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The Fibonacci sequence to win at roulette

The Fibonacci sequence to win at roulette
The base strategy to play the roulette in an online casino is the Fibonacci method. This method is similar to the Martingale system of playing the game. This page will explain to you how to use the Fibonacci sequence to win at the roulette through a detailed description. Often, using this strategy in games will give you a higher chance of winning (colour, odd /even, high/low), But it can also be used while playing the columns and dozens. The basic principle of this winning strategy is known as the Fibonacci sequence.

Fibonacci numbers for a game of roulette

To use the Fibonacci sequence to win at the roulette, you need to follow the following rules:

  • We start playing at the minimum bet to get the maximum number of steps to reach the maximum limit of the stakes.
  • If our bet is not played, we increase it according to the Fibonacci sequence.
Number   Rate amount USD
1 1
2 2
3 2
4 3
5 5
6 8
7 13
8 21
9 34
10 55
11 89
12 144
13 233
14 377
15 610
16 987
17 1597

Example of usage

  • We play the roulette by starting with the minimum bet of 1$
  • Our first bet was a loss
  • According to the Fibonacci sequence, we continue with $2
  • If we lose our second bet, we add another $2, then $3, $5 and so, son. We keep increasing the stakes until we win.
  • When we finally get the win, we have to take 2 steps back in the sequence instead of starting all over.
  • For example, if we win at the eighth step with a bet of $21 (and win $42), we take 2 steps back and bet the next $8 instead of $1.
  • This and the slow progression stake makes the difference between the Fibonacci sequence and the Martingale system.

Another example

  • We use the Fibonacci sequence while playing the roulette.
  • We start playing the minimum bet of $ 1.
  • For example, we play the first 5 steps and win at the 6th.
  • According to the Fibonacci sequence (see above), the sixth bet was in denominations of $ 8 ($ 16, we won).
  • According to the strategy, we took two steps back and put $ 3. If this bet also wins, then we put $ 1.
  • The sequence is considered to be fully complete when we go back to the first term of a numerical sequence.

Comparing the sequences

The main difference between the Fibonacci strategy and the Martingale system is a much slower stake of progression. Using this strategy to win at the roulette, we will get:

  • A higher number of steps to reach the limit of the slot
  • Slower progression rates which allow us to use a smaller amount of money to achieve a positive result
  • Reducing the dispersion in the results
  • The ability to use sequences in any game where payments are made on one
  • The casino software is much more challenging to adjust to such bets compared to the Martingale system
  • A more comfortable set of necessary bets or wagers to fulfil the conditions of victory in the tournament.

Where to play?

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