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Play Jack and the Beanstalk demo slot

Jack and the beanstalk slot
Listening to the tales that our mothers and grandmothers told us in childhood, we closed our eyes and moved to the fantastic world, imagining ourselves in place of heroes. Children's years have gone to the past, but, unfortunately, many dreams have remained unfulfilled. Wishing to please their fans, the developers of NetEnt created Jack and the Beanstalk online slot, which will take you to one of the fairy tales, probably heard from you many times in your childhood.  On this page, you can play Jack and the Beanstalk slot game for free.

The plot of the game is the story of the boy Jack who planted a magic grain, from which soon grew a massive tree in height, leaving the crown in the very heavens. Without thinking, the boy went on a trip, deftly jumping from one branch to another. Finding himself on the ground of two-headed giants, the prankster Jack dragged off from them a magic chicken that could carry golden eggs and rushed headlong to the field. 

Personal testers opinion

Jack and the Beanstalk is one of my favourite slot machines. It has the excellent potential of winning during "the free spins feature". If you are lucky enough to receive 4-5 harps - you will hit a super mega win (1000x+). Note that slot is shooting a good bonus feature very rear - statistically every 90th bonus feature. In the process of testing for real money, one of the testers won almost €80,000 of a €24 bet. I recommend betting of €24 (not more), it is optimal for the winning (from the theory of prize pools). The bonus feature (statistically) is triggered in each 168th spin.

During the feature, 23% of the prize pool is paid. During testing, my average winning in Jack and the Beanstalk slot free spins feature amounted to 40x. Maximum winning was 1 190x. The frequency of any hit during the usual spins is 34.50%. If you see the free spins feature on the last stage (harps) without any big winning - you should stop with this machine for today. If there is a situation when the slot triggers a lot of Jack and the Beanstalk slot free spins feature with winnings around 10-25x - same (stop with this machine). 

Review and recommendations from the testing team

Commonly known as Jack, it is a quite beautiful slot with a good idea, graphics and sound. It holds one of the highest positions in the rating of slots used by players of all nationalities and levels and is preferred by both low and high rollers.

  • Jack gained such popularity due to its bonus game potential. It can easily give x1000 and x2000 winnings, and it’s not the limit. Despite its high variance and due to constant re-spins with wild symbols, it is not bad at keeping the balance; this makes it suitable for games with bonus money (not so good but still) and for fulfilling wagering requirements. It does not require a large bet balance.
  • Bonuses here are quite rare and in most cases, give small winnings of 50x - 100x total bets.
  • The only minus of this slot is that it is very slow, which makes the game boring, even on a fast spin.
  • Recommended game strategy: expect a bonus feature as long as the slot holds the balance in the main game. If the slot doesn’t trigger a bonus and doesn’t hold the balance, leave it.
  • Losing the balance in the main game is not an indicator that the bonus will come soon.

Netent declares the following probabilities

  • The total percentage of the return to the slot machine is 96.28%. Of these, 71.5% are paid in the usual spins, and 24.8% are reserved for payments in bonus free games.
  • The probability of breaking any winnings in the current spin: in the usual spins is 34.4%, in bonus spins is 33.9%.
  • The probability of getting Jack and the Beanstalk free spins is 0.59% (statistically, every 170th spin).
  • Maximum winning in the usual spins (per pay line) is 30 000 coins, in bonus spins - 30 000 coins. The total winning is 600,000 coins.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus is statistically every 168th spin (0,60%). This is an average number. Usually, players hear the sound before the feature is triggered. 
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 34,50%. This number is above the middle line due to the walking wilds feature (all re-spins is counted as one spin).
  • The distribution of the winnings at Jack and the Beanstalk online slot is 77% in the main game and 23% in the bonus. Generous Jack and the Beanstalk free spins feature is (statistically) every 90th feature. 
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 1 190x. This is a massive number for a Netent slot. Jack and the Beanstalk shots rear but with a high multiplier. 
  • The average winning from the bonus was 40x. Players can see even 1-2x here. 
  • Volatility is 8,44 out of 20 (high). This slot has massive potential for big winning. Just "survive" until harps in the free spins feature and catch 3-4 of them.
  • The cycle length is long. To win money here, the slot needs to take it from the players first. So - a lot of sessions will be in minus. 
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 4,02 out of 10. The walking wild feature helps to keep the balance, but it will be going down anyway. Not the best choice for wagering.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk RTP of 96.28% allow getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

Description of the slot

This slot has 5 reels, three rows of symbols and 20 fixed active pay lines, as well as some functions which help to increase your winnings with each spin. Before the game triggers, you should decide on the size of the bet on the spin. It can be adjusted at its discretion, vary the number of the coins and their denomination. The smallest amount which you can risk is only 20 cents. The maximum size is up to €100.

The usual spins will please not only a balanced payout table and several special symbols at the same time, but also interesting additional features, among which we will pick out free spins, Walking Wild, free collections of treasures and others. The theoretical percentage of the return in this slot is 96.3%. The maximum winning that a slot machine can give is 600,000 coins. You can try to play in its demo version for free and without registration to learn about all the features of the game process.


  • Provider – NetEnt.
  • The number of reels is 5.
  • Volatility is high.
  • Pay lines - 20.
  • The cost of one coin is from 0.01 to 0.5.
  • The number of coins per line is from 1 to 10.
  • The range of bet sizes is from 0.20 to 100.
  • The maximum winning is 600,000 coins.
  • Wild symbol - yes.
  • Scatter symbol - yes.
  • The free spins feature - yes. Multi-level. You need to collect keys to upgrade wilds. Collect wild symbols to increase the number of free spins.
  • Re-spins - yes. With every wild falling anywhere on the screen, re-spins will continue until the wild symbol should not walk from right to left. Re-spins are free for the player.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk RTP  is 96.28%.

Bonus and features

Three chests trigger the free spins feature with multiplier x3. You need to carefully follow the symbol of the golden key, which will open before you a magnificent collection of treasures and additional wild features:

  • Collect the three keys and unlock the folded wild money bags when each next Wild symbol is doubled.
  • If you have already got six images with a key, then wild symbols will be in full-stack, covering the entire reel with three golden chickens.
  • Nine keys will unlock the expanding golden harp, and the entire reel on which it appears will become wild.

Walking wilds

This unique feature in its essence is a definite feature of the machine, and it helps to increase your chances of potential winning, both during the usual spins and during free spins. So let's briefly deal with all of its conditions:

  • You receive a re-spin as soon as the wild symbol launches on one of the reels.
  • During the next spin, the Wild symbol moves one position from right to left.
  • Re-spins will continue until the wild symbol disappears entirely from the screen.
  • If there were several Wild symbols, then the feature will be active until all wild symbols are left behind the left edge of the playing field.


If you have never played Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine, then we will advise you to do it. Millions of gamblers who are already enjoying the game, can not be wrong and write false. We can say for sure that it is a joyful, confident and moderately cheerful slot that will add a lot of pleasant moments. The treasure chest, free spins and the Walking Wild function will be handy regarding increasing your winning. And although the game sometimes seems childish, still the size of the offered payments will estimate and appreciate even the most fastidious player.

How to win at Jack and the Beanstalk slots machine? (conclusion)

We always advise you the same - before you start playing with real money, try the slots in demo mode. Our betting recommendations at Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine are not higher than € 24. It was on this bet that we achieved our best results. It is very important to "survive" to a nice bonus free spins, where is the full potential of the machine. Be careful because a well-paid bonus, following our statistics, comes from every 90th one.

We recommend that if you reach the last level of the bonus, but the winnings are not good, change the game. Also, if you "catch" a few bonuses but all have small wins (x10 - x25), it will not be a bad idea to change the game. The game is not the best for completing the wagering requirements, so our comments are more negative than neutral.

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