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American roulette from NetEnt company

Net Entertainment company is always pleasing its customers with new products. The new innovation will pleasantly surprise lovers of playing roulette, as for them there will be 2 additional rooms with American and French roulette, which are performed in the best traditions of this game. Also, NetEnt provides the opportunity to play entirely free for particularly picky people. You can test all the rooms without any restrictions, but unfortunately, you will not cash out winning, and in the rest, you will have fun too. Users can play American roulette from Netent for free without the registration on this page.

Features of American roulette from NetEnt

American roulette from NetEnt company
The Netent company provided gambling lovers and fans of American roulette the choice between 2 rooms. The first room is a classic style, which you can often see in the movies about gangsters on the example of the "Godfather". This standard green field and a lot of chips on your left make you believe that today will be lucky. A business woman's voice makes it clear that you are in a serious casino, where, in case of victory, you will always be supported by lowly applause and laconic words "you won".

We will not consider in detail the standard field for American roulette. Here you will find the corresponding minimal musical accompaniment, a simple tabloid displaying your bets, the standard field with all available combinations characteristic for American roulette, a chat room and a money counter.

The second version of the new American roulette from NetEnt should be considered in more detail than it was with the first room. And so, the design and interior are made in a style that most correspond to the modern casino of VIP class for the wealthiest of the people. The lighting gives a feeling of comfort as if the hall is designed only for you. American roulette is in the centre, and it is quite large and high quality. In this case, you can easily distinguish all the numbers and colours that are inherent in this game. The roulette is in constant movement, slowly scrolling, it seems as if it invites the player to launch the game. The field is also located in front of you, taking up almost half of the screen, on the sides of which are carefully stacked several packs of the chips.
By the way, the background colour of the field is non-standard and has a blue colour. Figures look great in red - black squares, the exception is zero and double zero, which have a green background. In principle, all notations and definitions: even and odd numbers, red and black, a 1st third of the field, second, and so on, remained practically unchanged. If you look closely, you can see Net Entertainment logo at the very bottom of the field of American roulette.

Music design and sound effects

Block for american roulette
This detail is no less important than all the stylistics and design combined, as it creates an atmosphere for the pleasant game. You will be met by the light instrumental music, combining small reel portions with the accompaniment of wind and keyboard instruments at the very beginning of the game process. Melody, that is reproduced in American roulette, performed cyclically and very skillfully. You will not feel a repetition, and rather you will have a sense of infinity.

Also, you will be offered 4 musical accompaniments to choose from, most of which create the same pleasant mood of comfort and harmony while playing American roulette. They differ only in tempo. You can choose something more dynamic depending on your mood. By the way, if you did not like the proposed list, then you can turn off the music.

The soundtrack of American roulette includes bets (the chips nicely lie on the table), the moment of the spin of the roulette itself and a female enthusiastic, joyful voice that does not depend on whether you won or lost. There is also the feature of turning off and adjusting the volume.
Features of the playing field:

You can put from $ 1 to $ 500, with an intermediate link: $ 2, $ 5, $ 25, and $ 100 in American roulette from NetEnt. The chips have a different colour, so you do not accidentally mistake the amount of stake. The graphic setting is available in the menu features. By the way, this function is especially necessary for weak computers, where there can be various hangs during the game, which is not pleasant. Moreover, the feature of the fast spin is present here — players who do not want to wait for their winnings until the wheel is scrolling.

The additional features

  • Playing field
    Return to the previous bet or the next one;
  • Clearing the table of all the chips and stakes;
  • Double stake - x2.

The table menu is indicated by the letter "i" in the lower-left corner of the playing field of American roulette. You can see all the pay lines here. Next is the feature with a circular path that appears just above the table. Here you can choose 5 numbers closest to each other, to which you can make the simultaneous stake. The third feature allows you to view detailed statistics on all combinations in a percentage. It expands the window with the "hot" and "cold" numbers, which is in the upper right corner.

There is one more feature - the statistics of the players, which shows your place relative to other rivals in the table of victories. Auto mode allows you to enable a full autopilot for a computer that will make the stakes itself and lose your money. It looks pretty funny with the fast spin, although you do not need to trust your money to any algorithm.

American version in comparison with French and European

Logo of American roulette
Even though French, American and European roulettes are made in the same design style, the first roulette has one additional room with a typical French environment.

But, if you return to the new rooms, you will be able to find some nuances that significantly affect the game:

  • Firstly, American roulette, in contrast to the French one, has not only usual but also double zero, which increases the total number of the stakes from 37 to 38 possible sectors.
  • Secondly, all the letters are only Latin in the American field, while in French roulette the designations are in French: rouge, noir is red and black, and pair / impair is even and odd.
  • Thirdly, the location of the figures for American and French roulette is also different, which significantly changes the game. The French roulette, in the online version, has another difference; making "oral" bets where the player gives his chips to the dealer. However, this feature has its limitations, since you can only make the "oral" stakes on specific numbers.

If you compare European roulette with American, then the first one, like the French one, will not have double zero. Europeans have their system of the arrangement of numerals on the reel. Therefore, you will not be able to play the same in all 3 types of roulettes, even if you have a total basis and rules of the game.

Will you play for free?

In our opinion, American roulette is suitable for lovers of more complex and risky stakes. Since there is a larger numeric row on the field, thanks to double zero, and this to a certain extent increases the number of combinations that the user can use during the game. One of the rooms from NetEnt company will allow the player to fully penetrate the culture and immerse themselves in the wonderful world of excitement with cigar smoke and gangster adventures. Perhaps you will also be interested in the sections of strategies in American roulette:

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