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Play for free in French roulette

Lovers of the good old classics will appreciate a gift from NetEnt company, two new rooms with French roulette are available to you now. France is considered the country that founded such a wonderful kind of leisure and sport as roulette. Although the French scientist and inventor Blaise Pascal assumed a different future for his invention when developing this game. However, humanity decided that roulette has a commercial basis much more than scientific.

So, you have to enjoy an excellent game or several test spins to make sure of the reliability and convenience of NetEnt company. You can play French roulette for free at Net Entertainment casino without registering. The RTP (return to player percentage) is set at 97.3%.

The appearance of French roulette from NetEnt

Play for free in French roulette
If we consider all the players` preferences and the difference in tastes, the NetEnt company could not please its users. Now two rooms are available in the "French Roulette" section. These rooms can be characterised as "classical" times of the first casinos and "modern" for people from high society.

  • We will tell you everything about it in order. The first room in French roulette has a standard green field with a numerical row, which is located from right to left. The figures are coloured in appropriate colours and have a green background. Zero is an exception since it has a bright yellow shade.
  • Racks look pretty as if you lean on them yourself. A sign warning that stakes can be from 1 to 500 (€) is located opposite. Next, you will see carefully stacked packs with chips of all possible denominations, by 6 columns.
  • The wheel of French roulette is made in light colours and looks like a varnished tree, which makes the casino exquisite. You can see all the numbers, but they are only clearly visible at a certain angle. However, you do not need to worry because the casinos in NetEnt servers have never cheated, which means you can see all the combinations in the statistics. Lighting outside the table with roulette measure is muted, but the mosaic floor is seen through the twilight. It is most likely made of wood. The general visual effect of the emulator of French roulette should move the players far into the past, about half a century ago. We consider that the developers and designers have coped with this perfectly well.
  • The second room is available for playing French roulette. It is made in the style of modernism, which meets all the rules of the modern style. The background in the room is lighter than the classical version so that you can see the expensive red carpet. The main peculiarity, which is immediately visible, is the location of the table with a tape measure that is different from the first room. Here, pleasant interior tricks are small, but the extensive table and the roulette are larger. Now we will look at them in more detail. The background of the playing field is blue, but all the numbers are white since their belonging to the red and black sectors is already identified by the background.
  • The numerical row in French roulette from 1-36 goes from left to right, the large sector of zero on the left side excellent stands out by a rich green tint. The few chips on the sides decorate the room. Roulette, made in dark colours, which resembles plastic or other coloured material. By the way, the handle looks like a quality polished metallic. The room is designed for the game and creates a pleasant sense of elitism.

Musical accompaniment and sound effects

Cold anf hot numbers
If you decide to play in the standard room, you will be entertained by several jazz melodies throughout the game. Perhaps, they are taken from the popular collectives of the time. Unfortunately, these melodies will shuffle without your control. However, you will not notice any significant deviations, even if you are not very absorbed in playing French roulette, as they have the total style. The soundtrack is presented in the form of chips scattered on the table, a spinning ball in the roulette and a sound signal in case of a winning or losing with the corresponding emotional feeling.

You can reduce or completely turn off the melody or sounds if necessary. 5 melodies will be provided to the player in French roulette in the modern room to choose from; the same happens in American and European roulette. It will be jazz compositions. However, you can also meet the lounge melodies, although a little-knowing person is unlikely to notice a big difference.

The musical accompaniment in the emulator of French roulette is soft and unobtrusive, which allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the pleasant game completely. The sound effects are more distinctly expressed, for example, the same chips with a stake more massive in sound than in the standard room, and the spinning ball is also present. If you win or lose, in addition to the sound signal, also there will be a female voice. If you wish, you can disable or reduce sounds or music to the desired level, as well as in the previous room.

The game field: designation, menu, statistics

You will be given the usual menu with the fast and simple spin features, as well as the ability to clear the field from the stakes in the first room of French roulette from NetEnt. The chips of different colours are located at the bottom right from $ 1 to $ 100, with an intermediate version of $ 5 and $ 25. Statistical window (moves, winning combinations, the "cold" and "hot" numbers, the ratio of red and black) is slightly higher. The scoreboard with the winning is located at the very bottom of the screen. Graphics settings are not available here; however, you can choose between low (light) and high (heavy graphics) before commencing the game.

In the modern room of French roulette from NetEnt, the number of useful functions for the player is much greater: the combination of the maximum and the minimum winning, the simultaneous bet on five numbers or certain combinations (Zero etc.), player statistics and their winnings and a detailed percentage report of the winnings and losses. This functionality is located on the left lower side of the screen, where each feature has its compact key. The stake features: the double bet, return to the previous one, and vice versa. There is also a clearing of the field from the chips on the right side. The window with the stakes, the "hot" and "cold" numbers, is located in the upper right corner and does not close the playing field. The graphics settings (light, medium, and heavy, a few more parameters for the usual or slow spin) are available in the menu itself.

By the way, the chips will be much more in the second room: $ 1, $ 2, $ 25, $ 100, $ 500. We consider that it expands the possible range of the bets.

Comparison of French and American roulettes

Playing field
France is the source roulette. However, the game has undergone a lot of changes in some regions as spread across the world. As a result, 3 most popular and well-known species: American, French, and European roulettes formed.

French Roulette

  • Zero and 36 positions;
  • Individual markup of numbers on the wheel;
  • 10 types of possible combinations;
  • The French use the terminology in the field markup.

American roulette

  • Double zero, usual zero and 36 numbers;
  • The individual numerical markup of the roulette;
  • 11 types of possible combinations;
  • The field has only Latin designations.

European roulette

  • One zero and another 36 numbers;
  • Latin designations for terms on the playing field;
  • Zero is the winning of the casino;
  • 10 possible types of the stakes;
  • The individual markup of numbers on the reel.

These three types of roulette are very similar in general, but the differences have a significant influence on the game. For example, the individual markup of numbers for each of the roulettes, or double zero in American roulette. It is important to remember that the style of the game in each roulette is unique. Visual differences are minimised on the NetEnt gaming portal. However, if you have already been spinning the reel in French roulette, then you should not forget to find out where the even or the odd bet is.

Tester's feedback

French roulette is an excellent game. The RTP (return to player percentage) is almost a full return of the stakes. Roulette allows you to play using the progressive betting strategy. The physics of movement and stopping the ball is perfectly worked out. I recommend that you put the bet on the "hot" numbers. The ball often falls into the same sector or the "opposite" one. This is one of the best versions of internet roulette, in which I had to play.

What category of players will be interesting to play?

French roulette will interest those NetEnt players who are more predisposed to the first sources. It is important to note that despite the presence of French terms, the essence of the game does not change and discomfort is unlikely to be observed in those who previously preferred American or European roulettes. You have to enjoy the pleasant graphics and the atmosphere of the game, as well as feel the excitement and the opportunity to win a big jackpot.

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