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List of slots with big potential

List of Netent slots with big potential
Let's revisit the topic of dispersion, volatility and cycle of winning in Netent slots. In which slot machines can you win more money at the same stake? What identifies the dispersion and frequency of winning? Why can you win a more significant amount in some slots than in others? Maybe you will say that it is all about the RTP (return to player percentage): the higher it is, the more we can earn on the distance. You will be right only to some extent.

Many players orient themselves exclusively on the percentage of pay-out (RTP) while choosing a slot machine. In my opinion, the internal setting of the cycle of the winning and the dispersion (volatility) are much more important.. On this page, you will find a list of high volatility slot machines in Netent and their hidden data.

List of high volatility Netent slots

As longer "cycle of winning" is, the more potential online slot has higher variance. High volatility means risky game - player can lose a lot in a row, but the "hit" can be extremely big. The main problem of high volatility online slots is that player should survive until the "hit" of big winning.

Logo Name of slot
RTP Max win


The probability of dropping out the bonus Fund allocation
main / bonus
The cycle of winning/losing
Devils delight
Devils Delight 97.6% 200 000 Average 8.31 92% / 8% Average
Creature from the black lagoon
Creature Black Lagoon 96.5% 200 000 High 0.67% 67,5%/ 29,1% Very Long
Dead or alive
Dead or Alive 96.8% 54 000 High 0.66% 71.1%/ 25.7% The longest
Jack and the beanstalk
Jack and Beanstalk 96.3% 600 000 High 0.59% 71.5% / 24.8% The longest
Mythic maiden
Mythic Maiden 96.6% 600 000 Low 0.67% 74,2%/ 24,2% Short
Mega joker
Mega Joker 99% Jackpot High - 100% Long
Wish master
Wish master 96.8% 900 000 Average to high - 22,8% / 73,8% Average
Wonky wabbits
Wonky Wabbits 96.5% 390 000 Average wild
100% Average
Thunderfist 96.7% 1 121 500 Average to high 0,9% 64,3% / 32,4% Average
Stickers 96.69% 80 000 Low 9.98% 29% / 71% Short
Sparks 96.56% 80 000 Low to average - 100% Average

Short characteristics

  • Devils Delight slot with RTP of 97.6% allows you to win a lot, but only in a "super free spins feature" (if you can collect all souls in the bonus features). But if you "survive" until the end of the cycle and there is not enough money in the prize pool to generate super big winning,  then "unlucky" super free games will run empty, and the cycle will restart.
  • "Creature from the Black Lagoon" slot machine looks similar to "Jack and the Beanstalk". Both of these slots allow you to get a 1000x+ winning if you will be lucky enough to pass through all the steps of the bonus feature.
  • "Dead or Alive" slot allows you to win a lot if you catch "wild" in the line during "the free spins feature". It will add you 5 free spins and pay "super big winning" during every spin (wilds are sticky).
  • "Mega Joker" slot machine has RTP of 99%, and it can give big winning during spins on the top playing field (super meter mode).
  • Wish Master slot has an extremely "long cycle of winning", and can either give nothing or gives a lot. For maximum potential, it is necessary to catch three scrolls, one of which is expanding wild.

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