Why does the casino win?

Why Casino Always Wins?A lot of gamblers have heard phrases like:” The casino always wins” and “if you want to earn money in the casino, open your own one”. The secret of gambling houses is a lie in the game rules which they suggest. Depend on the game you have chosen; the expected casino advantage can be from 0 to 9% of an average bet per a game. This section is devoted to the analysis of some casino main rules so that to state their profitability both for a gambler and a casino. The following games will be considered: roulette, poker and gaming slot machines.  Well then, why does the casino always win?

Why is casino always ahead of players?

The expected value is always on the side of the gambling house. If we talk about the online casino on Netent software, the only way legally to shift the expected payoff towards a player is to use bonus programs appropriately. You can get more information of this tactics in the next page:

Now let’s study each group of games in which casinos often beat gamblers.

Playing roulette:

Why Casino Wins at Poker?There are several types of roulette set by casinos. They are: European roulette (single zero), American roulette (double zero), French roulette (single zero) and the so called “prison”. “Prison” is a high bet feature when only its half is lost, in case zero is rolled. They include bets on colours (black-red) and odd-even. Roulette without zero is considered to be neutral. It means that the expected payoff both for a player and a casino will be zero, and neither a player nor a casino can win in the long run.

  • European version implies payouts while getting “into a number”, 1 to 36, having 37 numbers in the layout.  At the expense of an unpaid number on the wheel the casino takes 1/37 of a gambler`s average bet in each spin. This value is 2.7%. So, when you play roulette with single zero, you lose 2.7% of your average bet.
  • American roulette wheel has two zeros, which raises the casino advantage from 2.7% up to 5.3%. The increase is explained by a fixed payout bet at an extra number.
  • French roulette practically resembles European one but has one essential difference in their rules. In case a gambler plays on high bets (on red-black or even-odd), and zero is rolled, it means that only half of the bet is lost. The second one remains in its positions in the layout for one more ball spin. French roulette rules decrease the house advantage up to 1.3% of each player`s average bet providing that a gambler plays only on high bets.
  • Online casinos sometimes offer playing roulette without zero. In such cases online houses often falsify the number randomness, thus they can return the positive expected value of players` bets. Net Entertainment offers its guests to play several types of European roulette. The payback is claimed to be 97.3%.  But individual statistics is not considered, only total bets of all gamblers are counted, which allows the winning in succession without regarding any individual statistics.

Playing poker:

RouletteCard games, except for BlackJack, are the most unprofitable for a player. Considering statistics poker games give the casino the largest advantage. It can be explained by the time that dealers must spend on shuffling, dealing and exchanging cards. That is why only a few deals are played per one hour, and gamblers think they are losing more slowly than, for example, while playing BlackJack. There are several popular kinds of poker played in casinos. Namely, they are 5 card Oasis poker, 6 Draw poker and Russian poker.

5 card poker or Oasis poker gives 5% house advantage depending on the rules used by the house.6 Card poker allows a casino to take about 7% of the bet while Russian poker allows the exchange of any number of cards without paying Ante bet and offers you to play with the house advantage of 9%. To sum up, the house advantage can be from 4% to 9% of each average bet of the player.

So statistically, these are the most unprofitable games for gamblers, and it is these games that casinos will win quite often.Net Entertainment offers you to try several poker types. Return to player is claimed to be 98.75%.

Playing on slot machines and video-slots:

I consider it is reasonable to divide this investigation into two parts. The first one will be devoted to real game clubs where there are separately standing machines. As a rule, return to player on slot machines is set at 80-90%by such clubs. Slot machines are usually arranged so that a player (in case this player is too lucky) will be stopped by a “dead” machine, which will take all the profit.

The Internet casinos offer different machines. The first three software producers:  Net Entertainment, Microgaming and Playtech keep their standards high. 95-99% of return is usually claimed. Fake casinos claim 90-95% of return, but everything seems to suggest that these gaming clubs consider only individual player’s statistics. To win 5000 you have to lose 6000 before. They are reluctant to let their slot machines forward or there is such an algorithm. You can take a look at the RTP of the slot machines and play for free.

Best games:

How not to loose money? BlackJack and progressive slot machines encourage us to expect a positive advantage while playing. If you are following a basic strategy and join it with the card counting system “plus-minus”, it is possible to decrease the house advantage to a negative value. These two conditions should be observed. A dealer should not cut more than one third of the card pack while shuffling cards and the casino should play fairly. Although, it is legal to count cards, good counters are quickly sniffed out, and casinos put them to the black list. After that, such the gambler becomes unacceptable in the casino.

Progressive slot machines encourage us to expect a positive advantage while playing. It happens practically at any game stage, if your gain is less than a jackpot. But this is only theory. We won`t have enough money to win this jackpot. For example, winning odds on the slot machine Arabian nights is 18 million to 1.  At 5 Euro bet we need a current jackpot of 9 million Euros to get an advantage while playing this video-slot.

Summing up:

Remember, it is of primary importance to stop in time. If you have hit the jackpot and have won a big sum of money, stop and continue the next day. You will often take a decision to withdraw your money with a clear head. Otherwise, you will lose everything. Go easy on and hold yourself up. Remember, your excitement is like a sharp knife, you can both cut some sausage and your finger off. Good luck!

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