of the scores of their cards (pre-folded them) vertical and dealers up card, horizontally. At the intersection of these values will be instructed to act. For example, a gamblers total score of the two cards is 10, and the dealer gave me three - at the intersection of these values, we need to double down (D).

For the convenience of the players we put both versions of tables right on this page. Rationally make a bookmark in the browser and return to this information every time the game of the blackjack.

The table decisions at the blackjack using basic strategy

Help with table values ​​at the basic strategy of blackjack:

Table for one deckTable of desisions with 4+ decsThe following values are given in Table decryption right. Red marks the action to a set of cards, yellow - stop, blue - double. The other colors in the decrypted values are below.

  • H - Add another card to available. Hit
  • S - Do not get more cards and leave the current number of points. Stay.
  • D - We double the current bet. Double.
  • Ds - If the rules allow, you can double. If they do not allow, you should stop. Double or Stay.
  • P - Separate the identical cards with the continuation set for each of them. Split.
  • H / P – you can share the cards if the rules allowed doubling after splitting. Otherwise, just take another card. Hit or Split.
  • S / P - share the cards if the rules are allowed doubling down after splitting. Otherwise, it is just enough. Stay or Split.
  • D / P – you will share the card if you can double after split. Otherwise, just double the bet. Split or Double.
  • H / R – you should resign for part-time (Surrender), if it is permitted by the regulations, or take another card. Hit or Surrender.
  • S / R - for giving up part-time (Surrender), if it is allowed by the rules or it is just enough. Stay or Surrender.


The basic strategy is a conservative variant of the blackjack. Its use can reduce the house edge to 0.5%. Try to use a system of card counting and basic strategy simultaneously.

The basic strategy will need to work if you are using a system of counting cards in the blackjack. Together these two tools will help you get a positive expectation in the game of the blackjack and win in the casino.

Playing on table values without any additions is suitable for beginners. These data allow the player to understand what the blackjack consists of and make your own conclusions about its gaming strategy.

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