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Insurance in Blackjack

Insurance in BlackjackThere is such a thing as an insurance player in many card games. For example, you can protect yourself from bad luck in the hand of Blackjack, the Caribbean Poker. The player is invited to ensure that when first exposed card the dealer has an ace open. If a player decides to insure, it will put half of the current bets. Whether will be favourable the insurance at the Blackjack?

Statistics of insurance in Blackjack

If the player has decided to put half of the bet, then if the dealer has a combination of Blackjack, the player will lose his bet and insurance will be paid 2 to 1. In other words, the player will not win or lose anything if the insurance is paid.


BlackjackFor example, a player bets 100 euro in the box and the dealer shows an ace as the first card. The player decides to ensure his hand against Blackjack and puts on a strip of insurance which is 50 euro.

Insurance is played: The total bet is 150 euro. Dealer accepts insurance and opens the King (ten, or any other picture). The dealer has Blackjack. The player loses a bet on the box, and the insurance bet is paid as 2 to 1, then the dealers pay the player 100 euro.

Insurance is not played: Now let's look at the situation that the dealer did not draw 10 or a picture for the second card. The dealer does not have Blackjack - insurance lost. And it continues with standard rules.


Let's count, what are the chances of tens (or picture) for the second card. We need cards: tens, jacks, queens, kings. Only 16 cards are in the game (from one deck). Now the remaining cards: twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, sevens, eights, nines and aces. Only 36 cards are in the game. In other words, the chances that there will be Blackjack is 4/9. We see one ace, so single blackjack deck, chances are a little closer to 1/2, namely 16/35, but in standard (6 packs) our chance is 96/210. These statistics calculations operate on the condition that the player is not counting cards.

Even money

The concept of Even Money

The situation is when the dealer has an Ace or Ten, and the player gets a Blackjack combination. Then the dealer is offering "even money" without drawing his second card. Like this, the player will get 1:1 (instead of regular 3:2) his bet but will win for sure. If the player refuses the even money and dealer make a blackjack combination, then the player hand will not be paid. 

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