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The favourite dozen strategy for the roulette

The favourite dozen strategy for the roulette
To use the favourite dozen strategy for the roulette, the player needs to have 40 tokens of the same amount. Deciding on the amount to stake in these tokens is a personal decision based on the player’s financial possibilities and the risk of losing them. It is important to check the limit of each table before you settle on the amount. The amount has to be lower than the limit of the tables. For example, if you have selected an amount of $100 for one token, it’s preferred that you select a table that has a limit from $100. This allows you to get a few more advantages of the “favourite dozen” system of the roulette game

The favourite dozen strategy in action

This strategy is based on hot and cold numbers. If you are playing a game of live roulette, it’s preferred that you analyse the frequency of hitting one of the three dozens of this specific dealer. We take a look at the latest number of the result (except 0) and try to identify the dozen that has been the frequent result of the last nine spins (the launch of the ball). If the previous 9 spins resulted in 2 same dozens four times, you have to focus on the last one. If the ball lands three times on each of the dozens, we are waiting for one more spin and place the bet on the precipitated. This is exactly the dozen that will be our favourite to use this strategy.

The bet goes as follows

  • Until the first hit of our favourite dozen
  • Not more than three spins in case we don’t get our hit
  • Re-analyse the last nine spins and restart the system in case both of these situations occur

Adjusting the size of the bets

  • The first six times, we increase the bets as follows: 1-1-1-2-3-4. That means that we place the token on the first, the second and the third spin. If we lose three times we increase it to 2, then 3 and 4.
  • If we lose all six of our spins, the purpose of the amount of the bet is:
  • If we lose 12 to 24 coins, we have to divide our negative by four and round up according to the rules of mathematics. For example: if we lose 20 tokens, our rate will be equal to 5 tokens (20/4).
  • If we lose from 0 to 11 tokens, we need to share our negative three and round it up to obtain the number of tokens for the next bet. For example: losing 9 tokens will make our rate equal to 3 (9/3)
  • If we lose 25 to 40 tokens, to get to the next bet, we divide by negative 5 and round it up.

Important note: If we’re in a situation where we lose 12 tokens or more, then the system isn’t being played 3 times but the number of times until we reach the desired result of 0 or +1. Only in this situation we analyse 9 spins and identify a new favourite dozen for the next bet.

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